5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Meditation

One: It relieves stress.

Meditation is simply a means of resting your mind. If you can rest your mind by letting go of your thoughts for awhile, naturally this relaxation will relieve stress.

But not only that ...

Studies have also shown that meditation raises your stress levels so that over time, small things that might bother you no longer trigger emotional reactions because you have a higher stress barrier. That's two benefits in one.

... and it's FREE!

: It makes you healthier and helps you live longer.

Have you ever seen someone come back from a vacation looking gloriously refreshed and relaxed? Meditation does the same for you -- internally and externally -- without requiring you to leave home ... and it doesn't cost anything as well.

When you can empty your mind and shed stress levels, naturally your body will work better. Your vital energies, or life force, will be able to start circulating without any obstructions. If a hinge is well oiled it will last that much longer, and if the energy in your body flows without obstructions, it will last longer as well.

This is the basis of health and longevity. Meditation is one of the few activities you can do in life that doesn't tire you out but gives you energy and renews you. Meditation actually promotes health and longevity.

Oh, by the way ... when your vital energies start moving because of meditation, it tends to decrease your aches and pains. You simply feel better, too!

And since meditation ignites your vital energies, it empowers your sex life.

: It produces clarity of mind, and maximum creativity.

As your thoughts settle due to meditation practice, your mind will become clear and bright and your powers of awareness will heighten. That's when your wisdom can come out and your creativity will increase without bounds.


Because meditation -- freeing yourself from the dependence on thoughts -- unleashes the powers of your mind.

: It will help you drop bad habits and change your behavior.

Meditation teaches you how to let go of thoughts and impulses that might impel you. It helps you cultivate awareness, and because through meditation you can learn how to see what's going on within your mind without becoming involved in the drama, it helps you learn how to detach from those very behaviors you most want to change.

First, it helps you "see" the behaviors you want to change. Second, it helps you stop them in their tracks because awareness gives you the choice of not following their impulsive inclinations.

If you're thinking about changing some habits and behaviors, meditation should be part of your arsenal! If you can actually change your negative habits and behavior, you can even change your fortune and destiny!

Five: It's the basis of spiritual practice.

All the great religions have meditation in their spiritual practices. In fact, most of their spiritual practices are actually some form of disguised meditation.

Go figure.



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