Is the Globe Growing Larger?

These interesting videos were sent to me by a friend, and make you wonder why everything fits together so nicely. Not just in one or two or three or ten or twenty but in COUNTLESS places … and then on Mars, too! What in the world is going on? Can this be a new, undiscovered phenomenon? Remember -- once scientists po-poohed the vaccum scientists talking about the enrgies in empty space and now they're all talking about dark matter.

and this video:

Incidentally, in one lecture Shakyamuni Buddha explained how the earth had formed, and how beings from the Form Realm came here, tasted the earth, and liked it. The Edgar Cayce readings say exactly the same thing. In time, from eating the tasty earth they changed their bodies’ density and could not leave. Don't ask me how or why -- go read the accounts for yourself. The sutras say Shakyamuni then demonstrated this by supernaturally extending his hand deep into the earth to retrieve some of this original substance which he then let the assembly taste.

Now why did his hand have to stretch DEEP into the earth to do this? Has it gotten bigger over time, perhaps growing just as we grow though in a process we don’t understand … for instance one involving chi or other unseen forces that involve inflation?

Who knows? I have no opinion on the matter since I have no science on the matter. The videos are interesting regardless. There are so many unexplained phenomena like this. of course the scientists will keep silent to prevent embarassment and keep their jobs. One squeak out of line and you're sure to lose tenure ... and your income ... not to mentiont he scorn and ridicule.


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