Iron Abacus Numerology - Part 2

Now Iron Abacus numerology is a most fascinating astro-numerological technique, and so to give a better feeling of the flavor of the factual information that can appear, the following are some randomly picked sentences, from just the "Family and Relationships" portion of the reading, which have actually appeared for another friend. I am using this particular example because the reading was performed under very stringent test conditions.

As a precaution, the reader (1) was not given the correct name of the individual, other than their sex (which is necessary information for the reading), (2) the individual was not present at the time of the reading, and (3) those of us present did not even ourselves know the accuracy of some the computed information revealed by the reading (such as the birth years of the parents). Despite these restrictive conditions, the entire reading passed the test with flying colors, with some of correct relationship sentences including the following:

#9771: Your wife will be two years older than you. #5285: Your wife will be born in the year of the Dragon. #2330: You are the only son in the family; you have no sisters. #12133: Your first son will be born in the year of the Cow. #9003: Your father was born in the year of the Rat. #9755: Your mother was born in the year of the Rabbit.

Naturally I would not be citing these examples if the information was not accurate, but the fact is that I have seen this type of accurate information come out time and time again. In one instance I fondly remember, I was discussing Tieh Pan Shen Shu with a friend who holds a Doctor of Divinity degree.

"I don't believe in such things," he said condescendingly.

"It has nothing to do with belief," I countered, "for it either works or it doesn't work."

"Well then," he replied, "I don't believe it works."

"Tell you what I'll do," I challenged, "Let's make an appointment with the reader and if he cannot tell you any fact that it is impossible for him to know, I'll pay for the reading. Otherwise you pay." Who can refuse such a deal? An appointment was subsequently scheduled and we met at the astrologer's office for the reading.

The first sentence produced said that my friend's father was an army general, which was true. But this was information that I also knew and thus my friend folded his arms and snickered at me with a wry smile, insinuating that I had informed the reader of these details in advance. Some people will believe all sorts of silly notions in order that they do not have to leave their own comfort zone. The next calculated sentence blew him away, however, for it said that his father had two wives!

When I heard this, I remarked that the birth time must be in error (since the method is dependent on having the correct birth time), but when I looked over at my friend, his face had turned as white as a sheet and his jaw had dropped open.

After recovering himself a bit, he got really excited and leaned forward to hear the rest of the reading, exclaiming, "Yes, yes! It's true, it's true! I have never told anybody in this country. Nobody! Never! When my father was younger he did have two wives!" This, of course, was permissible in China at the turn of the last century.

From then on, the reading naturally had his full attention and his skepticism quickly melted away as all the correct sentences started to be produced. His wife, who was also present, squealed with delight when a sentence produced her birth year correctly (I suppose she was happy to find out she was the "correct chosen one"). Both of them just shook their heads when a sentence appeared, referring to their only son, who was born when my friend was 35 years old: "You will have only one child; If you have the child before the age of 35 it will be a girl, otherwise it will be a boy."

This is an example of the choices you have in life. While they were fated to have at least one child, the sex of the child was dependent upon their actions. As to whether they could have more children or not, regards as to what Iron Abacus astrology says or does not say, this is one of the things that you can change in your fortune.

After seeing so many cases of information like this coming out, this type of reading seems quite unspectacular to me today. Marriage, career, children, health--all these various things and more are indicated. I have seen it tell people their father would die in jail, that they themselves would succeed in politics and rise to a certain position, that they would move to live in another country (with the name of that country being given), that they would undergo surgery at a certain age in the future on a particular organ, and a whole host of other specific information.

In this particular reading for my friend the Reverend, the predictions actually came from one of the lower class readings that do not contain a lot of information. The more elaborate, expensive versions of the Tieh Pan Shen Shu technique contain a lot more detailed information.

Unfortunately, I have not lived in Hong Kong for years and most of these readers have departed to who knows where, so don't bother asking me for contact information. Without a Chinese interpreter as a go-between, who also knows classical Chinese, you wouldn't be able to do this anyway. The most well known reader in Hong Kong, Tung Mo Chieh, even has a 2-month waiting list I'm told.

What types of information will Iron Abacus Astrology tell you? I have had it correctly indicate, to skeptical and discerning friends, that their father was a chef, a politician, or a teacher and correctly indicate that they themselves were a banker, a government official, doctor, trader, taxi cab driver or even real estate developer.

It always informs you as to the birth years of your parents, as well as the number of brothers and sisters in your family. Sometimes it will even tell you their occupations. For instance, once another friend became amused when he found a sentence regarding his sister, who had chosen a career using acupuncture and herbs, and whom the reading referred to as a "half doctor." The more powerful versions of Tieh Pan Shen Shu will even indicate the birth years for each of your brothers and sisters.

You will find information about your spouse, their character and occupation, whether you will have children and how many, and sometimes any special characteristics your children will exhibit or special events they will encounter during their lifetime. You might even find the specific names of people and places that will be important in your life, such as a great teacher or future spouse or best friend.

This methodology goes a long way toward explaining the strange cases where twins separated from birth will marry people with the same name (on the same day even), or visit the same place for their holidays, or even break their legs on the same date, and so on. Some birth times will produce such coincidences, and others will not; it is all a matter of the karma attached to that birth timing.

Incidentally, this is why certain people are born on certain times and days, for it is only by being born at certain periods that they can be sure to experience a certain fate they have built from the past. In other words, if a certain fate must happen to you in this life in order for you to work out your karma, then you will be born at a very specific time whose fate wheels are linked to this fortune you must experience. Of course, the fit will be imperfect at best because not everything due to happen according to this fate wheel is something that is owed you as an experience.

This is why some astrological readings will say you have a rough time coming up, or perhaps a profitable time, or your love life gets a boost in a certain period, and nothing happens at all. Those are just the potentials linked to a certain birth time fate wheel, yet if you have not earned the karma from the infinite past to experience those potentials, they just will not happen. Of course you could always make use of a propitious time to enjoy those fruits if you create the circumstances in this life that will produce the outcome you are looking for. That is why action is always the key to creating your future.

This is also why one should not live their life according to astrology, for some of the potentials it indicates might not necessarily be karmically due, but are just the potentials existent because of the birth time which may never be activated without the correct efforts. If you do not have the necessary good or bad past karma to experience these potentials, or have not done anything in this life that would necessitate activation of those potential results, then they simply will not manifest. The particular sort of experience that was anticipated during such a period will simply take another form that is in line with karmic returns due form one or another lives in the past.

Hence, if you were due to have a "Neptunian experience" on a certain day, it might not be an experience with alcohol as someone might predict, even though alcohol is a typical Neptunian factor. Since Neptune equally stands for meditation, movies, longevity, being cheated, and a host of other factors, any one of these things have the potential to be environmentally experienced if you set the right circumstances into motion.

This is also why you can always turn a bad fortune period into a good period, because while every period is bad for something, it is also good for something else. Every period has a good and bad potential, a yin and yang characteristic. The planet Saturn in astrological forecasting, for instance, can represent a negative experience of restriction, or you it can represent an experience of responsibility and structure.

Getting back to Iron Abacus astrology, its accurate results seem so utterly beyond belief that skeptical clients often think the readers have been "tipped off" ahead of time even when the clients have randomly walked in off the street. Sometimes they go so far as to claim that the reader must have used a private investigator to discover the details of their life.

Imagine such nonsense, as if the reader was really interested in their lives or had enough money to do such a thing. Given their busy schedules and the small amount of money they collect per reading, such statements are the height of foolishness and represent the lengths to which people will construct excuses for not opening up their mental horizon.

People will come up with almost any excuse in order to stay in their mental comfort zone and avoid the necessity of having to change their opinions about how the world really works. If you're stamped with Christian dogma as you grow up it's hard to develop enough independent, questioning thought to break out of its worldview. The same goes for Jewish, Islamic, and other types of thought. Once born into a particular thought stream, few are smart enough, wise enough, heroic enough to question what they've been taught and head toward the true cultivation trail.

Some people will simply say the whole Tieh Pan Shen Shu thing is fake in order not to have to mentally deal with it. Others will insist that the reader must have memorized all 24,000 sentences (which still does not explain how he knows which ones to choose as being correct), and then walk away. Others will not even go for a reading but dismiss it without even experiencing it, and in this way never have to confront themselves with any sort of awakening. That's a particularly clever way to practice self-denial.

"Let's just ignore it so we don't have to face it" is actually what the American newspapers did even after repeatedly being told about the existence of the Wright brothers' airplane flights. For several years the newspapers never bothered to investigate these flights, or report about them, simply because they "knew it couldn't be true since heavier than air flight was theoretically impossible." The magazine Scientific American even carried an article ridiculing the alleged flights without bothering to investigate them either, all because its editors thought that flying was impossible.

These possible responses prove what psychologists have always said, which is that people will adopt almost any conclusion in order to avoid altering their own prejudiced perceptions of reality. "Cognitive dissonance," and "set thinking," rule how we view the rule, and they are certainly directed every now and then at Iron Abacus numerology.

My own first introduction to Tieh Pan Shen Shu was such a shocker that I set out to investigate it further with several goals in mind: (1) to find out why it worked, (2) to determine the scope of its predictive capabilities, and (3) to see whether and in what ways it ever proved wrong. In my deepest mind, I am sure I also wanted to see it proved grossly inaccurate in some instances (for who wants to believe that certain events in life are fated, or that any part of life has features that belong to fated fortune) just as much as I wanted to satisfy my own curiosity about the system and (4) hear what it had to say about my own life. Several millionaires had showed me their readings and the advice it gave, and each one told me had they followed the advice they would not have lost USD$30 million and USD$50 million respectively. Who can resist the chance to receive such valuable advice?

The results of my investigation? After having my own Tieh Pan Shen Shu done several times using various books, and having seen quite a few readings for others, I can say that my research is far from exhaustive and hampered by language difficulties, but nevertheless I have never found Iron Abacus numerology to have major inaccuracies.

Of course this is not to imply that the method is infallible; I am simply recounting to you what I have seen after dozens of readings. The method does not reveal every important detail about your life, nor does it foretell every major life event either. And some of the language has to be adapted for the modern world; when I asked one individual what career it said he would have, the 1000-year old book had said he would be a "chariot driver" and he was a taxi cab driver!

Now you must not take the system's inability to mention everything major in 40 or so sentences to mean that the system is in any way incorrect or even lacking. The Tieh Pan Shen Shu methodology just produces the results it produces and no more .. . what can you say? If you wanted to comment upon the fact that it does not mention all the details about your life, other than the fact that this is impossible to do so in just forty sentences, you could possibly infer this provides more support for the principle that the extent to which you can rise in life is ultimately determined by you, rather than by fate. If you take fate into your own hands, there is no limit to what you can do with your fortune, and what new things you can accomplish.

Even if you take the extreme view that certain experiences or circumstances are fated, you must never forget that these methods only indicate what is due because of past lives, and do not take into account what you can build during this life. Thus they can never foretell all the new things you can accomplish in this life when you channel your energies and mind and work to achieve those things. That is the new life potential you create this very life, and by virtue of this creation, you can achieve new things and even alter what is expected from the past.

Using the Iron Abacus methodology, you can even perform specialized calculations that predict the events for a specific year, month or even day in your life, but these predictions tend to have a vague meaning that becomes clear only after the relevant events have unfolded. In one test reading I had which was made for daily forecasts, it said that I would get lost at a certain date and meet a "peach flower." On that particular day my airplane was grounded such that I was forced to stay overnight in a foreign country against my plans, and on the way back I was upgraded and seated next to a charming girl whom I ended up dating.

Whether that would constitute a "hit" or "miss" would depend upon your own interpretation, but for me at that time, although I knew where I was I certainly felt lost and indeed I did meet a "peach flower," which is the Chinese vernacular for a beautiful woman. It just goes to show that some karmic events can be calculated. I've even seen cases where million dollar bank problems were solved exactly on specific days that had been predicted years ahead of the time the problem situation was even created! So sometimes, but not always and usually rarely, predictions can come down even to the day, hour and minute.

Once again, the fact that this system does not reveal all the major details of your life nor spell things out with perfect detail does not somehow invalidate the system. Nevertheless, you can be sure that there will be many who will complain about the system's limitations and even use them to escape the implications that there is such a thing as personal fate due to karma. In raising such arguments, once again it is the story of people trying to mentally discredit the system so that they do not have to believe in its wider implications.

This type of abnormal behavior is a commonly observed folly of human nature, for I have seen this process of denial myriad times in various different fields. Medicine, science, law, finance, and so forth are all subject to the denial aspect of human nature. Do not ever innocently believe that people are so open minded, flexible, clean and honest that they will not deny the truth of some matter, or intentionally overlook hard facts, when their personal views are challenged or their self-interest is at stake. Sorry but it just isn't going to happen.

If you really want to cultivate the Tao, you have to understand this sort of worldly wisdom rather than fall into the ever happy, ignorant, "love the whole way around" crowd. Otherwise people will cheat you or we can say that you just cheat yourself. True cultivation is to recognize these things with clarity and act appropriately.

Even in the fields of academics and religion you will find this type of "anything but impartial" behavior. There are also the skeptics and guardians of orthodoxy-whatever that orthodoxy might be--who will always jump at the chance to pooh-pooh and deny things without ever bothering to test them, and who certainly will not bother to dirty their hands with the task of personal investigation. While not bothering to investigate things is their prerogative, it is a crime when they do not give recognition to the findings of those who have credibly and impartially done their own investigations.

When it comes to "truth," do not forget that the self-interest revolving around money, power, fame or status often determines what people say is the "truth." There is even the case of people who have nothing material at stake, but who just cannot open up to accept a truth they encounter in life because they do not want to change the mental paradigm that already defines their particular tidy world view.

Change is always painful, and so is the process of re-learning which it may entail. After all, change sometimes entails admitting you were wrong, and who wants to do that? Hence there are all sorts of reasons why people will dismiss and deny that stuff like this works when all they have to do is go out and try it! Some people will even purposefully seek out and waste money on the counterfeit imitators of this technique, rather than the real thing, so that they can have an incorrect reading done and be able to say, "See, it isn't so."

I have seen all sorts of types of mental illness like this. Another example of sabotage is the person who makes lots of money through their hard work and not believing they deserve it, sabotages himself or herself by losing it in the stock market.

This topic of denial is important because if you want to come to terms with life and learn how to change it, you are going to have to learn how to change your beliefs. The best way to illustrate this phenomenon of denial, called "cognitive dissonance," is to examine the major role it is currently playing in the field of medical science. Alternative, complementary or integrative medical therapies--which have been adopted with outstanding results in many highly advanced countries-are now colliding with the allopathic medical establishment that treats illness largely through pharmaceuticals, surgery or other invasive practices:

"Indeed, paradigm capture is an increasingly observed and studied phenomenon in modern psychology, and it, with a parallel factor, cognitive dissonance (as socially applied) can help make understandable just how an educated person with a seemingly intelligent and self-described objective mind cannot recognize or understand what he or she is seeing.

"Cognitive dissonance--the holding of opposing thoughts at the same time--can also be described negatively as the inability or disinterest in processing new, unexpected or unwanted information.

"Negative cognitive dissonance on a grand scale, for example, in many quarters greeted Columbus' epochal achievements in 1492--sailing West to ostensibly arrive in the East and discovering "the Indies" because the world was round, not flat, when the pillars of orthodoxy (the Church and incipient science) essentially disagreed with the very concepts. For many Europeans at the time, since what Columbus claimed to have done could not be done, so ipso facto, it was not done.

"Understanding of this phenomenon is essential--it explains how intelligent, avowedly intellectually honest people can absolutely disagree about the rightness or wrongness of observed truth. In the vast majority of conflicts over truth, we are not dealing with conscious dishonesty, simply the consistent human problem of cognitive dissonance, one made all the more difficult to dislodge when there are great vested interests (greed and ego, primarily) in the maintenance of the incorrect paradigm. .

"In collective/social terms, the allopathic thought system or construct is nothing more than that--a paradigm, a belief system, rigidly adhered to and believed in with the same fervor with which Christians embrace the Virgin Birth and redemption through Christ's crucifixion. When the paradigm comes acropper based on observed, objective, seemingly measurable phenomena, then the mind of the observer (usually a physician) must enter a phase of cognitive dissonance: it must block out the unwanted new truth or scramble psychologically to explain it away [emphasis mine]. In rare moments, intellectual honesty--acceptance--may set in. "- Medical Armageddon, Culbert, p. 156-157.

So while proof "is in the seeing," some people cannot even accept personal experience as a means of proof. Even with the benefit of personal experience, there will still be some stubborn people whose solidified viewpoints will block their acceptance of the truth, and who will invent all sorts of false explanations in order that they may stay in their comfort zone.

That is one reason, other than overt laziness, why people cannot make changes in their life. They will complain that there is no way to lose weight, or make money in the stock market, or become able to work at home and earn far more than they are making now, and all sorts of other things because they do not want to make the effort.

This explains why when people first encounter an Iron Abacus reading, the most common initial reaction is one of shock and amazement. The Tieh Pan Shen Shu readers I have met tell me that the second reaction is usually either of acceptance and belief, or blatant rejection and outright denial. Since we now understand the principle of cognitive dissonance, this second reaction becomes easy to comprehend.

Going along with this principle, if you do not believe you can change your life, then there is no way you are going to make the efforts to do so. You will then simply continue to go along with the path that fate already has in store for you, and the funny thing is that this involves changes and transformations at every step of the way, but you are unwilling to make them yourself with proactive awareness. All that you do when you say you cannot change things is refuse to learn how to guide these processes of transformation that are occurring every single second.

It is easy to understand that whether or not you ultimately accept what you see in the world depends to a large extent upon your prior training, beliefs and upbringing. In other words, the truth or factuality of some matter may not even enter into the situation. The more important thing is whether the facts can fit into someone's world view. Facts may be truths, but if facts are hard to accept then many people would rather deny them and stick with their opinions.

Nevertheless, in many cases Tieh Pan Shen Shu will even go so far as to specify the names of individuals and places that will play an important role in your life. Naturally, this will happen whether you believe in it or not, and in spite of the fact that this information is unknown to the reader.

Whether you trust in it or not, the Iron Abacus methodology will also mention whether you will be healthy, wealthy, famous, or wise! Hence it can tell you whether there is a natural propensity to become as wealthy, powerful or as famous as you desire. Once again, however, these are only potentials because you still have to do some work to actualize the potentials it reveals.

As an example, let me pull off the covers and reveal just a few, but not all of the many sentences that have computed for me from various Tieh Pan Shen Shu readings. These sentences were not drawn from a single reading, but were collected from a number of different readings of various quality and then placed together so you might see the type of sentences which can come out.

Your father was born in the Year of the Dog, your mom was born in the Year of the Tiger
Your father was born in a Water year, and your mother was born in a Fire Year
Your mom is 34 years older than you
You are born as the fourth son in the family
Your first brother was born in the Year of the Horse
Your second brother was born in the Year of the Monkey
Your third brother was born in the Year of the Pig
There are two sisters in your family
You have younger sisters but no older sisters
The brothers in the family get along with each without disagreement
You resemble your mother in appearance
Your parents at the time of this reading are still living
Your parents at the time of this reading are not divorced
Your mom and dad at the time of this reading are both healthy
You will get married somewhat late in life
Your wife will be beautiful and intelligent, and much younger than you
In the first half of life you will not marry or have children

You have a gentleman's manner and stand out in a crowd
You are a cultured and cultivated, and do things systematically with detail
Your knowledge is broad and wide, spanning the ancient and modern, near and far
You tend to think a lot, and do not like gossip or superficialities
You only like friends with high principles and ethical standards, and whatever monies or achievements you make you get in an honest and ethical way
You have very good friends, and you never go after anything other than clean money
In life you will have many friends, but you have to do everything by yourself
You are courageous to take on new challenges, and are very determined to succeed with your goals
You have the Tao of virtue, and always treat people correctly and with courtesy
Your mind is so great in wanting to help others, it hurts so much you want to cry
You despise the lust for money, and love giving to help others
You are intelligent, and especially love to read and learn new things
You will travel a lot, and will not stay in your home country
You like to study Chinese culture and in the future this knowledge will blossom for you
You will end up traveling the world, and have a very busy life
It is your destiny to travel all over the world
You are very intelligent with extraordinary wisdom compared to others

Your career will be different than your father's career
While you will have many relatives, no one in your family will help you in your career so you will have to create it all by yourself
You will work outside of your own country for a period of time
If you become a doctor, you will be an exceptionally talented doctor much better than others
Do not regret the fact that you have to build your career by yourself
You have a genius for making strategies, and the step-by-step procedures of successful projects and plans
As if in a vision you can see an entire detailed strategy and its success at once, and can greatly help others with their plans and objectives
It's easy for you to help others make money, and solve any problems presented to you

You are much much wiser, more skillful and more intelligent than others, but even those these are far greater your worldly fortune isn't as good
In your youth you will experience lots of travels and difficulties; do not complain, for this is your fate
You will move residences often before age 30, but after you are 30 years old things will start to settle down
In your early years, some things you try will be successful and some things will fail, but you will become prosperous as you get older, especially in old age
Your real fortune will start coming in your middle years
You will achieve your wealth only after middle age
In life you will stand out among others, and will become famous because of your talents
After middle age your name will become widely recognized and people will admire you
You will eventually become very famous, no doubt about it - it's guaranteed
You will have a serious falling accident twice in your life
You can live past age 78 if you want
People named "Lee" will be a blessing to you and help youin your life

Do not drink, or you will end up hurting your liver
Be careful of your stomach and intestines which are weak
Take care of your health, especially your stomach and digestive system
Do not overburden your spirit with too many worries
While you are very intelligent, do not think or worry too much, but decide about things quickly
Your body and mind are extremely sensitive

You are a person who stands between Heaven and Earth, knowing about both
You have the capability, like Kuan Yin, to carry people to the other shore through enlightenment
In your mind, the whole world is your family
Your mind can see and understand the whole universe
In many ways your life is similar to that of a monk's life
Practice Zen; it will be good for you
You will benefit greatly in life from meditation
You are neither a monk nor a laymen, and will end up cultivating toward enlightenment
Your body will benefit from your spiritual cultivation, and you will cultivate the Tao

By no means is this everything that the various Iron Abacus readings have revealed about me. I'm just giving you a taste of some of the remarkable and unremarkable sentences and leaving certain sensitive things out.

The Iron Abacus methodology cannot tell you all the important things that will happen in your life, including how much you can eventually accomplish and how far you can go, but through these sentences you can get a small taste of some of the fixed karmic aspects of your life which you are born with. As to the predictive sentences for your yearly fortune, I'm not even going into that.

What I wanted to present in this short excerpt is the fact that Tieh Pan Shen Shu exists, that it proves karma exists, and that you can definitely change your fortune and destiny. As to other stories of individuals who did, and the exact methods they used in the process, you'll have to wait for the publication of "White Fat Cow" or attend one of my lectures on the topic.


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