It Took Me 10 Years to Crack the Code and Write This Down ... And the Sages Said it All Along

I want to take a moment to write to you about something dear to me, dear because it took me 10 years to be able to write this.

That's right… 10 years (actually, a little more).

What I want to talk to you about is creating the life you want. You see, cultivation is all about escaping from being trapped by thoughts, phenomena and impulses to realize your original nature underneath all that. The Zen school aptly calls that “escaping from birth and death” because you find the ultimate source of both matter and mind which is free from all dualities. Also, in that finding, you learn how to master birth and death.

On top of attaining the experience of your true nature, which we call "God," cultivation is also about learning to master the world of phenomena. That is, learning to master the birth and death of phenomena and guide them any way to manifest you want, which means creating the karma you want to appear in this life. Cultivation is about finding God, Tao, your true nature, and then about service or achievement.

Using the terminology of Zen, we can say that one part of cultivation is about finding your true essence. Another part is about expressing that through function.

In other words, the spiritual path is about becoming enlightened through meditation and then mastering your functional activities to achieve the results you want. Hopefully you do not choose to abandon others but choose to exercise compassion along a fruitful line of activity that helps other beings in the world of phenomena.

First, you have to find the root source of your mind and after that you're “awakened.” But after awakening or enlightenment, then what? What do you do?

You perfect your behavior, perfect various skills and excellences, and perform meritorious deeds to help others despite the obstacles that are presented to you.

What else would you do? What other goals would be worthwhile?

You ultimately act to help other sentient beings, to relieve their hurts and sorrows, to spread auspiciousness and to help them achieve enlightenment, too. You want to exercise compassion and help sentient beings become enlightened too. Even though this world is nonexistent from the real sense, from the conventional sense it's still there and you have to help free beings from the suffering within it that they feel they are experiencing, even if that, too, is not real.

Fair enough, but while most people talk about meditation, they never talk about doing things in the world, or the success-crowd simply talks about doing things in the world and never talks about enlightenment. You have top straddle the Middle way and never rest in emptiness while ignoring the world, or become so absorbed by the world that you become materialistic and lose your Tao. You must straddle both.

In Christianity, doing things in the world for others is called “being a savior that suffers for the world,” or following the path of Margaret. In Buddhism this is called the “Bodhisattva path” where you compassionately act for others and suffer on their behalf, even when they don't know it. Taoism, Islam, Hinduism and even Confucianism - all the major genuine religions have a similar ideal.

Now the self-help field is filled with books, CDs, tapes and courses on how to change your life, become successful, and experience happiness and prosperity. I've got tons of those books. You might have many yourself by Napoleon Hill, Catherine Ponder, Zig Zigler, Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale, Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Mark Victor Hansen and so forth.

The dirty secret in the field, openly admitted by the motivational speakers and writers, is that 95% of the audience for these works will never do a thing with the information provided in those materials. The number is probably closer to 98 or 99%!

The first big hurdle is getting those people to act, which is a problem of motivation. Most people want to read or hear something rather than do something, so dreaming, wishing, and wanting triumph over the hard reality of actually getting up and doing something, no matter how small it is to take that first step. People ant to read about success stories of others but never actually do the work themselves.

Once people have decided to act and make the commitment to change, however, they don't really need so much self-help material. With action in gear because they've started something, they're on their way to manifesting a new future. The question is, will it bear the fruit they desire? Will they achieve their goals? Will they actually manifest what they want, whether it's to help others or themselves?

There's a principle behind these questions that most people don't recognize. Those who do build a fortune in this life are those who are simply manifesting an astrological fate or fortune already predetermined from their past lives. In other words, they simply act according to motivations that are part of the karma they've built that impels them to manifest a destiny that was karmically destined.

Nearly 100% of the people in the world are automatons. They think they are making all these decisions and acting with free will, but they are only acting in accordance with their own karma they've created from the past, and that karma (through interdependence) prompts them and impels them to make the very efforts that will manifest a destiny they are meant to enjoy, for better or worse. Even the struggle of that manifestation (or its ease) is karma. I could go into this more, but let's save the topic.

Be open minded and go to any good Vedic astrologer and you'll be amazed at how they can predict this for you. You are basically manifesting your past karma in this life and building new karma for future lives or for manifestation in this life. The problem is, you want your efforts to build something for this life to bear fruit within it.

The real key to changing your fortune is to therefore manifest a destiny that is NOT already fated…to get married if the stars are against it, to get rich if mediocre income is your karma, to have children when it's your karmic fate to have none, to reverse illness or disease if you were destined to die early, and so on.

Read any book by spiritual masters or astrologers and you'll find that there is such a thing as fate, karma and destiny. The Bible speaks of karma and reincarnation, and so does Christianity, Islam and of course all the eastern religions. The fact that a master can see your fortune, or that a psychic gets glimpses into pieces, or that you can dream it, or that you can compute it through astrology all attest to the interdependence of fate and karma.

It does exist.

The question is how to find out what yours is, and then how to change it.

Can you really change it?

Yes, you can through the “6M method” of motivation, (modeling) method and measurement (monitoring) along with merit, mantra and meditation. It's explained in an entire book on how to change your astrological fate you can find at:

If I had to get one book from the Meditation Expert site, I'd get this as it has meditation, merit-making, life purpose, how to change your fortune, and more all wrapped up together. It took me 10+ years to write it and is based on a story so popular that over 17 copycat versions have appeared throughout Chinese history over the centuries. That's how powerful and long lasting the information is, but I've added even more to it. Science, philosophy, visualization, NLP, time management, goal setting, -- all the modern topics that draw piecemeal from ancient teachings are here, too.

In White Fat Cow: How to Change Your Life, Fortune and Destiny, I talk about how you can accurately determine your fortune, such as the birth time dependent Chinese “Iron Abacus numerology” technique. This method infallibly computes numbers linked to sentences in a 24,000-sentence book that tell how old your parents are, the number of your brothers an sisters, the number of your own children if any, your occupation, information on your spouse, your career, the names of people in your life, health, wealth, sickness, fame, fortune. .. all the components of your karmic fate.

Now “how you can change your fortune” is commonly taught by self-help and “success motivation” authors who focus on getting you motivated and committed to a flexible plan of action towards a (visualized specific goal), to maintain your progress along the way, and stick with it until completion. But if the fate you desire isn't destined in life … if it isn't something you have in store, how can you create that new one?

In other words, how can you beat the karmic destiny created from the past if it's not what you want? <$first name$>, How can you overwrite the patterning and limits of your past karma meant to appear in this life so that what you wish to experiences does indeed happen?

Sourcing from the teachings of enlightened masters from Zen, Hinduism, Taoism, Christianity, Judaism and other religions, and referencing the thoughts of people such as Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Hill, Confucius, and John Climacus, it took me over ten years to amass all the evidence that cracked the code to discover that these missing ingredients for really and truly being able to change the fate of this life are the last three parts of the 6M method which the sages rely on and teach: (1) merit-making, (2) mantra or prayer, and (3) meditation.

For instance, if you don't do many good deeds and practice kind and virtuous behavior, you do not cannot “create the merit” to deserve any new fate you wish to create in this life, and will only proceed along a path already fated due to your many past actions in previous lives.

If you do not mantra or pray (such as reciting the Zhunti mantra or Prayer of Jabez) to ask for heavenly help, it's hard to get supernal assistance for your efforts and it's highly unlikely you will break the bonds of fate that bind you.

If you do not learn a special type of meditation practice called cessation-contemplation (or vipassana) - where you learn to watch your thoughts so that you can ultimately detach from them and become free of the negative impulses that impel you and karmically bind you down an fate avenue predetermined --you will never be able to build a new one because you will never free yourself from the house you have already built.

Having collected the stories from all sorts of traditions, I've written a detailed "how to" guide with case studies in this new book, “White Fat Cow” that offers the only new paradigm in the field for years and explains why some people never achiever their life goals while other become Oprahs, Bill Gates and Donald Trumps.

Just released… White Fat Cow

"Before WHITE FAT COW the self-development/success market was a virtual Flatland. Bill Bodri has shined a bright light onto the process of achievement that is unequaled in anything currently available. WHITE FAT COW is one of those rare paradigm changing books. Truly, it's bound to be a paradigm changing book in the personal development field. White Fat Cow has huge bestseller potential. There is nothing else like it out there -- it's a classic waiting in the wings. I for one will recommend it to everyone I know." -- John Newston

“Just amazing - those are the only words I can find. Bill Bodri's new book goes so far beyond the typical "self-help" stuff out there. If you really and I mean really want to change your life and the big ticket items like making lots more money or finding the partner of your dreams, then you had better buy this book. Tons of great stories really illustrate the major concepts and ideas that Bill is trying to get across. They also prove that these methods work, because if these people got what they wanted then so can you, but only with the requisite knowledge and effort. The 6M method then ties everything together, so you have a practical proven method to put theory into actual practice. Bill has taken the best lessons from five millennia of Eastern culture and history and melded them together with the cream of the Western self-development methods and you get an unbelievable and unbeatable book that will revolutionize and change your life for the better. So, what are you waiting for?” -- GDC

“I was initially skeptical, expecting a book showered with diluted candy teachings, i.e. the should "do what feels right for you" philosophy. I should have known better. Change Your Fortune is a definitive mind blow that compels one to change, NOW! The information is real, pragmatic, strategic, face the reality type stuff. I love the way each point is consolidated with fascinating cross disciplinary case studies, both contemporary and historical. Can someone please tell me where I can find such abstruse, secret information made clear and practical in anyone one book? Forget it. In my opinion, Bill has raised the bar for cultivation literature for the 21st Century. The concluding chapters virtually flipped my head by putting perspective on the whole quest for abundance in life by pointing to what ultimately counts - and the only Real Fortune in existence. Anyone with even a vague interest in the subject title should purchase this book, no questions asked.” - James Chagula

None of these folks as BS-ing you with their comments. If you've seen my meditation videos you'll see probably 1/30 of my library in the background and this information cannot be found elsewhere, and yet explains how to honestly change your fortune. It links the new and the old and explains what each side is missing.

Meditation may not be your bag, but this is something you can and should teach your children. Especially if life is not turning out as you wanted, please go see the 6M method described in White Fat Cow and buy a copy today. This is a family thing, this book. Plenty of people tell me that this has changed their life and they share it with family and friends. Go ahead. It's money well spent that you'll make back over the rest of your life, with dividends for generations if you teach these principles (real spiritual truths) to your family.

If you don't like it, just ask for a refund and it's immediately honored so there's no risk in purchasing from this publisher.

Of all the things on my site, this one (and the STAGES course) will change your life. Remember, the bottom of the STAGES page has an entirely free ebook (about 180 pages -- the contents are like 80-100 books in one) you can download on the transformations of your body on the path. I'm not bucking for STAGES students because my time is limited but if you want a freebie lesson on top of that for any topic listed of interest, let me know.


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