A Stage of Gong-fu: Incorruptibility After Death

This Youtube video shows a Russian Buddhist  master who passed away, and yet whose body still remains uncorrupted after his death.

By the way, this happened for many Christian saints (St Francis), and Hindu saints (Yogananda) and Buddhist masters and  saints of other traditions as well. It only occurs when the individual has cleaned out their chi channels from extensive meditation work and transformed the five elements of their body, that’s all. This is expalined in Measuring Meditation and in my Stages course. It’s simply a non-denominational result that falls out of the successful transformation of the five elements of the physical body. Unfortunately, people don’t even have a tiny bit of cultivation understanding and make it into something beyond what it really represents. It’s nothing miraculous or mysterious. What I’ve described is a non-denominational result of cultivation science. It’s just that science, which doesn’t even recognize samadhi, has not gotten this far yet.

When I visited Mongolia, we met some people who first hand saw the body of Tibetan realized  master Tsong Khapa after his death shrine was opened. The Communists, because of the cultural revolution, were ordered to destroy all vestiges of Buddhism in the country and an oversealous, non-respectful police chief and Communist party offical (believing all religion as nonsense, meaning no belief in cultivation) opened the stupa and started hacking away at the body. Our observers reported that the body was  incorrupted after so many centuries, and that a red liquid like blood, just as described in the video, oozed out of Tsong Khapa’s body.

The protection deities must have been very angry because a short time later the head of police was cleaning his gun and it accidentally went off in a room, the bullet richoted and hit him in the head, killing him instantly. As to the party official, he and his family were killed in a gruesome accident immediately after intrusion. Many people were aware of these incidents.

As the sutras record, the merit from giving to a Buddha is greater than making offerings to a Bodhisattva. The merit of giving to a Bodhisattava is greater than givign to an Arhat. The merit of offering to an Arhat is greater than offring to a samadhi master, and also greater than offering to a million people. Vica versa, the bad karma from hurting a Buddha is far greater than hurting a Bodhisattva, Arhat, samadhi master, and so forth. To hurt a king is nothing as compared to hurting a Biodhisattva or Arhat because they are one with the original nature (God) and are doing countless acts of compassion and merit unseen to your eyes.

Tsong Khapa was ot just an ordinary Buddhist master, He was the incarnation of the Wisdom Buddha Manjurshi who basically realigned and rejuvanted Tibetan Buddhism. 



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