What You Need to Know About Genuine Saint Relics ... Whether the Saint Be Christian, Jewish, Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist or Other These Rules Always Apply

A friend and I just visited the www.Maitreyaproject.org traveling show of sariras left over from the cremated bodies of various saints ... Shakyamuni Buddha, Nagarjuna (the "second" Buddha who founded the Esoteric School), TsongKhapa, Atisha, Lady Yeshe Tsogyel, Milarepa, Marpa the Translator, Shariputra and so forth. A small show and a once in a lifetime visit.

Now sariras are something I happen to know about, having had extensive discussions with the world expert of the topic who investigated nearly 400 cases of sariras from all sorts of traditions. What people don't realize is that the saints of EVERY tradition produce sariras as relics when their bodies are cremated.

If you cultivate meditation correctly, the five elements in your body will become purified. That's how Buddhism describes the process. Taoism describes this as saying "your chi channels will open" and your body will become purified. In the Western religions, they don't describe this at all (except in alchemy and hints in Christian esotericism) but it happens nonetheless since this end result is nondenominational.

Basically, you succeed at kundalini yoga -- the initial stages of purification.

If you meditate correctly, your body will transform, you will live a longer life and will chase out sickness and disease from inside the body. Let's not forget an increase in energy and mental clarity as well, and the spiritual stages of achievement. When you transform your body this way, after you die your body will illustrate the phenomena of incorruptibility, as happened with Yogananada (Hind master), St. Francis of Assisi (Christian saint), Tsong Khapa (Tibetan saint) and various other masters. It happens because you purify your body and hence it will not degrade like other human bodies do when you die.

As to the sariras, or pebble-like remains of a saint, sometimes they will even grow larger or multiply after a saint's death. I've seen this happen, there are photographs of this happening...and still science wants to ignore it. Why is it possible? Because chi, or life force, still remains sometimes in those pebbles....but it's up to the departing master on whether he wants this to happen or not. In fact, in Tibetan Buddhism, one of the esoteric secrets is that these sariras are ground up into a fine powder and under the correct supervision of an enlightened guru, young adepts ingest it, with the intention (of the presiding master) that it will help open the adepts kundalini or chi channels.

Okay, what about sariras where a bone is left with the image of a Buddha or of something the individual concentrated on, with intense visualization, during their life? Yes, that happens all the time as a result of concentrated visualization practice on a bone.

Stigmata are also an example of this sort of practice gone wrong, where someone in a past life used a Jesuit visualization cultivation practice and visualized Jesus on the Cross for hours and hours on end, but never learned how to enter samadhi from the technique. They were supposed to practice cessation-contemplation meditation, but did it incorrectly because they didn't let go of their thoughts, and in the subsequent incarnation the results of the practice assumed a physical manifestation.

It's not "grace" -- it's the karma of a practice gone astray a bit.

No, stigmata are nothing mystical or holy or grace from God or anything superstitious like that -- they are just the remnants of past life cultivation. There's too much to go into to explain this, so for more you can read How to Measure and Deepen Your Spiritual Realization.



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