Here's How to Protect Yourself From Hospital Spirits

"What to do, when you visit people in the hospital, to protect yourself from ghosts and other lower beings made of yin chi?"

Lots of folks tell me they don't like visiting the hospital because they feel like it has lots of ghosts and other "etheric beings" around and they want to protect themselves. They always feel like they are being attacked.

So what do you do if that's the way you feel, or if you have to cross a graveyard or some other scary place and are scared of "ghosts" and other things--whether or not they really exist? What do you do to protect yourself, or at least settle your mind so you calm yourself (should it not work)?

Simple. The method comes from China, and is based on the observation and cultivation work of Buddhism and Taoism and the Esoteric School of Buddhism.

Did you ever notice that babies are always clutching their hands? Babies are defenseless, so the only thing they can do when threatened is cry and clutch their hands. When they clutch their fists, they usually wrap their fingers around their thumbs.

If you are sensitive you'll notice that when you place your thumb at the base of your third finger and wrap your other fingers around it and press, that pressure point stimulates all the chi in your body to rise upwards. Hence, that's the method. That's what you do when you enter scary places-- place your thumb in your hand and wrap your other fingers around it in a fist and SQUEEZE so that your chi goes up.

With your yang chi rising upwards, nothing much can attack you successfully or attach to you... remember, a lot of cultivation science has to do with yin and yang chi rising or falling. Rising is healthy/protective and falling is usually related to a state of weakness, illness, sickness or death. Many people who are dying can no longer hold their urine or feces, which is related to losing their downward chi, and that's another proof of this method.

So there you have it. A two minute lesson on something simple and unobtrusive you can do if you have to visit the hospital or someplace scary. Whether or not it works, it certainly calms people's minds because then they feel they're doing SOMETHING and get on with the task at hand anyway. So there you have it -- skillful means that work.



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