What I Would Do If I had Breast Cancer

What would I do if I had breast cancer.

1. Immediately make an appointment with the Hoxsey Center in Tijuana Mexico. This would be my number one absolute priority on my list of things I'd do. For information see www.alternativenaturalcancertreatments.com

2. Start taking colloidal platinum from PurestColloids.com. Most cancer drugs are built around platinum and I've heard of researchers saying they know colloidal platinum can kill cancer cells, but who will pay for the research since it cannot be patented? I know of people who have cured themselves with mega doses, so why not? After all, I'm dying.

3. Buy a microstim device from www.technicalap.us and start using in on the breasts. Anecdotal stories are of 80 women healing themselves this way. The theory is sound and it can't hurt. All I can lose is money if wrong and if it can help, why not?

Also, find a doctor who can perform MORA rebalancing therapy on me. That's not going to cure me one bit, but rebalancing may help everything else be just that more effective.

If I could get lymphatic drainage done to open up the lymph channels to the breast, I'd do that too. But first of all, the microstim device. Lymph drainage isn't going to help cure me but it's something I tell women to do every few yeas to reduce the risks of breast cancer, as some naturopaths feel it's lymph congestion that has a key role in the initiation of the condition.

4. Start taking green powders so that my body has the right stuff nutrients available to start healing. Of course I also want to avoid food allergies, and maybe the Macrobiotic diet will help, and maybe the Budwig diet or that diet will help, but who knows? being scientific about it, I want tot ELIMINATE the foods that are offenders to me, at the very least. That I can trust because most of these diets actually have this embedded principle within them (they tell you to eliminate sugar, milk, wheat, etc which are usually allergens anyway for most people). The only test available that I trust for determining food allergens is from ImmunoLabs and no one bothers to do it. So, you have to advise people to cut out the major allergens that most people have -- milk and wheat products -- as the basics.

What diet to use? I don't know, but I do know what to avoid and what to supply. What to supply? Green powders...they're absorbable, supply nutrition, etc.

5. Maybe I'd add some immune stimulating mushrooms from JHS Naturals. But I'd do everything else first. Frankly, people will inundate me with all sorts of supplements and I couldn't take them all if I tried. So I have to reduce this to simple things, el pronto, reasonable things:

1. The Hoxsey center has experience with thousands of cancer cures, so I trust them.

2. Colloidal platinum? Why not, I'm dying. I believe it fights the cancer directly rather than taking immune stimulating mushrooms. And all I have to do is swallow a tasteless liquid, so that's easy enough.

3. A doctor told me an anecdotal report of microstim devices helping with 80 cancer cures, so since it takes no time and effort, bingo!

4. Of the thousands of diets available, it's not what to DO (that's almost too late), it's what NOT to eat and then supply the green powders, maybe in rice milk. Common sense here.

Naturally I could have added dozens of things more....detox with Nature's Pure Body, mushrooms to stimulate the immune system from JHS naturals, and all sorts of supplements. But you know, people won't do them. So I made it simple.

At least, that's what I would do.


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