The "Elites" Always Secretly Involve Themselves With the Paranormal

Few people know that Edgar Cayce, the "Sleeping Prophet," was an often invited visitor to the White House during President Woodrow Wilson’s presidency. Time and again he was called in for consultations after a stroke had hit the president (source: The Haunting of the Presidents). Mrs. Wilson was so afraid of the publicity that she  always had Cayce ushered in through  the White House side door. I don’t know how true it is, but it’s said he even helped formulate the presidential policies during this period.

Nancy Reagan took great pains to conceal her constant phone calls to astrologer Joan Quigley (What does Joan Say?), who was responsible for so many things in the Reagan administration including the strange take-off times of Airforce One. Of course, consulting astrologers is done all the time by Indian politicians, as well as high Taiwanese mucky-mucks. And I’m told the upper echelons of the British are no strangers to intense dabbling. They all do this. They call it fun, but I've had astrologers who've dealt with members of the CIA and NSA and billion dollar hedge fund managers. It's done everywhere. If you have money, you can do this.

The best one you can do, by the way, is for the upcoming events in your life. Well worth the inexpensive price. But if you're about to move, see astrocartography for some indications of what's in store.

Newspapers had a field day when they revealed that Hillary Clinton — yes, the Hillary Clinton — often consulted Jean Houston to guide imaginary conversations with lady Eleanor Roosevelt, one of the most beloved first ladies.

The occult involvement of high members of the Third Reich is well documented, and we need not go into it here. Turning north, the longest serving prime minister in Canadian history was Kinsey King, who served as Prime Minister for more than 20 years. After he died, people found his diaries inside of which he revealed that he made his political decisions by consulting a crystal ball, and by contacting spirits.  And you thought this stuff didn’t happen, did you? Let me tell you, with what little I know about the ruling generals in Burma, and the rulership of Ethiopa and stories from all sorts of other countries by first hand accounts, this is not unusual.

The Russian KGB is known to have spent millions investigating paranormal phenomena to see if special abilities could be harnessed for the state. The CIA has done likewise, and other covert US agencies. Books from China on qi-gong investigations have shown the strong opposition by the government to the acceptance of any conclusions on such topics   (since their truthfulness goes against the basic Communist assertions that everything is materialism and has little to do with the mind), so at least one large nation is left out of the equation … so far.

In short, the public doesn’t realize the extent to which the elite are involved with psychics, astrologers, feng shui, seances and so forth. The  talking heads ridicule this, but I can assure you that in most every country I’ve been in,  the involvement is not as non-existent as people think. Having talked to Greeks and read about their modern spiritual teachers and schools, it’s just another country where the involvement is commonplace and extensive. If I told you about the witchcraft that goes  on in places like Malaysia, Lebanon and Indonesia, you’d probably flip out.

I have astrologer friends with billionaire - BILLIONAIRE, not millionaire - clients including Wall Street billion dollar hedge fund managers. I kid you not - but those managers want to keep things secret. When I stayed with my Zen master in Asia, I had the bigwigs of politics and industry, CEO’s of listed stock exchange companies, generals and so forth all relate their own experience with these things. 

I know of Egyptians who also involve themselves with this, and don’t fool yourself into thinking that the Arab royal families don’t have their own advisors in these areas.

The involvement runs deep!

The problem is, this is all the low level stuff these folks are involved with, not the  involvement with sages which can help you dissolve karma and truly guide nations. Many strategy books in ancient China were written by sages offering guidance  on how to run a country; the Indian counterpart manuals are more tactic-like rather than strategic.

Chinese and Indian Emperors, when they found a samadhi-sage or enlightened-sage, would always call on them for advice in guiding the nation because a sage can know the karma of a policy before if’s instituted. It’s too bad that today all these people don’t even know what a sage is, or how to differentiate the merely psychic from the spiritual stages of attainment, or the intelligent from the wise. That’s difficult for most people to do - to differentiate between wisdom, intelligence and knowledge.

I recommend the Asiapac comic series for quick lesson reads of famous books by sages. My Kuan Tzu is one such book written by a sage.  The Art of Government : Three Strategies of Huang Shi Gong, are lessons from the Yellow Stone Master. The Master of Demon Valley is more intellectual than sagely, but is useful, too. Sixteen Strategies of Zhuge Liang is useful, because along with Kuan Tzu he was one of the few Chinese Prime Ministers really concerned about the welfare of the people, and is commonly considered a Taoist sage. There is a special form of the I-Ching, that bears his name, and is held in the highest respect and awe by most i-Ching masters in Hong Kong for reasons we won’t get into — and no it’s never been translated into English.

Chinese Eunuchs : Inside Stories of the Chinese Court  talks about corruption brought about when eunuchs secretly got in control of the government, and schemed to control the court. There are many cases in both Asian and Roman history where eunuchs close to the emperor ended up controlling his thoughts, policies and power, and led to the destruction of the country. It’s useful to know these lessons, too, although they’re more mundane. Why? Wisdom once again.

Over and over again I will stress to you — don’t be complacent but understand what goes on in the world by please exercising your wisdom muscles.


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