Prophylactic Masectomy

Many years ago I wished to write a book entitled Genes are not Your Destiny. Neither is your environment, as Mencius would say, although it plays a big part in it. Go read Mencius and you’ll see.

Bruce Lipton, in his various works (books, videos, etc.), has seconded many of my views in this regard and provides the scientific paradigm for the same opinion. In short, genes do their thing based on what the cellular receptors of your body tell them to do. The inside of the cell doesn’t just decide to go wild, make this protein or that enzyme, but does so based on what the receptors "tell it" to do. Cellular receptors look like hairs or limbs sticking out from the membranes of cells, and  twist, turn, wiggle, fold or react … however you wish to word it and affecting the inside of the cell when they do so … based upon what they contact in the bloodstream.

Aha! Immediately this brings up the notion that if you flood your blood stream with good stuff … from good nutrition and supplements, etc. — then good things will happen. Bad stuff and bad things will happen. Continual overexposure   to a bad environment provokes an unfortunate reaction as the body tries to compensate but is eventually overwhelmed and cannot. Solution? Better environment, better good stuff to avoid a negative fate, negative outcome. White Fat Cow actually talks about this in a different way, but the same lesson comes forth. Meditation for Beautiful Skin is an entire book built around this concept.

[By the way, this article is not about this book, but I received this testimonial just the other day:

"I would like to write a testimonial regarding "Meditation for Beautiful Skin" although I have not read the entire book yet. You may use any part or all of the testimonial. It all is fascinating reading. I do not know where to start with this book. I have read large sections of this book, however, I am not finished yet because I just wanted to actually start practicing some of the information from the book.

"This book is filled with meditation techniques, nutritional information and other information regarding beauty tips. This is obviously much more than a book on superficial beauty. I set up a routine based on information from this book and am starting to see great results after only a few weeks of application. My skin is becoming so smooth and I have had several experiences with alternate states of consciousness that felt profound.

"This book is loaded with lots of practical short term and long term practices and techniques. I like the fact that you have many different alternatives to reach your spiritual, health and beauty goals from reading this book. The author really seems to have put a lot of time and research into supplying and validating information regarding everything that is in this book. This author even goes as far as telling you where to go to obtain products mentioned in the book. I am certain that anyone who is looking for practical information on how to meditate while improving their physical appearance will find more than enough help in this book."

Patricia Lodge]

Okay, so if you don’t activate genes because the cellular receptors don’t fire … because you in turn take care of yourself and start doing more  of the right things than wrong things, that’s a prescription for healthy living. With this understanding of cellular receptors, we then also have an understanding for why cardiovascular disease, in a family where it dominates, doesn’t seem to strike all the  family members …. and also why it can be reversed. Just do the things that don’t activate the receptors to set off the genes. Same for diabetes [see Julian Whitaker's book on reversing diabetes].  Those who eat right and exercise and take supplements designed to counter such a condition, more often than not don’t seem to activate the genes that would imperil them. A doctor would just call this "healthy living" but Lipton decribes it in terms of whether or not you activate receptors based on what you do or don’t do as a habit. In other words, he describes it from the basis of biochemistry and genes.

In short, it comes down to the same old story of exercise and good nutrition. So what about cancer, and preventative masectomies when you find out you have a "cancer gene."

First, there is no such thing as a "cancer gene". There may be a tendency for cancer, but your fate is not in the genes. It’s in what you do or don’t do. So start doing more of the right things if you find out you have this "genetic predispositon" and stop doing the wrong things.

Even the US government says most cancers are caused by environmental factors or there are nutritional causes, Therefore, to maximize your chances of avoiding cancer, eat right, detoxify, make sure your lymph channels are unrestricted, untwisted, untangled, etc. and stay away from pesticides, radiation, excess EMF and so forth.

I talk about breast health in several articles:

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I talk about a lot of these things and what to do about them in my Beautiful Skin book, which you should probably pick up if interested. If helps clean you out both internally and externally.

What would I do if I found I had this gene?

First thing:  a big, big, big, big , big thing. I’d detoxify every year BIG TIME – Richard Schulze products, Sally Rogers glutathione-lipoic acid detoxification protocols for the liver, etc. etc. I love Nature’s Pure Body for this purpose. I do it every year with two bottles at least.

Second — lymph drainage massage for the breast every year to keep the lymph channels clear. In my articles I explain how to find someone who can do this.

Third - eat right. I like Master Naturopath David Getoff’s ideas on eating as natural as possible. A big thing you should do is get an allergy test from a blood work lab like Immunolabs, find out what foods make you sick that you don’t know about, and stop eating them. They’re taxing your immune system. Cut them out and you’ll lose weight and probably feel better, too. Unbelievable results. Basically, you’re "removing the probable causes".

And of course there are special anti-cancer supplements you can take.

Once or twice a year you should do an immune boosting routine to help clean everything out. That’s why I never worry about colds and flus. They help you rev up your immune system to clean out the garbage that’s accumulated over time, like a typhoon in Asia that comes along every year and blows away the trees and plants that are too weak and encumbering the rest of the vegetation. Recessions do that too, by the way — they come along and get rid of weak economic players too fragile for the economic system.

So genes are NOT your destiny. React but don’t overreact. Change your habits and you change your life. You change your risks, you change everything.

And don’t forget to meditate, too!


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