Here's How I Look at UFO's and Unidentified Flying Objects, "Alien Life," ETs and Space Invaders

Are they real? Where are they from? Is there life on other worlds?

Funny thing is, Buddha talked about this ages ago. He talked about “world systems” consisting of a solar system, and then multiple groups of solar systems which in aggregate formed shapes that looked like saucers, umbrellas and hats.

Guess what? Those are galaxies! Buddha talked about this ages ago and described this exactly! Those world systems, he said, are full of what we now call alien life.

In his teachings, Shakyamuni called a single solar system, having a sun and several planets, a "single world unit." Our solar sun consisting of the sun and the nine planets and their moons is considered one world unit in Buddhism.

One thousand of these solar systems Shakyamuni termed a "small thousand world." One thousand small thousand worlds became a "middle thousand world," and one thousand middle thousand world systems became one "great thousand world" unit.

Therefore one billion solar systems were included in a single great thousand-world unit, and in his explanations each solar system in this particular structure contained numerous planets like our own. Many of those worlds, he said, contained life... humanoid life and other types of life, which he enumerated. In fact Buddha partitioned the life in the universe in several different ways including whether it belonged to the Realm of Desire (us), Form and Formlessness (high stage samadhi realms). Most of the gods you read about in ancient myths or religions are actually Desire Realm inhabitants, if at all.

All these world systems you can see with your own spiritual eyes when you awaken. Just concentrate on your third eye for a few months, it’ll begin to open and you’ll start to see terrestrial beings made of chi and verify these things for yourself.

What will you verify? Life too innumerable to count in an infinite variety of forms, at different stages of being, using different forms of procreation, and with different "merit" status on a great cosmic ladder. As stated, the enlightened beings have characterized this life in different ways or stages according to their means of procreation, cultivation, and so forth.

Some of the Desire Realm inhabitants are physical beings (like us -- we're the UFO beings for other worlds, ha ha), some are beings made of chi (like devas, angels, or even hungry ghosts which are lower than us), or light and other essences. All these realms have had enlightened beings that came to teach the means to enlightenment for those realms. Just like us, they all follow different teachers who make use of expedient means to set up systems to guide people to the Tao. None of these realms is the center of the universe....especially not the human one.

As to human beings, Buddha said the human realm in the universe was partitioned into four groups, or "continents." Our earth is in the southern continent; in the northern, western and eastern partitions of the universe there are other human worlds, too, populated by humanoids with higher or lower cultures. Ours is NOT a very high cultural world on the humanoid scale. And just because some world has advanced technology, i.e. flying saucers , etc. that doesn't mean they're "high stage" either.

As to the etheric realms usually invisible to human eyes, Buddha talked about beings above us and below us...dragons, night spirits, nagas, angels, archangels, etc, but today we're just talking about humanoids and UFOs. If we’re talking about unidentified flying objects and inhabitants of other worlds, we’re talking about beings made of jing, which means flesh and blood bodies like our own.

Today scientists are all excited because they now have the astronomical instruments that can find other planets orbiting distant stars, and are finding them by the dozens. Of course previous to this, we'd read about life on other worlds and we'd see it in the movies and in sci fi TV shows, but few scientists would publicly commit to the idea.

Now they're finding planets so of course NOW they start saying there might be life out there.... but Buddha mentioned this ages ago and even enumerated the types of beings and where they were from. Everything Buddha taught we keep verifying, but no one wants to publicly say this. Buddha even talked about microorganisms, and during his time the people snickered, but with samadhi attainments and psychic eyes you can investigate almost anything you want.

Every one keeps ignoring Buddha but they keep discovering everything that he said. Even the movie, "The Matrix," is all about Buddhism but people don’t dare say it. And modern physics is all about Buddhist science, too. In a predominantly Christian society, to say this is a big no no, but facts are facts. They're all depending upon Buddhism without saying so.

It's not that the other teaching systems deny these things ... but other teachers had no cause to introduce them to society. Buddha, on the other hand, was addressing high stage initiates and samadhi attainees, Bodhisattvas and yogis and Form Realm and high stage Desire Realm devas and other inhabitants at very advanced stages of development, so he HAD to explain everything.

Think about it -- if you want a clear picture of the universe, then this is the set of teachings to go through rather than the Bible which was delivered to a largely illiterate or ignorant public without any stage of cultivation development at all. What could such people accept? An example: The American public lacks even mundane wisdom and had a hard enough time imagining that an American President (Clinton) could ever be fiddling around with a "palace maid" (how could a President do so?) and if they had a hard time accepting or believing in such mundane affairs, how do you expect them to accept, believe in or understand the high level stuff?

That's why I tell people over and over again, masters simply create expedient teachings and that's it -- there's nothing universal about them. The Holy day is Sunday for Christians, Saturday for Jews, Friday for Moslems -- these things are simply expediently set up. Furthermore, if you REALLY want to judge who's a high stage teacher, you have to remember that high stage initiates who can control their reincarnation are not going to come down to be taught by some low level master. Search all the religions of the world and you'll find that only Buddha...and a few great Zen masters ... were able to attract around them MANY people who attained samadhi.

Think about it...


So do UFO's come from foreign worlds? Do unidentified flying objects they come from government classified projects? Are aliens from outer space figments of our imagination? Do alien beings exist, and do they come from other dimensions, meaning etheric realms?

Who cares? It's enough to know that life does exist elsewhere -- invisible life we cannot normally see in this world, and in other worlds and realms/dimensions as well. The big question is, what is the implication of this for spiritual cultivation?

Aha! That's the big issue.

The universe is absolutely brimming with life, and this earth of ours is definitely NOT the center or central focus point of this universe. The human being isn't the focus either; Buddha explained we're low stage beings on the totem pole. If UFOs come from other worlds, THEY are not the center either. And neither is any religion, race or nation the navel of the universe either.

Such ideas are due to just our own self-centered notions.

While the followers of most religions imagine theirs to be supreme, these notions all collapse when you take into account alien extraterrestrial life. It collapses when you take into account invisible life on this world made of chi - devas, sprites, nagas, dragons, etc . Then they all have a problem. The sutras record that Buddha taught all these beings and many of them, such as the nagas, recorded his teachings. But they have had other teachers as well. So you have to drop your self-centered idea that your religion is the BIG one or right one. It's just karma that has you in that one, and if you're missing the cultivation content then it's basically your bad fortune.

The primacy of any religion collapses EXCEPT, of course, for the pure road of cultivation I've been teaching you. Inside these religions, they always talk about meditation methods for cultivating your mind to realize your self-nature. So holding on to THAT, if you find out UFO's are for real and that there are all these alien beings on other worlds, it doesn't change your spiritual notions a bit. It doesn't change your cultivation path a bit. It doesn’t change your religious notions a bit.

Why not? Because the path is the same – it is essentially non-denominational and non-sectarian and non-dogmatic at its core…. Extraterrestrial life or not, the path of cultivation remains the same (though I can't say as much for religious notions). Beings on other world may have different chi channels than us, and therefore a minor or greater extent of natural psychic abilities, but that's not enlightenment or samadhi! It's just a mundane result at the mundane level based on a different chi mai.

Wow, come to think of it, if someone were to prepare the world for an introduction to extraterrestrial life from UFOs and other planets, the pure cultivation teachings you find on this site are actually the best type of preparation possible. They are the ones that make mass panic a non-issue.

They rejuvenate religions from within, and make the introduction of terrestrial life a non-issue because it's non-threatening to religions anymore when the correct path within religions is discovered along these lines. If you take the basic cultivation teachings and use them to reform religions of the strange notions within, then the existence of UFOs and terrestrial life becomes a non-threatening no issue.

Won’t shock anyone, won’t threaten anyone, the world's cultures survive, No big deal...

But if you're an ardent orthodox in one of the institutionalized religions, that's when you have a problem because the whole structure of YOU being correct and at the center of things (and everyone else wrong) collapses. How can you allow for these other guys from out there to be better at you than technology and other things... now they're in the superior position.

The religious issue is the big problem with admitting to life on other planets. It's not a big deal where UFOs are from, but what if there were alien life and ET extraterrestrials? Human beings all think their little religion is the right one...but what would be the religion on these worlds? Christianity, Judaism, Islam?

I think NOT.

In fact, what you'd find is different systems, once again, created by spiritual masters in these worlds making use of expedient means, and all the while wrapping traditions and dogma around basic meditation practice in one form or another -- emptying the mind of thoughts so as to become in seamless union with the fundamental substrate of it all... called God, Tao, Buddha nature, Allah, Brahman, whatever. Whatever systems were created to wrap around this would have been expedient inventions created by realized masters ... at different stages of development... as well. It's as simple as that.

At the center of it all, it's all about detaching from thought and finding your original nature, and then about all the methods that help you do that. Take that as the basic recipe, wrap around it rules of ethics and virtue and expedient means, and presto you've got a religion. Add in some scholars over the centuries to mix things up and intellectualize it, and you've got a path and the reasons you can use to defend your system as being right while the others aren't.

See how it works?

Of course, the fundamentalist Christians would flip out if Jesus was not the center of the universe. The Moslems would have problems too if Mohammed wasn't recognized. Other groups would get angry if someone said they didn't have any special sort of covenant with the "Creator". If I'm going to create a new country or religion, of course I'll use this method to crush the old one that's become corrupt and no longer useful. It's all expedient means; only at rare times is it feasible that you can you teach a measure of the whole truth and reveal everything, as Buddha did. At other times you can only create a better system, but not reveal such high level stuff.

Regular people lack wisdom, merit and cultivation gong-fu, so they just don't get it or accept it. I have a hard enough time teaching people about worldly wisdom issues, which they wake up to months later, so forget it when it comes to transcendental matters. They lack sufficient wisdom, merit, cultivation and are bounded by the "five errant perspectives."

Hindus, Buddhists, and Taoists actually wouldn't have too many problems with extraterrestrial life because they're not centralized, organized religions but simply tell you the lay of the land, tell you there are various beings at different levels, tell you how you can cultivate to reach these stages and reveal the stages of the path.

When folks on true cultivation paths hear there are other beings in other realms, So what? There are invisible beings here on earth made of chi that ordinary people can't see...they already know that, so what's the big deal? Cultivate just a bit to open your third eye and you start to see LOTS of beings who don't give a darn about Christianity, Judaism, Taoism, Hinduism, etc. and who are much higher on the spiritual scale than you. I can see lots of things like this. So what...big deal ...nothing changes (except your horizons open and you're not as close-minded) and you still have to make money, don't you?

Despite all these different forms of life, there is one inviolable rule you should remember: whether it's this realm or the next, this side of the universe or the other, whether it's ancient time, present time or future time the principles of mind for all the sentient life in the universe are the same.

That's why Shakyamuni Buddha says in the Diamond Sutra, "whether they [sentient beings] are born from an egg or born from a womb, born from the water or born from the air, whether they have form or no form, whether they have perception or no perception or neither perception nor no perception, in whatever conceivable realm of being one might conceive of beings, in the realm of complete nirvana I shall liberate them."

In other words, the samadhi realms are the common mode of practice throughout the realms of sentient life and are nondenominational stages accessible by all sentient beings. That's why they're accessible by people in every sort of religion. No one has a monopoly on the cultivation of samadhi and prajna wisdom. So if aliens were to land on this world and start teaching about their religion or spiritual practices, you'd find differences in dogma but the same realms of the five skandhas and samadhi-dhyana attainments.

So if you want to know about UFOs, you can go read about Roswell and the Disclosure Project or watch all the TV specials. You can read about it all you want but so what? It tells you nothing that Buddha didn't already tell you. Yes, there's extraterrestrial life. Yes there are humanoids out there. Yes there are non-humanoids too. Yes, not all are made of flesh, but some of chi, shen, light, etc.

This was said ages ago. Of course,people ignore this and everything else Buddha said but they keep discovering that Buddhism presented the highest of sciences, and regular science is just a subset trying to catch up.

Can these beings visit us, and do they visit us? Who knows? Frankly I don't care... it does nothing for me. As Confucius said when asked about take care of your affairs and let them take care of theirs.

What I do care about is that ALL beings have to cultivate the mind to reach the Tao. Those guys have the same problems we need to cultivate merit, virtue, wisdom, gong-fu. So for you and your family the question is how to do it?

The Zen school, for instance, offers a non-denominational, direct path to the Tao that isn't filled with all sorts of dogmas that would be threatened upon the revelation of extraterrestrial life. Just look into your mind, abandon clinging to the thoughts which screen your fundamental nature, and don't stop investigating your mind until you reach its core essence.

Whether or not there is such life, it all shares in having the same fundamental source. That's the thing to focus on.



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