Burning Orange Peels for Ghosts - The Feng Shui Cure

I’ve long known that Chinese feng shui practitioners burn a special type of orange peels when they want to clear a house of ghosts, ghouls or other nasty inhabitants that have come to make it their own denizen. Seems there’s something about the smell they don’t like. It's quite stinky, for sure. Of course, we’re talking about INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH space clearing here. Enroll in my course on space clearing if you're interested.

Now scientists have found that mosquitoes hate burning orange peels, too. Researchers dried orange peels in an oven for 3 days (the Chinese also dry them out extensively) at 140 degrees heat. Then they crushed the peels into a powder. Next they placed this powder in a sealed room with mosquitoes, and ignited it with a hot coal (just as you would with powdered incense).

One hour later, 60% of the mosquitoes were dead.

After two hours…70%.

Three hours later — still it was working.

Sounds like a deodorant commercial, doesn’t it?

There is actually a Buddhist mantra you can say to chase insects away so that you don’t have to kill them. I keep trying to get a copy to test it and see what it does but can’t find one. My teacher says he has a formula for an incense that drives wild animals away when you’re cultivating in the wild, and I have a mantra for requesting help from the Dragon King of a country who is responsible for rain, but I don’t have this chase-away-insects mantra. I’m told it has a lot of sounds like "dee-dee-dee" in it that insects don’t like, or something like that. Radionics uses an entirely different principle, as did the burn-the-insects astro remedy of Rudolf Steiner.

Usually there’s a science to these things; one master I know had a mantra for preventing death from poisonous snake bite, and when a friend suffered a heart attack he reasoned that the mantra worked by preventing blood clots, so used it to help his friend. Smart! That’s the type of thinking you need for cultivation matters. When you enter the road of meditation…and make progress…you’ll start encountering ALL sorts of things. You need to turn to logical thinking and science to explain what you’re seeing or experiencing. Of course, if you are lucky you have a  good teacher, or books that explain these things. Typically the best information sources will be India or China, not Russia or Greece for these things.

You can also use radionics/psionic equipment (do a google search for Hieronymus and his corn borer experiments) to chase away insects from a property, and from all the accounts I heard, boy does it work. This is fascinating material. I've researched it a lot and really want to test the Steiner method vs. radionic method vs. insect mantras to see what comes out tops. Even the Russians know about radionics and the fact that you can kill someone with it or make them sick, but the operator who tries to do that will get sick as well. I've even had people who know of black ops projects tell me at one time you could pay someone to do radionics hits, but most of those guys died from their efforts. There is no such thing as no-karma. Even the Chinese method of "hit the tiger," a sort of vodoo method to psychically hit your boss, can work. I have tales and tales of such things I could share.

You can be like Rudolf Steiner and burn insects, and homeopathetize (potentize) the ashes of the insects to be sprayed on a property to drive them away.  He successfully did that with rabbits to rid an estate of their presence.

I once made a study of all these methods because I thought it was a fascinating topic. But after you smell burnt orange peels, you’ll see that that is probably the strongest memory you’ll have of all these techniques.


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