Can Crystals or Gemstones Change Your Fortune?

As I mention in White Fat Cow, one of the Hindu remedial measures for bad luck is to wear a gemstone or crystal that imparts the energies missing in an astrological fortune to help balance it. Sometimes the remedy is to wear a certain metal, such as a copper bracelet.

This is a bit of information that is often GREATLY ABUSED by unscrupulous Vedic astrologers who want people to buy EXPENSIVE gemstones they own or other expensive and unnecessary remedies to "change their fortune." If only it were that easy to change your fortune, with the waive of a hand or purchase of an object, as if by magic.

It's strange but I've seen it. People are happy to pay $5,000 or $10,000 or even $20,000 for a diamond, or ruby or emerald that will "change their fortune" and yet won't buy that $20 health supplement that is their health cure, or spend $1,000 on the clinic that will help them. It's a lack of wisdom and merit. They never read the story of Liao Fan in White Fat Cow or on the web to find out what to do. People hope they can buy an immediate stroke of luck and have bad fortune swept away.

Is there any truth to the fact that gemstones, of a high pure quality, can impart various energies to a person to help supplement their chi, and by that, their fortune. Absolutely.

Are they likely to change your fortune in a big way. No, not in a big way.

Are those gems rare? Yes, they must be of a certain quality. I've found Jay Boyle, a reputable source for such gemstones.

Will you notice the difference when you wear an astrological gem? Some people will notice an unexpected event, of the character of the part of their astrological house they're hoping to heal, when they first wear a gemstone for the first time. Sometimes this is coincidence, sometimes this is a vitamin shot of the missing energies that provokes a response, sometimes this is imagination, sometimes this is etc. etc. Sometimes they'll get a dream, sometimes their situation WILL change, but is it a change in the fortune or not? Sometimes people will even LOSE that expensive gemstone they just bought, and the fortune will turn for the better.

Only a REAL master can prescribe a remedy that will help in times of trouble. Sometimes it's eating certain foods, and refraining from some foods, because they open up certain chi channels. Sometimes it's a feng shui remedy. Sometimes it's to change the position of the bed to absorb the chi energies of a different direction. Sometimes it's a mantra.

Remember, chi and consciousness are linked. Sometimes the remedy is as simple as changing the people you work with based on how well they match with you ... but isn't that always the case when people work in groups? If your team doesn't get along and you change it, or add the right person, that can do wonders!

Chinese, masters of 5 element astrology, talk about this a lot and how to supplement the energies of the wood, fire, earth, water and metal elements if you are deficient in any of them - so as to change your fortune. There are lots of methods that help a little, but few that help a lot. You cannot just go by a textbook. It all depends on asamadhi, and not "intellectual" reading of the situation.

Having attended gem shoes, only after viewing THOUSANDS of gems could I really find any with chi to impart to a wearer. Every several thousand or so people, I always do find someone whose fortune could be changed by wearing a jade ring on the correct hand (so as to extend the length of the chi projecting out the fingertip, and thus compensating for the fortune meaning of a short finger), or an emerald, or pearls or yellow sapphire. But RARE is this, rare indeed. Such people never listen to the advice anyway. Once I saw a man who had just grown a mustache and money chi was dripping out of its corners, constantly, so I told him to trim it. I had just entered the room, and my teacher had told him the same thing half an hour before. So simple and did he do it? No...$300,000 he ended up losing that next month.

You see, you have to be able to SEE how to alter the situation and there's no one rulebook. Had this person listened, it would also have indicated his willingness to open his mind and change, and that would have been linked to a flexibility that would have changed his fortune.

Every Vedic astrologer will prescribe a gemstone for you, but in most cases the help is negligible. Nevertheless, I've seen people willing to spend thousands and tens of thousands for a PRESCRIBED gemstone, and yet those same people are unwilling to do whatever it takes in their regular life ... costing nothing, or just $500 or even $1000 ... to help them change themselves and their situation.

That's what I want you to think about, not astrological gems. Ponder that to change yourself and your situation. Don't look for a miracle cure.

Also, don't wait until it's too late. Always examine yourself with vipassana and use the method of Pythagoras, Confucius and Ben Franklin. Always look for your errors at the end of every day and work IMMEDIATELY to correct them. That's the cheapest, quickest and BEST way to guarantee you'll change your fate and fortune.




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