Earthquake Clouds and the Purple Clouds of Sages

At one time I was into earthquake forecasting - researching all the methods people invented over the years to forecast earthquakes. Then it was predicting the weather ... which you actually an do.

I have perhaps ten or so ancient rare books I’ve collected over the years — from China, India and Arab Sources — that deal with special cloud formations that foretell of coming earthquakes or other events important to a nation. Sometimes these atmospheric phenomena foretell defeat in battle, the death of a ruler, the birth of a great man, and so forth. If a great man is born to help save a nation, definitely all the chi of the country is changed for a while, and this is how sages note that someone is born. Often a country will exp[erience a prolonged drought when such a great one is born because all the good chi was used up for his birth. But that's an esoteric explanation I can't get into.

Here are pictures of an earthquake cloud, one of these special phenomenon. Very rare …

You can find mention of such things in the Indian classic, Brihat Samhita by Varahamihira. We don’t just discuss Meditation  but other phenomena on this site related to Qi (chi) and cultivation. For instance, when a master becomes enlightened and reaches a certain level of meditation, a purple stream of chi often shoots in the air which can only be seen by people with supersensible abilities. It shoots out the top of the head and rises high into the sky to form a purple cloud. It is not visible to the naked eye.

In one famous Zen story, a Zen master goes looking for a man of Tao and is able to know he's on the mountain because of the clouds. In a famous Taoism story, an immortal who can fly stops by on a mountain because he also sees the clouds.

Only Chinese culture explains such things, but as to atmospheric phenomena that can be seen and what they foretell, the ancient Indian, Assyrian, Babylonian and Chinese all have books on this information, but if you have not opened a degree of wisdom the information is practically useless. Even if you know there will be an earthquake "soon", for instance, from a practical matter what can or should you do?

Nevertheless, books like the Brihat Samhita from India, and various others, contain information on phenomena like this. I have an entire collection of books on these things - Derek Walters has written of the Chinese but for visual astrology you must turn to Assyrian and Babylonian sources. Also, the ancient Vedic sages of Jyotish also have many books on these things. But so few people understand them because they haven't opened up their third eye to be able to tell the difference between this and that.


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