Paranormal and Strange Phenomena

Mysteries, supernatural events, mysticism, paranormal affiars .... there are so many strange anomalies in the world that we dismiss because we cannot explain them. Well, cultivation science can explain them. It's just that ordinary people know nothing about cultivation and have no spiritual gong-fu themselves, and thus they deem everything a "mystery" when they don't want to think, exploe or just want to explain things away.

Too much in religion is shelved off to "have belief" or "have faith," which breeds ignorance and lack of logic, because people just don't know how things workin the field of spiritual striving. Too much is relegated to "mysticism" so that we have no personal responsibility to cultivate it ourselves. All you need do is check what the Eastern schools have to say about this or that, or simply cultivate to find out yourself. Here are some explanations, using the framework of spiritual cultivation and its attendant gong-fu (kung-fu), for some common coffe shop talk phenomena.


How to Protect Yourself From Ghosts When Traveling

What's the Scoop on Aliens and UFOs? ***

Isolation and Sensory Deprivation Tanks Work This Way

"The Chi and Mind are Linked" - That's the Understanding They're Missing ***

Why Organ Transplants Transfer a Bit of Consciousness, too

Halloween Ghosts and Vampires Always Reflects Some Fundamental Truths of Yin and Yang

Why Are People Reborn in Familes? ***

When You Hear Voices in Your Head or "See" Something Spiritual, Remember This and Don't Fall Prey to Misconception

Here's the Real Scoop On The Holy Relics of Sages and Saints ***

Filipino and Chinese Ghost Stories

Incorruptibility Gong-fu: Bodies That Don't Decay After Death

Inedia: Can You Survive Without Eating for Years?

The Chinese Feng Shui Cure of Burning Orange Peels to Chase Away Ghosts and Spirits

Dragons, Fox Spirits and Other Strange Tales from Cultivation

Earthquake Clouds and the Purple Clouds of Sages

The Kami of Shintoism

The "Elites" and Upper Echelons of Society Always Get Involved With the Paranormal

How to Recite the Usnisa Vijaya Dharani (Mantra) to Help Others ***

STRANGE: Is the Globe Getting Bigger?



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