Subliminal Tapes and Meditation - Hey, If They Work for You Then Use Them!

People often ask me whether subliminal tapes work in helping you change your attitudes and behavior. Do they help in the task of personal self-cultivation? How about subliminal tapes and meditation? What about NLP?

Yes they do, but you need to use the right types of tapes and attack the right root condition. You also need to understand the big picture.

Underneath it all, you have to understand that all of us have some sort of mental problem that interferes with happiness, success, achievement and even spiritual progress. ALL OF US! The only people walking around with a healthy mentality are those who are enlightened, and samadhi attainees to a lesser extent.

We're all playing the "wrong tapes" in our mind that bias our behavior in negative, less-than-life-affirming ways. We've got these tapes running around inside our heads because we were brought up incorrectly, or simply lacked good teachings at a formative age to instill the rights sorts of habits and notions into our mental behavior.

Yes, we all ARE running around and behaving according to childhood mental programming which is why we're victims of the five errant or deviant perspectives. Religion programs us to view things in one way. Race does, class does, education does, sex does, nationality does ... they all instill within us certain mental programs. If we can break free of them, Master Nan Huai-Chin says we're halfway there to enlightenment.

The good programming inside us we ignore, but it's the bad ones that hurt us!

Maybe you have a tendency to get angry easily. Maybe you feel you don't deserve love ... or success (and therefore self-sabotage yourself) ... or aren't pretty or handsome or whatever. Maybe you have an addiction you can't break and need some help.

Procrastination, fear, lack of self-confidence, goal achievement, handling stress or desires, staying slim -- all these things are partially due to listening to mental programming. Subliminal tapes help you break or replace that programming with something better. It would be fantastic if there was no programming at all, but since you cannot get that far it's better to replace the bad stuff with good stuff!

We're all programmed with negative mental habits and the absolute best way to get rid of them is through meditation. Meditation is the most effective means possible. Why? Because chi and consciousness are linked, and transforming your chi will transform your consciousness. Letting go of thoughts quiets thoughts and purifies your chi, and then the changes tend to be permanent and carry over to the next life.

Changing your mental patterns also works, but that's still replacing one pollution with another even though virtuous thoughts are better than negative thoughts. But if you can't get to the substrate behind it all (and you should always be practicing), then at least correct your negative thoughts with good ones to help you win better karma and achieve THAT GOAL and every other one worthwhile.

Makes sense, doesn't it?

So while no-mind is best, nevertheless you have to recognize that positive thoughts are better than negative thoughts and meditation (vipassana or watching thoughts and learning to detach from them) is a slow way to change things. So in the meanwhile, it IS proper to try and speed the process and by replacing bad thoughts with good thoughts.

Subliminal tapes will do that. It is okay to use them. After all, don't you try to instill the right type of thinking in children's heads? If you missed that right type of instruction when you were young and were indoctrinated differently, now's your chance to get it. Now you can do something about it and fill in the gaps with something more constructive by playing a subliminal tape to yourself everyday on whatever subject or goal you most desire.

So what subliminal tapes do you use since lots of them are junk? Several people have told me of the outstanding results they achieve with Effective Learning System tapes. Why? Take a look who's on (or has been on) the Board of Advisors:

R. Buckminster Fuller
Norman Cousins
George DeSau
Bernard Siegel

These guys are out to make a product that works backed by tons of research. The whole list of Board members includes: Gary P. Brandeland, M.D. Family Practice; Norman Cousins, Adj. Prof. (In Memoriam); George T. Desau, Ed.D Psychologist, Educational Research; Marilyn Ferguson Author, Editor, Brain/Mind Bulletin; R. Buckminster Fuller (In Memoriam); Bruce A. Iverson D.D.S. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; Dolores Krieger RN., Ph.D. Professor NYU, Author; Raymond Moody Jr. Ph.D., M.D. Psychiatrist, Author; C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. Founder of American Holistic Medical Association; Bernard Siegel, M.D. Surgeon, Asst. Professor Yale University; O. Carl Simonton, M.D. Cancer Specialist; Olga Worrall, Ph.D. (In Memoriam).

Psychologist after psychologist, NLP expert after NLP expert says why waste years of psychiatry or trying to reprogram yourself? Just select the new ideas you want to help inculcate in your mind and use the tapes to help instill them. If you cannot get rid of the bad ideas entirely, at least you can replace them quickly and with meditation, keep working on emptying out the whole system.

I just bought $100 worth of these tapes to try them out and am very pleased with their quality. NLP experts Kevin Hogan and Tellman Knudson tell me that affirmations, self-hypnosis, and subliminal tapes can create breakthroughs in getting rid of negative programming in days. Why not at least have a look?

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