Liao Fan's Four Lessons

As I state in White Fat Cow, I always recommend to people that they read Liao Fan’s Four Lesson’s and teach it to their children. This has nothing to do with any special love for Chinese literature, because I recommend what I think is best from any culture, and believe in the idea of benchmarking where you should use the best idea or method from anywhere you find it.

Liao Fan’s Four Lessons, which have been copycatted dozens of times throughout the centuries (attesting to its great influence), accurately captures the real principles of how to change your fortune and destiny that the New Age Attraction magic crowd has no clue about.

Now it’s available on video — for FREE:  (I like the introduction to Liao Fan, and you can see that he was, indeed, like Benjamin Franklin in his desire to study everything. True cultivation people are like that.)

These were suggested to me in an email from James Chagula who found them on this page:

Lao Tzu’s Treatise on the Response of the Tao is a related work you might read.


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