"Discover How Far You Can Go in Your Spiritual Cultivation After You Learn About the Stages of the Path, the Proper Application of Spiritual Practices and the Kung-fu of Meditation Techniques ... All the Stuff You've Spent Years and Thousands of Dollars Trying to Find Out But No One Ever Told You " USD $800

The Various Stages of the Spiritual Experience Course: An Integrated Understanding that Will Elevate All Religions

After so many years of spiritual seeking, visiting teachers, buying shelves of books and attending retreats, spending wads of money and having the time tick away -- are you where you really want to be with your spiritual practice? How to meditate, the common spiritual methods used by religions, transcendental meditation techniques, kundalini, chakras, chi (qi), superpowers, body doubles and dream yoga, prayer, one-pointed concentration, Zen, Buddhism, japa, mantra, Taoism, mystical Christianity, reincarnation, tantra, spiritual enlightenment ... Now you can finally find dependable teachings on all the questions you've ever had about this or that spiritual path and training, or your money back!

Organized religions rarely help true spiritual seekers. They tell you nothing about what really goes on when you start to meditate and make spiritual progress. Zen meditation, Buddhist meditation, Christian meditation,

Did you know that most religions expound conflicting dogmas with one another that cause people to wonder if there's really any true spiritual path at all. Does anyone offer reliable non-sectarian and non-denominational methods for treading the spiritual trail?

One religion says one thing. The next says another ... and they all maintain they are RIGHT and everyone else is wrong. And all of them ignore the results from spiritual practice that true cultivators are getting.

"Just believe us," the organized religions commonly mention, "you don't need to evaluate any of our claims for their truthfulness. Just go on faith -- just believe, have faith."

Most of these people don't know what they're talking about, and as nice as they are and well meaning and intelligent, what they usually take on faith is just utter nonsense.

The same goes for the popular spiritual teachers out there. What they deliver is ...

Baloney. Poppycock. Bulfinkle.

Religions are fond of just saying "believe" and never link their dogmas to logic and science. They don't offer any proof or evidence for all sorts of strange ideas or notions. They don't recognize the genuine results of spiritual efforts or have any way to cultivate them or explain them. And that's despite the fact that there is a real and genuine spiritual path with spiritual stages and all sorts of spiritual phenomena.

Spiritual teachers talk of love and peace, but their behavior doesn't match what they are saying and none of them know the tiniest bit about the Tao, spiritual states or samadhi. It's just talk.

Do any of them explain the real spiritual path and tell you how to climb the ranks, or do they just let you keep spending money and hanging around while time slips away and you never taste any of those spiritual states for yourself?

Does that strike a chord?

"I‘ve spent more than 30 years seeking, meditating, reading thousands of books in spirituality, listening to teachings from various masters, trying to find the right method to progress in my cultivation. But I did not get anywhere. Even reading ‘transformative’ books such as ‘I am that’ did not help much, for after the first moments of feeling greatly inspired, I fell back drifting between old habits and remorse and renewed efforts. I always felt something was missing in my cultivation.

"Then I had the chance to take Bill’s course on the Various Stages of the spiritual experience. Right from the first lesson, I knew why I did not succeed in my meditation. Right from the first lesson, I already knew that I’ve got more than I paid for this course. Throughout the lessons, Bill is constantly reminding us of what’s really important in cultivation and why. The more I advanced through the course, all the knowledge I got from my readings seem to organize themselves, to fit together. Towards the end of the course, I know I have all the information I need to progress in my cultivation, everything seems so clear now, what I should do and what I should avoid.

"This feeling- knowing clearly what you should do on the cultivation path and why – seem to lift a great burden from my mind. There is no more feeling that something’s missing.

"There’s no more fear that you’re going on the wrong path ! The only remaining thing to do now is to practice accordingly. All this to me, is invaluable for I am sure that if I put in the right effort in cultivation, the benefit will last my entire life and also all my future lives.

"From force of habit, I could not help entering a bookstore when I went past one, but leafing through the books, I felt I already have all what I needed from the course, and always ended up leaving the store without buying anything. This course is really the best investment in my life. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I pray that more and more people could benefit from it."
-- Kim Chi, Canada


Finally I feel that I am making real progress in my spiritual life. I have spent so much time and money chasing after half truths and nonsense in bookstores that I was constantly in a state of frustration. All these books never really pointed me anywhere. One day I would learn about someone's experiences with Kundalini, the next day I would learn about out-of-body experiences without knowing what these experiences where or where they fit into the big picture.

There is so much out there on the subject of religion and spiritual experiences that the more I would search for something concrete, the more frustrated and lost I became. I did this for years and chased all kinds of paths, but in the end I was still left with that same feeling of loss in my searching for some kind of real progress in my spiritual striving. The main reason for this was because I didn’t have a clue what it all meant or where all these spiritual phenomena came from. The “Stages” course is the first, as well as a very rare, course that puts all these experiences from all types of religions together into a clear and detailed explanation.

The “Stages” course is a rare gem. Spiritual phenomena, religion, chakras, zen all fit together in this course. I feel now that I can read any book about anything having to do with the subject of religion or spiritual searching and really understand it better.

I don’t feel lost anymore about where to begin or how to practice spiritual cultivation. That is the key for me as well as others. There are no longer anymore questions about what to do or where to begin or about what practice or path right. Complicated books like the sutras have become a spiritual guide whereas before, they seemed like contradictions. I just have to practice my meditation and keep at it. I am confident now what to do to get to where I want. Before I was just experimenting because I was afraid I would be wasting my time once again on another book. Now I can really study the sutras to further my practice.

Bill, I cannot thank you enough for offering this course. It was well worth every penny and has more information along with one-on-one interaction than any college course I have had. I say that with a feeling of ease and spiritual equanimity.

Thank you,

Jason Hanneman


Bill, I am really enjoying [these lessons which are] a challenge to the intellect! Quite seriously what you are offering here is unparallelled in its scope, depth and practicality as well! Of course I realize that I must go beyond a purely intellectual understanding of all this. I believe I have intuitive inklings, but, boy! you need patience and persistence for practice. I am grateful for your teachings, because now I am really starting to develop consistent practice, which I believe would have been much harder to do without your information, practicality and enthusiasm. I find it difficult to express my appreciation because I hate to sound as if I'm gushing or not genuine, so I usually don't say much, but I wanted to let you know that it is all really helpful!

I really enjoyed Lesson Six most of all so far, there really doesn't seem to be much left except practice now! Your Stages course is really Awesome, it's helped me immeasurably. I was talking to a friend the other day, he attends a Buddhist Centre here in Sydney. He told me he has been having problems with it, because the teachers and students there seem to answer his questions by 'turning everything into dogma'. I have had similar problems in the past when I have attended such organisations. Anyway I was able to say to him that because most people, as you say, are at the stage of wisdom and merit accumulation and are looking for something to believe in, that this phenomena of dogmatisation is always to be expected wherever any organisation, religious or otherwise, develops.If one sees this clearly and if the organisation has something to offer in terms of helping one's practice, then it is not so important if others are like this. This is not a profound realisation, to be sure, but I realized that I owe this clarity of insight to your systematic explication of the spiritual path, which has brought a lot of (seemingly) disparate elements together for me. I feel I could now, if needs be, attend a 'school' without reacting against or buying into the religiosity of others, which were the conficting ways I tended to respond in the past.
-- John Story, Australia

The world has a need for a step-by-step path for spiritual progress. It needs scientific explanations behind all sorts of miracles or spiritual phenomena, and yet the best you can encounter today is typically nonsensical New Age babble. That's a wrong avenue to turn to for answers.

None of these alternatives offers a consistent, coherent, logical, non-denominational, scientific, cross-validated, non-sectarian explanation of authentic spiritual phenomena. None of these guys can guide you. Neither the common religions or modern day spiritual teachers can explain the efficacy behind the various methods of spiritual practice commonly used by the world's religions. Nor can they explain someone's stage of gong-fu (kung-fu) and help them get past that plateau!

How do you and I remedy these problems?

The answer is through personal responsibility and spiritual training that dispenses with mystical explanations. That's what we've tried to put into our materials ... a cornucopia of explanations for all sorts of common spiritual phenomena -- a linking scheme that explains how all the spiritual schools say the same thing as one another -- and the steps to real spiritual practice.

If you're an active spiritual seeker or student of metaphysics -- and especially if you're a professional psychologist, scientist, consciousness researcher, student of comparative religion or religious functionary (priest, rabbi, monk, or nun) -- then check out the Tao and Longevity and How to Measure and Deepen Your Spiritual Realization to see what we're talking about.

If you like what you read and want more -- deep insights and professional level training into all the nitty gritty explanations of spiritual experiences and metaphysical phenomena with abundant examples, along with verification through hundreds of quoted spiritual sources and comprehensive maps linking the spiritual stages and meditation practices of the world's many spiritual traditions together, and how to climb those ranks yourself-- it's finally available in a special course that's jam-packed with more information than any PhD in comparative religion will ever put you through!

And more personal service than you're ever going to get from your doctor, lawyer or accountant.

With this training, you'll be light-years ahead of the common seeker. You'll even put the Dalai Lama to shame, not to mention the Billy Graham's of the world as well. The common comment I hear from every taker of this course is that now they don't have to buy any more books, but know exactly what they have to do with practice. The wanderlust is gone because all their questions are answered, and the only thing left is the job of pure cultivation.

When you look at all the money and time and energy you've spent, what would that be worth to you? That alone, is priceless.

Here are the actual contents for each of the eight lessons to this course:

Lesson 1: The Five General Stages of the Spiritual Path, which characterize all true spiritual schools, are outlined and applied to show the relative depths of Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Tantra, Islam, and yoga regarding as far as they take you on the spiritual trail. These five Mahayana stages are the first categorical partitioning scheme by which you can analyze and actually rank the teachings and teachers of various spiritual traditions, and you'll find out that nearly 100% of individuals in the world following the formalized religions are only on the first stage of this five step path. With this one initial measuring system, you will quickly be able to rule out some of the newer "religions" and spiritual sects as not being genuine at all, and now you'll know why.

Lesson 2: "Gong-fu" Transformations Within the Physical Body are introduced next, by which you can determine what stage of spiritual practice you have actually reached yourself, how long it is likely to last, and how to guide yourself through these physical and psychological changes. This lesson focuses on the mind-body changes catalogued by Taoism, and the fact that no genuine advancement in spirituality is made without an corresponding physical change in someone's chi and chi channels. If you want to understand the metaphysics of jing, chi and shen transformations, then this is it. For the first time in print, the Western cultivation scheme of purifying the body's five elements is also analyzed in order to understand why certain meditation methods are preferred in the world's spiritual schools, why the actual sequences of cultivation practice actually follow the specific order that they do, and to lay out information for the new cultivation schools destined to develop in the West. This one lesson alone is worth the entire price of these materials.

Lesson 3: Breaking Through the Five Aggregates of Experience is explained in detail by which you will learn how to identify physical, mental or spiritual experiences belonging to the Form, Sensation, Conception, Volition and Consciousness skandhas. You will learn how to surmount, purify, detach from or break through these skandha experiences and prevent yourself from falling into the trap of self-deception regarding your own stage of spiritual progress. Just as the second lesson of this course showed you how to incorporate the stages of Taoism and physical transformations into the five overall stages of the path, with this lesson you will now learn how to link the cultivation system of the five skandha realms of experience with Taoism, the five stages, and five elements purification, and will be able to cross-correlate all these ranking schemes and use them together. You'll also look at the biographical materials of various saints and their mystical experiences -- from a variety of traditions --and for the first time you will immediately be able to scientifically identify their stage of spiritual progress to know whether they had yet attained the Tao (experienced enlightenment) or simply awakened to the spiritual path.

Lesson 4: Ranking the Heavenly Realms and Various Classes of Sentient Beings as a means of explaining the cosmos and its inhabitants will be taught. With this comprehensive lesson taught by Buddha, you will dispense with mysticism but instead learn why the heavenly ranking schemes described by various religions are very similar, as well as the characteristics of the various heavenly inhabitants and how to be reborn as a heavenly being yourself. The different merits and samadhi attainments of these beings, as explained by Shakyamuni Buddha, explains why they are born into certain heavenly realms, and thus information on this schema provides another means by which you can gain insight into someone's rank of meditation. Find out how Mohammed's vision of heaven actually matches with Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and Christianity, and how to cultivate the stages of samadhi that enable you to view those heavens yourself.

Lesson 5: The Nine Meditative Realms of Dhyana and Samadhi, which form the major ladder of all genuine spiritual practice, are explained in detail along with how you can cultivate these states for yourself. Using quotations from Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, and Islam, evidence is provided that these common practice vehicles are what the "saints" of all the religions actually cultivated for in their spiritual efforts. For instance, the "prophets" of the Bible were no different than the sages of Taoism, seers of India, or arhats of Buddhism, but simply had the powers they did because they cultivated to a certain level of achievement. Now you'll know what those levels are. As before, in a step-by-step fashion the various samadhi attainments are cross-linked with the physical changes of Taoism, the five skandhas system of Buddhism, the heavenly realms of various religions, and the five stages of the spiritual path as well as a variety of other ranking systems. Now you can cross-correlate them all.

Lesson 6: Eight Different Levels of Consciousness
are explained next, which is the most advanced and comprehensive lesson in the world on the various realms of consciousness, how consciousness came about, and how to cultivate all its various dimensions through spiritual practice. Current research in consciousness and mind-body phenomena are also introduced and explained in light of standard cultivation teachings (something all the scientists have been missing), and then nondenominationally linked, of course, with our other ranking schemes . This was the toughest lesson to write, but it finally answers ontological questions that most of the popular religions avoid. Metaphysics, ontology, and consciousness studies are all explained with this material, as well as how to cultivate through the different realms of consciousness to reach the enlightenment of a Buddha.

Lesson 7: Spiritual Progress as Measured by Esoteric Phenomena is the next lesson, which pulls away the cover on Esoteric Buddhism, tantra, Taoism, hatha yoga, chi cultivation, kundalini, chakras and other "esoteric" teachings. In this lesson you will also learn how the highest practices of the form-based schools are actually duplicated in Zen Buddhism, but Zen doesn't pay them too much heed because they are typically deficient roads of spiritual practice. Any experts of mysticism, tantra, yoga and Tibetan Buddhism will be shocked by this high level material that even aged monks aren't privy to. If you ever wanted just one good clear lesson on tantra or Tibetan Buddhism, this lesson is it and contains more worthwhile information than an entire library of translated Tibetan kung-fu manuals. If you previously thought that Tibetan Buddhism was the king of all cultivation schools, now you'll be able to see it and all the other form based schools -- such as Taoism, yoga and modern science -- for what they really are. You'll also see that physical measuring schemes are only relevant for very rudimentary stages of the spiritual path.

Lesson 8: Proficiency in Skillful Means and the Exercise of Bodhisattva Compassion is the last lesson, which surveys the spiritual landscape and then lays out in detail how the ideals of Confucian, Socratic, Christian, Buddhist and other character-behavior based paths of spiritual practice can be used to rejuvenate the major religions and form a new character-merit-cultivation based spiritual path for today. This one lesson by itself was written to help rejuvenate Christianity and elevate all religions. It contains all the materials you need to develop a new Bodhisattva enlightenment path of behavior for the general public, and to link it with compassionate action in the world.

Approaching the same topic of mysticism, spiritual stages, meditation methods and cultivation practice from many different angles, time and again the genuineness of the spiritual path is proved, as well as the unity of "true cultivation religion" rather than the disparity of religious dogma.

This material contains topological maps of the spiritual trail and metaphysical areas that encompass the major phenomena people encounter in spiritual practice, and goes far beyond everything else available in actually linking modern scientific findings to these experiences. All the various areas of science, philosophy, catalogued experiences, theory, religion, mysticism and practice are woven together and shown to fit like a pair of hands and their gloves.

Want a short example?

To give you an idea of the course contents, there is a sample download at the bottom of this page which should help teach you some of the actual kung-fu sequences of spiritual cultivation that appear at the lower, rudimentary stages of the path. Remember that if you're not familiar with the terminology, it's simply because you didn't read the earlier material leading up to these pages....and it also shows you know hardly anything about the REAL stages of spiritual cultivation.

Because the material in these lessons gives you the ability to organize, validate, cross-correlate and legitimize spiritual cultivation and spiritual phenomena, and link the various religions and their saints in an objective manner, students say it is something as revolutionary as Newton's physics, Thomas Aquinas' Christianity, Wei Bo-Yang's explanations and combining of the Chinese cultivation schools, and Maimonides' explanations of Judaism.

Here are just a few of the testimonials:

Bill, I have decided to write this as a testimonial in the form of an address to a third person, someone who might be considering whether to take your Stages course. I don't want to just write in the form of a 'thank-you' letter, although, as I think you already know, I can't thank you enough. I think it would be more useful, as I said, addressed to a third person, and I hope it may help to convince others to 'take the plunge' and risk a little bit of money (and it is a little bit in relation to the return), because I believe what you are offering is unique, eminently helpful and also good fun, although certainly not wrapped in any form of 'cotton candy' suitable for the 'new age' consumer.

I am addressing this to you, the person who is interested enough in finding out about spiritual matters to have found Bill's site and to be checking out the info on the Stages course because you feel maybe here is something a bit different to the run-of-the-mill platitudinous porridge offered by the New Age 'prophets' (or is it 'profiteers'?).

Anyway, you must be genuinely interested in the 'big questions', right? Otherwise you'd be attending your umpteenth workshop on the 'serpent energy of the great hopi ancestors channelled through the crystals of the lost remnants of the Philosopher's Stone'. But no, here you are checking out Bill's site, so you must feel there is something a little different here? Not at all you say, this is just another new age site to me. Well then, I think you might as well leave now, there probably won't be much for you here.

If you are someone who has investigated many teachings, probably through extensive reading and even going to some workshops and meditation centers hoping to find some guidance or direction to help you in your search for real knowledge and understanding in relation to what lies 'at the bottom' of life. You may have studied Western philosophy, found it fascinating yet ultimately unhelpful, for the most part. You may have studied eastern philosophy and found it much richer, but bewildering in it's diversity of forms, and complexity of ideas.

If this describes you then I can only say "Do it!", apply for the course. You may not be accepted, as Bill has limited places for students available. He is only interested in those who are themselves really genuinely interested in spiritual cultivation, even if this entails some hardship and moving beyond 'comfort zones', because otherwise he will be wasting his time and yours, and there certainly can't be much money in it for him! After receiving so much valuable information and guidance and so many 'freebies' as Bill calls them, and personal attention I am convinced that Bill is doing this out of love and a desire to see as many others as possible enter the real path. If he were more interested in making big money then he would be doing something else.

Bill's Stages course has helped me to:

1. Finally understand what is really involved in meditation, what its purpose is and how to practice it correctly. (This goes for Mantra practices, breathing exercises, visualisation and so on, as well).
2. Understand the relationship between the world's religions and spiritual teachings, what the commonalities are (the common elements are the real substance, the truth of religions).
3. See the necessary roles played by Business, Science, Literature and the Arts, philosophy and psychology in the spiritual life of mankind.
4. Gain an understanding of Buddhist philosophy, the importance of reading the Sutras, Taoist teaching, Hindu, Muslim and Christian teachings and Yoga and how they all relate.
5. What is required to establish discipline in my life, to establish a successful meditation practice, improve my business (which has happened, I am so $#@%&* busy, dammit!).
6. See how the Bodhisattva ideal, the highest teaching of buddhism or any religion relates to everyday life, doing good deeds, developing skills and talents, and creating a 'life purpose.
7. To get a handle on the real nature of karma and personal responsibility. It really is up to ourselves to do this work, no one else can do it for us. This may not sound comforting, but then if you are only interested in comfortable illusions, please leave now! I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea! If you don't then it probably isn't right for you anyway.

It would have been difficult, nigh on impossible for me to gain these benefits any other way, because Bill has put in the twelve years or so studying with Master Nan Huai-Chin, and his own reading, research and writing to collate all this information into the form of the Stages course. What a monumental task, I don't think I ever would have done it myself!

Thanks again, Bill. I hope I haven't been too presumptuous in anything I have written! Please feel perfectly free to use any or all of what I have written to encourage others to take advantage of what you are offering, there's nothing else like it out there, that's for sure. I sincerely hope what I have written will help others in their quest to find the true path!
-- John

Bill! What an incredible gift to the world! What a priceless treasure! It is indeed the most incredible and comprehensive material in the world on the topic of spiritual cultivation. You tell everything! Well, everything that can be told. The world needs this material. It can help people to be clear about the path and to avoid fooling themselves about their achievements.
-- Pia Giammasi, Sri Lanka (Buddhist Nun)

Stages of the Path will be considered the seminal reference for cultivation practitioners for the next one hundred years. Information, considered highly secretive, or which requires a lengthy initiation to acquire is openly discussed. The reader is treated to a "full disclose" of some of the most arcane and esoteric spiritual practices, that most New Age schools have not even heard about. ... Many wonderful stories and excerpts from the greatest pieces of Spiritual literature are used to illustrate vital concepts and ideas. Of interest are the many stories culled from the Christian, Judaic and Islamic traditions used to reinforce the author's main thesis - that the path of liberation and true freedom is a Universal one. The author does a great job of simplifying many complicated and esoteric concepts, as well as debunking many myths and superstitions. To my knowledge there is no other published material that even comes close to matching this incredible [material]. ... if anyone has anything different to say about Spiritual Cultivation then it is Bill Bodri.
-- Gerard de Condappa, Singapore



Few things whether they are experiential or physical in nature, seem to really catch my attention enough to really cause me to focus solely and intently on them. However, since I have read your books and articles, I have noticed an inner drawing towards your words.

I have written several reviews of your works, but none of them have done enough justice for other people to even bother to read them. They just need to read your books. I have written in the past that I have been one of those who have been looking all my life for answers. I have bought hundreds and hundreds of books and studied this and that, but when I started to read your stuff I was blown away. What others published and left off with, you picked it up and gave the whole story. I am always in awe and always grateful what you have done for others and me.

I find myself practicing meditation and studying and then again, studying and practicing meditation as habit now. The only changes have been the study material, which is from your writings now. I have read almost every one of your books now three times and am going through the “Stages” course material again, as I write this letter. The “Stages” is probably the finest piece of work I have ever come across in explaining how, why and when. Master Nan must be very proud, in having the Karmic affinity to attract someone like you and help him see the path.

I find it very hard to express what is in the “Stages” material. However, I can relay to others that it is the beginning and the end to the study part along the way to seeing the TAO. The rest is up to the individual to practice correct meditation. It will forever be your guide and reference along the path. In today’s societal setting, the “Stages” course is your guarantee for getting the truth because people are running all over the place to study with this guru or that teacher and are lucky to just get good basics.

True Zen Masters are limited in this world today. I have heard Bill mention before that to study with Master Nan, Bill’s Master, you better know your Chinese and move to Taiwan, and even then, there are no guarantees. So, when one appears in our midst, we miss them or take them ever so lightly. Who better exemplifies that which White Fat Cow talks about then William Bodri?

-- David Farmer

You know, after meeting and studying under Master Nan Huai-chin I have been reading and teaching Buddhism and Chinese Classics for almost 30 years (and with remarkable success; I had 150 students in my last class). But William Bodri's work on spiritual cultivation and meditation is the best I ever came across. I consider this as The Work/Book/Course of the Century, and for centuries to come, I guess. For anyone who is seriously interested in spiritual cultivation or "human being science" as he calls it, or "the real thing" all great masters will tell you life is all about, this is undoubtedly The Guide. You'll find no clearer explanation and no better overview of all the concepts and themes--both doctrine and practice--that are essential for achieving your goals, whatever they may be, meditation and samadhi, knowledge and understanding of life and the universe, health and success, and even enlightenment (if you work hard). It may sound incredible but it is true, because the fulfillment of our unlimited human potential is a matter of exact and scientific approach. This could finally help us out of the Great Fog we are living in, created by all those who are writing on this topic but are not enlightened or have not even attained genuine samadhi. Bill's work will put you on the right track, on the universal Way, the nondenominational way the Mind works. It opens a clear path for the revival of spirituality in our time (of alarming decadence and ignorance). And it will put you in the company of all great sages and clear minds of the past, the main difference being its plain and common language.
-- B.L., Washington

Yesterday, I finished my Stages course and what an experience.  I must have read over 1,100 pages of information assimilated from the wisest sources, books and people that have ever "spirited" the earth.  Bill Bodri of www.MeditationExpert.com organized the course and he was a true inspiration.  I learned more in the last three months from this course than I ever imagined.  What I could have done if I had taken this course at the begining of my college career just boggles my mind, but then perhaps back then I would not have had the wisdom to see how valuable all this material is.  They say when the student is ready a teacher will arrive and one sure arrived for me.
When I finished the class I knew I had done something very powerful.  I was a new person.  I was full of hope and ready to walk a path full of love and God.  So I sat down and wrote the attached Stanza... just for fun.  Only someone who has taken the class will appreciate this Stanza so it doesn't have much use but it is a small token of my appreciation for all the effort that Bill put into making these materials available to me and others.

A Stanza for the Stages
-- By a former Stages Student who rode off into the sunset

Waltzing through the Stages
Turning so many pages,
As jing chi shen arise
Clarity and bliss become the prize.

Most mortals are in frustration
Not further than wisdom and merit accumulation,
They could certainly help the masses
By making it to preparatory practices.

And then what progress and how
If then they are Seeing the Tao.
Next they are cultivating it
And finally it’s enlightenment

Cause and effect Bill preached
Progress must be reached,
Along these insights of the ages
Come Bill’s enlightened Stages.

Esoteric schools feel hip and cool
But New Age tumors and sidetracks rule,
Tibet may seem the best
But physical attachment is the pest.

Don’t try to intellectualize
That isn’t any decent prize,
Meditate and cultivate
Good behavior before too late

Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and Jews
Like many others all paying their dues,
Farewell the hunt for a dogmatic say
Stages have cleared the way

And in this life or perhaps the next
You’ll avoid many a text.
And all of Bill’s Stages & pages
Can bring you good karma for the ages

--Bruce March, New Mexico

This course is so wide in scope that I cannot promise you that you will immediately understand all the concepts in each of these lessons, so I'll be providing personal attention sending you questions and correcting them by email as a follow-up to see that you're comprehending the material. I will say that by the time you're done with this course, you will:

  • Firmly believe that there is a genuine general path of spiritual cultivation progress, and you'll know how to locate it in almost any genuine religion. You'll also be able to tell which religious dogmas are legitimate and which are not simply by whether or not they violate basic cultivation principles

  • Learn that some religions and their spiritual practices lead to higher levels on this path than others

  • Acknowledge that the principles by which you cultivate this path are logically sound, consistent and universally applicable to all beings, and you'll learn a variety of meditation methods and spiritual cultivation techniques for cultivating this path to spiritual progress

  • Realize that the various stages or levels of this path are also universally recognized by genuine spiritual sects, and you'll find evidence of this in their own scriptures

  • Learn that the cultivation path will entail physical changes to the body, as well as mental and spiritual changes called "kung-fu" or "gong-fu," and you'll learn how to interpret these changes, how long they will last, what other masters did when they reached them and what you must do when they occur

  • Understand how various psychic abilities and supernormal powers come about, and will have the means to explain a tremendous variety of hitherto unexplained mystical, metaphysical or paranormal spiritual phenomena
I've spent a lot of time running around trying to find enough information to understand what it is that all the different spiritual schools, saints and sages have been talking about. I've spent A LOT of money on books on spirituality from a lot of different traditions. If you've done the same you notice that each tradition while unique shares a certain commonality with all the others. All of them talk about the importance of virtues for instance, and they all have stories of miraculous occurrences etc. So how does it all fit together? Now you can find out.

This is an amazing course! If you're interested in understanding the logical, verifiable, scientific nature of the spiritual experience you'll have to take this course. The Various Stages of the Spiritual Experience is qualitatively beyond anything else out there; its depth and breadth are astounding. It not only comprehensively describes the nondenominational path of spiritual development, but also explains a variety of cross-referential methods of analytically verifying, understanding and classifying spiritual experiences from any tradition. Everyone talks about the commonality of spiritual traditions today but no one has put together the proof of this commonality in any meaningful way until now. I can't recommend it highly enough.

On top of the phenomenal nature of the course you also get highly personal attention from Bill. Not only does he help you to understand the material presented but offers you personalized help with your own meditative practice, nutritional consultation and business and career help. You'll get 100 times more than you pay for with this course. Take advantage of this course when you have the chance! There's nothing else like it out there. After you take this course you can't help but understand why spiritual practice is called 'the science of sciences'.

Bill -- Thanks again for everything. I mean it, this was an amazing course and the
cost was trivial compared to what I got out of it. I can't thank you enough for all of your help and personal attention. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to
study with you, anyone with a basic understanding of what's out there couldn't help but recognize the qualitative difference in what you're offering and what almost everybody else is doing.

I definitely have a lot to think about regarding what I can do with the material you've given me. First and foremost I need to cultivate to some level of attainment, and for the first time I feel like that is the only missing component for me. I'm confident that I have all the information I need to succeed in cultivating to some stage of attainment. For the first time in my life I feel like I'm not adrift between possibilities and that life is slipping by me without my understanding what I should be doing. For that I am deeply grateful, I don't want to sound gushy or anything but that's how I really feel. For me this course has been a watershed event in my life and I can't say enough good things about it.
-- John Newtson, Virginia

I come from a background of Theravada and Tibetan Vajrayana. After spending fifteen years of searching and reading, I can safely conclude that even reading a thousand books and "thinking" that we have understood anything may just be another mind delusion as it is extremely unlikely to jump across the boundary of dualistic perception that is fence up by limitation of what we choose to accept and reject, unless someone with "clarity" point us the direction and reason to jump.

Bodri has achieved an important milestone by striking into the heart of cultivation. Strip it naked, pure and simple akin a baby first moment of opening his eyes. It opens up a new perception that Spiritual Cultivation is principle based, independent and non-denominal. Enlightenment is not a private property of any one religion, traditions and cultures.
Going through Stages is like browsing through 4,000 books in 4 months. What took Bodri 15 years to collect, read, contemplate and realize was made available to us in 4 months, all size up systematically to optimize understanding. It is cultivation principles at its purest level that was distilled from a sea of spiritual material cutting across traditions, cultures and religions.
What impressed me most about Stages is the CLARITY of Bodri teachings. It's "clarity" is akin a piercing arrow penetrating a thousand mile deep. As we gain certainty, doubt dissolve. Faith dawn. Cessation with awareness, we attain samadhi. Contemplate with awareness, we develop prajna. Journeying through a "visaya" jungle, we hold the weapon of emptiness. 
What more can I say. Bodri has presented us with a new pair of "eyes". Nowadays, as I flip through pages of other spiritual books or listen to stories, my thoughts would immediately zoom back to what I learn here in the Stages. For real practitioners out there, the benefits that Stages offer is beyond value. Can anyone ever measure wisdom? 
Having attain this precious human life
I pray not to return from this island of jewels empty handed
Bodri descent with a Spiritual Roadmap
May I cross the ocean of suffering and lead others likewise.
Three thumbs up for Bodri.
One thumb from each hand and the third from my HEART.
Fong Chung

- - -

If you were lost in the jungle, bewildered, exhausted and hours away from starvation and you couldn't rely on your original map - the faulty map that got you lost in the first place -- how much value would you put on a new map -- a map with clear, concise, directions to food, lodging and ultimately salvation?

Bill Bodri's 'Stages' course is that map -- the map out of the jungle of well-meant but often misleading and misunderstood spiritual texts, movements and their religious dogma… a map that can assure you clarity of direction, prevention of early graying and logic-induced , premature brain death.

In this comprehensive course, Bodri skillfully breaks down the various paths and their methods of cultivation into a simple pragmatic theory of science -- The Science of Cultivation -- a non-denominational method that will help you illuminate the path toward the evolution of mind often referred to as spirituality.

Bodri miraculously weaves together volumes of knowledge -- that could take anyone less skilled decades to compile (not to mention read and understand ) , into eight lessons, eight lessons that left me looking at the world through a different lens, a lens that will help you pierce through the pitfalls and tumors of spiritual practice that can often entice a naïve enthusiast into a lifetime of misinformation.

The lessons are followed up with one-on-one sessions with Bill, who's a keen-witted, compassionate -hearted, scholar and cultivator, who speaks from experience and who's primary cares is that YOU GET IT!

If true spiritual progress is what you're after and you're willing to challenge, rowel and dismantle old beliefs, this class will open your eyes , invigorate your heart and focus your mind, leaving you with nothing left to do but follow the footsteps of Buddha, Moses, Mohammed, Milarepa and Yeshe Tsogel and pull out your cushion and just do it!

Matthew Klein


transcendental meditation, kundalini energy, yoga meditation


Here's How the eClass Works:

This eclass will be handled in the following way. I only offer this course every few years, so don't send an application request unless our newsletter announces that we are doing it again. At that time, I will announce any changes to this general format that I used in years past.

Every week for 8-12 weeks (depending on your speed) I'll be in touch with you via LONG phone calls and written lessons, by email. Each lesson involves extensive reading material of 150-250 pages and you'll get comprehensive homework for this material which you need to complete. After completing it you return it to me by email. I'll send you my thoughts on your answers to see if you are comprehending the material and we'll schedule a time at which to talk about each lesson over the phone. Each phone conversations can last from an hour to 4 hours, depending on your interest and the topic under discussion. You'll get my full personal attention because this information is important and life-changing.

You can also call me at any time during the course for special clarifications and instructions. I'm your tutor and personal coach. During those calls, we'll do a Health Consultation if you want one to discuss what you should be doing nutritionally for your body and how to detox your body for a quicker climb up the path of spiritual cultivation based on your age, sex and medical condition. Many students have solved long standing health problems just from this alone. "Where have you been?" they've asked, "why don't you charge for this and set up a health practice?"

I'll also tell you what type of Meditative Practice is best for you and explain any spiritual experiences you've had in terms of these classification schemes. You'll be glad someone finally told you what you've been experiencing. Answers you've been seeking for ages will finally be answered.

We'll also schedule some Life-Career-Business Coaching sessions to help you determine a way to incorporate the spiritual path into your day-to-day activities, and help you formulate your larger life goals and direction. The course has helped several students create new careers and life paths based on their depest desires and with the business consulting, many have increased the size of their business. So you will be getting:

  • A nutritional consultation
  • Business consultation
  • Business and Life coaching
  • Stages of the Path Lessons, coaching and Instruction

In short, you will get my personal attention and you will be given everything you need to succeed in understanding the topology of spiritual progress and spiritual cultivation, get oriented on the spiritual path of meditative practice, and we'll even talk about your long term life goals if you would like that sort of discussion. Everyone who takes this tutored course, with the coaching, says it's been a pivotal life-changing experiences. This is not a meditation course, this is an academic course and consulting or coaching program.

The big thing is that you will dispense with New Age gibberish and get some real guidance for the spiritual path. No more theory -- these equivalencies are exactly what you need to know to understand all sorts of religions, spiritual paths and cultivation techniques -- and will reveal how so much religious dogma is just nonsense created by intellectuals or politicians who had purposes other than what the original spiritual adepts had in mind.

I've also put so much material into this course that we've taken away every possible excuse for you not being able to succeed in spiritual cultivation. You will obtain a broader and more detailed understanding of the field of spiritual training and progress than you will by taking a multitude of college courses or by spending thousands of dollars on spiritual books and training seminars. This doesn't even take into account the nutritional consultation, the coaching and all the unannounced ebook freebies I send you along the way.

If you are wondering about the quality of the materials, just read some of our other materials first or the quotes above and judge for yourself. After you do that and read the download at the bottom of this page, send me an email application if you are serious about the course detailing your background and what you've studied in the spiritual area . Even if you sit with a master for ten or twenty years, you're not going get a fraction of this information elsewhere. Why doubt it? Just send an email to check things out!

One more thing ... This class is ** FULLY GUARANTEED.** If you aren't happy anytime during the course -- up to the very last lesson -- then I'll refund all your money. The worst case scenario is that you simply get all your money back. The cost is steep -- $800 -- because you're getting lots of my consulting and teaching time, and yet it's still less than the cost of a college credit whereas you're getting much more. Just read the testimonials.

In other words, your satisfaction is guaranteed (which is something they don't do for college courses or at amazon.com). That's more than fair.

There is a catch, however, which is that not everyone can take this course.

At any moment I only have a limited amount of time and therefore only a few students I can personally tutor on this extremely comprehensive material. The training requires a lot of my time so I only want to be dealing with motivated individuals who really want to understand this material.

Here's how to know if you probably qualifiy. If you've been buying all sorts of spiritual books and searching for years, trying this and that practice, and have wide knowledge and experience then this is the thing to do. Even though this course might seem expensive, my students say that in tems of college credits (or even the hourly rate because of all the time I put into it) it's a bargain.

Since this is the material destined to reshape the entire landscape of the spiritual field today, I'm only looking for those few intelligent, motivated individuals who have the desire to really know and put this material into practice. If this sounds like you and you want to be one of those few who get personal attention in learning the revolutionary breakthrough ways to link the various transcendental ranking systems of the spiritual ladder -- much as what Ken Wilber did for transpersonal psychology, Freud did for psychology, Eliades did for mysticism, Campbell did for mythology, Aristotle did for logic, Drucker did for management, Maimonides did for Judaism, Aquinas did for Christianity, Wei Bo-Yang did for Taoism, and William James did for psychology -- then send me an email explaining your background and what you hope to learn.

I'll tell you if you're in the right place.

There is truly more information in this course that can help elevate the world's understanding of spiritual cultivation and unify genuine religions of true spiritual practice than in any other place you can find today. You will see a true unified topology of spiritual experiences and stages, as well as a nondenominational linking of cultivation techniques. People always talk about this but never prove it with detailed examples, quotes, case studies and basic principles, but you will see it for yourself. If you don't like it, you have your money back guarantee.

With a full money-back guarantee, and the fact that you've already read a small set of random selections from the materials, you owe it to yourself to investigate this material further at no risk, especially if you have been buying spiritual books for years. If that's you, you're *EXACTLY* the type of person who needs these lessons.

I love teaching people with a great desire to learn, so if you're intensely interested in the field of spiritual cultivation and spiritual practice -- even if you are still a student -- then this is the material for you. You will save so much money and time with this one course that you won't believe it, and you will stop going from one school to another because you think you are missing something on the spiritual trail.

So send me an email to get started -- but only when I announce through the newsletter that I am offering the course because I only do it every few years -- and you'll be sent a lesson on how to cultivate your physical body for the spiritual path, as well as the changes to expect as your prana (chi) starts clearing your channels and your kundalini becomes activated.

And by the way ... this information is so new that these materials are bound to be copied by others claiming that they are theirs, so any and all copyright infringements will be seriously pursued.

Still interested? Then click on the following link for a free download of Lesson 2, which goes into the explanations of the spiritual path according to the schhol of Taoism:

FREE 189-page Taoism Lesson on Chi (Qi), Chakras, Kundalini Yoga and Other Topics from the STAGES Course on Gong-fu Transformations




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