Self-help, Personal Cultivation and Self-Improvement

You're looking to improve yourself and your life on either a practical-that's-enough or deep, deep level. Maybe you want a relationship or better job or more money or want to change your personality.

You might be seeking life purpose and self-actualization. In other words, you're seeking a reason for being here that is more than just making money. The job and career or occupation are there to make you your money so you can live, but what is living all about? I'll tell you in two words, cultivation and merit-making.

All true self-help starts with self-awareness, and self-awareness comes from introspection or meditation. You must learn to know your mind. At the deepest levels of mind, you can find your original nature. At the lowest levels, you can begin to understand your life force and how consciousness interacts with it for achievement, and how it can be channeled by you for the greater good. You choose what that "good" means, not religion, or your parents, or friends or anyone else. It's your vows you must carry out in life, not mine or anyone else's. This section is to help you achieve them.

There are all sorts of esoteric sciences you can use to help improve your life, other than just meditation and self-cultivation. There's astrology, feng-shui, visualization, mantra and things I cannot even go in. This is the best I can offer to get you started to understand this form of self-cultivation. It's not trivial and superficial like the normal self-help, love the whole way around, sugar on everything, New Age crowd. This is the deep stuff that touches your life force and life purpose.

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