Shift Your Baseline Happiness

I recently saw an article in Snow Lion Publications’ catalog about how meditation can shift your level of steady state happiness.

Yes, it’s true. Kudos to science for finding this out, but you don’t need a researcher to tell you this. First, as you open up more and more of your chi channels, more chi flows freely in your body and you get progressively closer to the happiness and bliss of the first dhyana. It all depends upon your meditation efforts and   your cumulative progress.

Second, meditation progress depends on detachment, not clinging to thoughts, being empty and free. Thoughts come up but you just don’t cling to them because they are not you.  They are transient and will pass away. In fact, "being a YOU" is a false thought as well. As thoughts die down and the blue sky of cloudless empty mind appears, of course your baseline of happiness will increase. What thoughts are there to prevent it?

Dr. Kabat-Zinn taught mindfulness meditation to high stress, high tech workers and found it made them less anxious, mor eenergized and more purposeful about their works. Those are the things he could measure. Naturally we go into the deeper aspects because we’re not interested in superficial results but the real target of enlightenment to your original nature that’s always there.


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