Dragons, Fox Spirits and Other Strange Tales

I was producing an new mp3 on animals that cultivate — about all sorts of experiences with fox spirits, dragons, mountain ghosts, beavers, turtles, badgers, snakes, and the whole gamut of animals that can and do cultivate. Plenty of people have told me their own experiences over the years with these beings, I’ve had many many such experiences myself, and it’s just great dinner conversation. WHo doesn't want to hear about fox spirits coming to steal your jing?

After recording several hours worth of stories and lessons, I realized that beginning cultivators would definitely get the wrong impression about this topic because they have no background, no foundation, no high cultural knowledge  or wisdom on how to deal with this sort of information.  They would be misled and misconstrue the cultivation path for just something interesting, entertaining or weird. They'd think there are succubus and incubi at every corner of their room.

This all couldn’t be further than the truth because cultivation is so ordinary that’s it’s actually boring and uninteresting to  people! Yet the conclusion would most certainly be the opposite.

Nevertheless, I don’t want this work to go entirely to waste and there are lots of lessons to learn, so here’s just a short 15 minute segment of some stories that show what our mp3s are like….this section was just a short segment from the 45 minute section on fox spirits alone and what to do with them in dreams, how to recognize them, how they cultivate and so on.

Fox Spirits

Basically, if you don’t cultivate you’ll never encounter this sort of stuff. You’ll never encounter higher beings or lower beings that ask for your help. If you do cultivate to a sufficiently high level, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what you’ll encounter in the universe and along the cultivation trail. If you cultivate and still don’t encounter this stuff, your cultivation isn’t high enough nor is your chi purified enough. Congratulations — someone just told you the truth.

Frankly, as pretty much all the Eastern cultivation schools (the ones developed by the independent teachings of samadhi and enlightened masters, not the ones controlled by central authorities desiring offerings and obedience), the whole universe is awash with life bobbing up and down throughout the Three Realms due to the karma of reincarnation. The only ones who can control it are those who become enlightened.

As soon as you cultivate your chi, open up your chi channels and chakras or develop a yin shen transformation body, you’re on the very start of the path and this knowledge, from direct personal experience, will open up to you. As my teacher says, until then you can’t discuss this stuff with ordinary people except as entertainment because they have no cultivation experience or gongfu and won’t appreciate it. I’ve seen time and again that ordinary people can’t understand such things, except at the most rudimentary levels. So my own teacher rarely bothers discussing them.

Nevertheless, the whole universe is filled with infinite forms of life in infinite worlds, including this world. Just concentrate on the region of your third eye for about an hour a day and after a few months you’ll be able to see the etheric beings in this world mentioned by all sorts of saints and sages but unbeknownst to those who don’t cultivate. 

As to other worlds, you can read Buddhist sutras and learn of the beings throughout the cosmos who cultivate, especially in the Form Realm, using movement, smells, consciousness, or other means we cannot fathom. Everyone is cultivating to realize the Tao. They are not following religion, per se, they are cultivating states of self-realization. When you start to get just a little teeny tinsy bit of experience in this area, you can start to believe this stuff ... and realize that the Western religions cut people off from this knowledge for purposes of  control. Or they're just plain ignorant, because few sages have been born into the Western stream and few Westerners have cultivated very far.

In the whole universe, you must cultivate merit and non-ego (emptiness) meditation to realize the Tao. Otherwise you keep bobbing up and down in various incarnations that you cannot control, suffering along the way. Incarnations are infinite unless you can escape the process. If you’re reading this you have access to a computer, so this life is probably pretty good, but who can say that about the next life or the next when your stock of bad karma catches up? I guarantee you believe next life is just as good as this one, or never even gave it a thought. Go visit a Third World country and realize MOST of the world and the world's population was like this just 100 years ago. Be worried. Be scared!

It’s so hard, throughout your endless lives, to come into contact with real cultivation teachings. I mean the REAL stuff, not religion, the real stuff that leads to liberation, not merit making and a temporary higher rebirth because of that. Just look at this world, a tiny speck amongst an infinite number, and look how many people follow "religious paths"  totally devoid of cultivation practice and knowledge. It’s all around them and yet they are ignorant of the path to liberation that involves meditation techniques applied with diligence.



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