White Fat Cow: The 6M Method for Changing Your Life, Fortune and Destiny - $24

Did you ever wonder how to really and truly change your fortune?

Seriously, I'm talking about changing a fate and fortune that may have a "cap" to it rather than just materializing a fortune you already had in store because of past karma.

That's really what the self-help books do when they work ... they get you motivated to start materializing a karma you already had in store. You get motivated, you get busy, and then you work towards creating a future that is already in your astrological fortune. But what I'm talking about here is creating an entirely new fate and fortune rather than simply materialize something "predestined."

In other words, did you ever wonder if there was a way to actually change a "barren" fortune to become full so that you could really and truly become rich, famous, get a new job, move to a new location, find a spouse, make a worldwide contribution, create a family, or whatever it is that you've always wanted to do ... and achieve it or experience it in this very life? Was there a way to create something out of nothing -- if you didn't already have those seeds of accomplishment from past karma, how to get them to bloom NOW!

That's the key, because you want to experience the results of your efforts in this life rather than just lay the foundations for blessings in some far away future. That's of no use to us now.

Well, I've spent over a decade collecting the stories of people who've created a new fate they didn't have, and cross referenced it to the fate-changing teachings of sages from various religions. Guess what? The paradigm is totally different from what the New Age crowd, the "think it-materialize it," "positive think it into happening," manifestation crowd all trumpet.

"I was initially skeptical, expecting a book showered with diluted candy teachings, i.e. the should "do what feels right for you" philosophy. I should have known better."

"You've skillfully handled this complex subject matter without losing the integrity of true cultivation principles. I was initially skeptical, expecting a book showered with diluted candy teachings, i.e. the should "do what feels right for you" philosophy. I should have known better. Change Your Fortune is a definitive mind blow that compels one to change, NOW! The information is real, pragmatic, strategic, face the reality type stuff. I love the way each point is consolidated with fascinating cross disciplinary case studies, both contemporary and historical. Can someone please tell me where I can find such abstruse, secret information made clear and practical in anyone one book? Forget it. In my opinion, Bill has raised the bar for cultivation literature for the 21st Century. The concluding chapters virtually flipped my head by putting perspective on the whole quest for abundance in life by pointing to what ultimately counts - and the only Real Fortune in existence. Anyone with even a vague interest in the subject title should purchase this book, no questions asked. Bill, I may not be practicing Zen Buddhism but I support your work, efforts and outstanding service."

James Chagula
London, United Kingdom

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"It's bound to be a paradigm changing book in the personal development field."

"Before WHITE FAT COW the self-development/success market was a virtual Flatland. Bill Bodri has shined a bright light onto the process of achievement that is unequaled in anything currently available. WHITE FAT COW is one of those rare paradigm changing books. Truly, it's bound to be a paradigm changing book in the personal development field. White Fat Cow has huge bestseller potential. There is nothing else like it out there -- it's a classic waiting in the wings. I for one will recommend it to everyone I know."

John Newtson

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"White Fat Cow is a bargain ... and worth more for the changes it immediately has on ones thinking. I shall read it again, as it is probably the last self help book one needs."

It is not your average "think lovely thoughts" book. William Bodri does not pull any punches, and he starts where others stop. This book is written to help us change our life into what we actually want.

Lots of books and courses have the same aim of course, but Bodri shows how to use three different levels to effect those changes. After all, we Don't just operate on the mental level, but the Spiritual and the manual level as well. There is great guidance on the Spiritual level, and he uses many tested and tried examples of both Mental and Practical methods to show how to look at and organise our thoughts and time to get to sit in the control seat of our lives... I don't know anything about him, but, Bodri's reading is obviously phenomenal, the stories he gives from so many different cultures boggle the mind as to how he has squeezed so much in. White Fat Cow is a bargain at the price he sets, and worth more for the changes it immediately has on ones thinking. I shall read it again, as it is probably the last self help book one needs. And this White Fat Cow has a twist to its tail! I love it.


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"This will probably be the only self-help book I ever purchase..."

"This will probably be the only self-help book I ever purchase, as it addresses all the issues of material fortune in the context of continual change. The best part is that Bodri writes honestly, without syrupy new-age platitudes or blind religious dogma."

Jeff Burnham

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Finally you have a genuine, ontologically valid answer to that question that comes from the teachings of countless sages -- from Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Hinduism, and more -- rather than just some New Age nonsense or self-help gobbledygook that doesn't work or involves materializing a fate you already had coming. The amazing thing is, these sages all commonly agree that the methodology which works is EXACTLY the same thing, and many prove it through their own stories where they changed their own "fated" fortune.

Yes, there is such a thing as karma, fate, fortune and destiny and we'll prove it using the famous Tieh Pan Shen Shu Iron Abacus numerology, developed by Shao Kang Jieh, that can even tell you the birth years of your spouse, the number of children you'll have, the names of your parents, your job, and many other "secrets of fate." Using an abacus, a Tieh Pan Shen Shu reader will "click" out a series of numbers that point to sentences in an ancient book, and that book will tell you everything there is to know about your fated fortune.

Next, using the methods of Liao Fan, John Climacus and Benjamin Franklin, we'll also learn how to change your "fixed fate" using the "6M" method of mantra, merit, meditation, motivation, monitoring and method.

We'll read the first-hand stories of how various spiritual masters changed their supposedly "fixed fortunes" and went on to do and create whatever they wanted to in life ... even defying death. We'll learn how worldly superstars changed themselves and their companies and brought things into manifestation that were also outside the bounds of fate.

It's taken 10 years to compile this book -- all 402 pages -- and many consider it the ultimate breakthrough in the field of self help, success management, positive thinking, visualization, NLP or self-actualization because it will finally revolutionize the field and put real truth on the table -- rather than slop -- because it goes into the existence of karma and how you can actually change karmic threads NOW to build the life you want.

That's what self-help books are ultimately supposed to be about, which is how to change your karma. If you don't recognize that there is karma in the first place, you'll never learn how to change it.

Yes, you can change your karmic fate in this very life but it requires a method and way that goes well past what the New Age gurus have to say. Frankly, they don't have a clue as to what really works in manifesting a FUTURE despite telling us quite useful things about affirmations, visualizations, NLP, goal setting, time management, prayer and you name it.

Those methods work, but only in terms of helping to manifest what you already have ready to materialize because of past karma. They help you manifest a karma you had in store.

We'll certainly go into those methods a bit and teach you how to use them ... such as methods to build a company and make it more prosperous ... but once again I'm telling you that the positive self-help crowd has left half of the equation out, and that's the part that guarantees a positive change in your fate and destiny that's BEYOND the boundaries of your fate!

What they offer is only have half of the equation and promises of success stories that are just coincidental with changes in fate supposed to happen, so they cannot guarantee that you'll ever create a new future.

This is why 95% of the people who read self-help books never change anything at all.

There is an awful lot of material in the market today on abundance, prosperity consciousness, materialization, creating wealth and so on. Nevertheless, most people are not getting the results they want and keep on looking for the next person or product to help them.

Much of what they encounter is based on mental and spiritual laws that are sound. But since karma exists and most actions you put into play only help to manifest that karma rather than work to change it, so what? How's that going to help you if you really don't have wealth in store?

I've seen plenty of astrological charts where multi-millionaires were to lose EVERYTHING and did ... or people who were poor were to stay that way, so what can you do to actually change those fates rather than just live out those fortunes?

Actually, in many cases the programs people buy into just offer a philosophy that doesn't have any tangible blueprint attached to it, and in other cases people get tangible information as to what worked for somebody else, ... but which won't work for you.

You need a powerful combination of truth and in-depth ideas and action plans to design a unique life that's a masterpiece in achievement.

You can actually create more than what you've got and experience exactly what you hope for -- I kid you not with a money back guarantee -- and this book tells you how.

Here's what you'll find inside this book to give you an idea of its contents:

Table of Contents

The Unnamed Secret Behind Wealth and Success in Life

Effervescent Reality, Maintained Through Interdependence, is Always Open to the Potential for Change

The Jeweled Net of Indra 20
You Must Act With Definiteness By Setting A Plan Into Motion 22
Interdependent Interpenetration Says There is No Such Thing As Randomness 24
You Should Piggyback the Process of Change and Surf It to Your Destination 27
A Taste of Emptiness 29
Realizing Emptiness 30

The Esoteric Basis of Fortune's Determination

A Review of Basic Principles 36
The Secret Ingredient of Merit 40
Merit Accumulation 44
"Luck" Does Not Exist - It's A Figment of Your Imagination 47
Karma and Reincarnation 49
The Proof of Meditation 51
The Sages and Their Transcendental Abilities 60
Sages Do Indeed Have Different Levels of Spiritual Achievement 62
Verify All This Through Your Own Efforts 63

The Amazing Story of Shao Kang Jieh and Iron Abacus Numerology

Shao Kang Jieh Sees the Rat 66
Shao Kang Jieh's Cycles of History 67
Shao Kang Jieh Omen Predictions 69
Tieh Pan Shen Shu Iron Abacus Numerology 71
As With All Things that Make Money, Forgeries Abound 75
Man is a Factor in the Manifestation of Karma 78
Plugging Into Infinite Power to Empower Change 83
The Indian Nadi Granthas Palm Leaves 84
The Importance of Knowing the Exact Birth Time 88

The Reverend Learns a Lesson

The Secret Results of Tieh Pan Shen Shu 92
How to Ignore the Existence of Iron Abacus Numerology 94
My Own Iron Abacus Fortune 100

The Sages Demonstrate How to Change a Fated Destiny

The Shaman Ji Xian 107
The Taoist Rainmaker 110
The Sage With Imperfect Practice 111
Zen Student Yun-chu Realizes His Original Nature 113

How to Shape Your Personal Fortune and Destiny Turning Chance into Process and Belief into Reality

The Story of Yuan Huang (Liao Fan) 116
The Family Tests Kong's Iron Abacus Predictions 117
Liao Fan Meets Zen Master Yungu 120
The Creation of Karma 125
Self-Improvement Through Self-Cultivation is the Key to Changing Your Fortune 128
The Work of Working on Ourselves 130
Your Fortune is Reflected in the Face 132
Benjamin Franklin Devises a Way to Change His Behavior and Fortune 140
Frank Bettger Gets Into the Act 141
The Rock 'N Roll Real Estate Developer Accomplishes the Same 143
Applying These Ideas to Business 145
The "Favorable Fallout" from Practicing Virtuous Deeds 148
Anathapindika's Story 150
Two Enlightened Masters Choose NOT to Become Kings 152
Liao Fan Starts His Zhunti Mantra Practice 153
The Prayer of Jabez 155
Keep Your Mind Focused on Committed Action 158
Changing Fate Requires a Daily System of Strict Accountability 159
To Beat Your Fortune Model These Winners and Follow Their Examples 163
Don't Just Amplify the Good Stuff But Work on Eliminating Errors 164
Reconstructing Your Fortune Requires Sticking to a System 167
Refuse to Become Side-tracked in Your Efforts 169
Liao Fan Cheats His Fate and Creates a New Fortune 171
No Fate is Fixed if You Work at Changing It 175
The Taoist Monk Ch'iu Ch'ang-Ch'un 177
The Scholar Chang and The Taoist Monk 179
Zhang Liang Humbles Himself and Transforms the Fortune of the Country 180

The Spiritual Laws Behind the Manifestation of Fate and Fortune

Why Can Someone Honestly Know the Future? 185
As the Owner of Your Deeds You Are the Owner of Your Fortune 186
The Inescapability of Karma 188
For Past Karma to Manifest It Requires the Soil of Proper Conditions 191
"Do Good and Avoid Evil" Sounds Simple But is Hard to Actually Practice 194
The Yellow Emperor Asks His Advisor About Destiny and Fortune 195
How to Become Healthy and Beat Back Illness 198
Indian Zen Master Kumarata Teaches Young Zen Master Jayata 199
Different Fortune Telling Methods Can Work Because Every Part Reflects the Fortune of the Whole 203
Examples of Using Omens to Predict the Future 204
The Links in Indra's Net is What Makes Karma Predictable 207
There is No Method That Can Predict Your Fate When You Tap Into True Mind and Act Outside of Fortune 209
The Methods For Altering Your Fate and Reconstructing Your Future 212
"True Education" Can Change Your Fortune 212
Self-Cultivation is the Key to All Fortune-Altering Methods 215
Heed the Advice of the Sages 216
Why People Go Wrong 217
Learn to Rely on Yourself Rather than Something External 221
Shakyamuni Explains the Four Types of Karma 222
Relationships are Basically Debts Being Created or Being Paid Off 226
Kuei Shan and Shakyamuni Refuse to Become Emperors 229
Positive Thinking Only Scratches the Surface of Change 230
The Farming Brothers Ask the God of Wealth for Money 233
The Three Categories of Charitable Offerings 237
You Can Cultivate Different Types of Merit 239
Shakyamuni teaches About the Three Types of Givers 244
How to Become Healthy and Create a Brand New Life 246
The Servant Who Disobeyed His Master Planted the Seeds of Good Fortune 248
How You Can Accumulate Judicial and National Merit 249
"Ugly Americans" Aren't "Ugly" When The Practice Wisdom 252
Charitable Trusts Need the Guidance of Wise Advisors 256
To Accumulate Great Merit Take Human Behavior Into Account 259
The Power to Become Rich Lies in Your Own Hands 260
How to Plant the Seeds of Blessings 262
The Definition of "True Compassionate Giving" and "Selfless Offering" 264
The Basic Rules of Religion 267
The "Esoteric Science" That's the Basis of These Methods 269
Act in the Manner that Brings About the Fortune You Desire 273
Every Moment Has the Potential to Begin a New Fortune 274
Cultivating Yang Chi is the Basis of Good Fortune 276
Astrology, Feng Shui and Vedic Formulas for Remedying Your Fortune 277
Grace From Heaven Requires Sufficient Merit 279
Sri Yukteswar Explains How to Thwart Astrological Forces 280
It's All About Merit and Meditation in the End 282
Meditation Changes Your Mind, Body and Fortune 284
Meditation Leads to Wisdom Clarity that Can Restructure the Fortune 287
"Free Will" is Only Actualized by Those Who Learn How to Meditate 288
Your Destiny Arises from Thoughts and Behavior 291

True and False Charity, Investments for Gain Versus Genuine Giving

The Importance of Finding a Life Purpose and Establishing Personal Vows 295
Be Careful Teaching Merit-making to the Stupid 297
Don't Envy the Fortunate, But Create That Fortune Yourself 299
Giving For Profit is Not Giving At All 301
A Deity Scolds Yu-kang to Teach Him How to Alter his Fortunes 302
Confucius and Mencius Comment on the Scramble for Money 306

The "6M Method" for Materializing Your Dreams and Establishing Your New Fortune

The One Change Per Week Method 315
Beneficial Habits Accumulate and Errors Diminish Over time 317
Deciding Upon Your Life's Accomplishments 335
How to Make a Yearly List of Goals 337
Is Your Life On Track? 341
Ten Essential Questions 343
Time Management Secrets You'll Use Forever 346
The Hour A Day Program of Study 350
Stick to What Matters and It Will Pull You Ahead 352
Replace "Positive Thinking" With Pure Commitment 354
Even Motivational Experts Preach Pragmatism 355
The Short Summary on Fate, Fortune and Destiny 356
Don't Blame Others for Your Misfortunes 357
Our Actions Follow the Avenue of our Own Karma 359
Adaptability Lets You Stay on Target 365

The Only Real Wealth in the Cosmos

Bodhidharma Teaches the Emperor About True Merit 373
They're Seeking the Tao Without Knowing It 377
Awakening to Enlightenment is the Ultimate Universal Achievement 379
You Can't Realize Spiritual Enlightenment Without Also Cultivating Worldly Merit 382
The Importance of Vipassana Meditation Practice 387
Freeing Your Mind of Egoity is the Way to Access Great Fortune 390
Socrates and Confucius Describe the Way to Teach a Nation 393
The Self Sacrifice of Service Creates the Grand Merit of Good Fortune 396
No Secrets Have Been Left Unsaid 399

Suggested Reading

Let's be honest...

If you're like me, you may have bought many self-help, motivational and "materialize your future" books over the years, always wondering if you've been missing some secret that's kept you from creating the life you desired. All the books say they have it, and it's all baloney. Why aren't these authors billionaires, famous movie stars or rulers of nations if what they say works? I'll tell you why -- they're missing the requisite karmic merit. They are also controlled by the thought stream of their karma, and so cannot break out of it to resist the pull o fmanifesting that karma. You cannot attract or manifest any fate to you if you lack the requisite merit to enjoy it. You cannot blaze a new trail if you don't know how to let go of thoughts.

You may have read books like "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, "As a Man Thinketh" by James Allen, "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie.

You've read Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Norman Vincent Peale, Catherine Ponder, Stephen Covey, and countless other motivational gurus as each new one has appeared. They've all been helpful, they've all had something to say, but they were all missing anything that ever tapped into the ontological, Absolute basis of it all and which addressed karma and going past its bounds for personal achievement.

"Close but no cigar" is what they used to say at the circus!

Each time you may have secretly felt, as I have, that the methods they talk about do indeed work, but they are missing something since there seems to be aspects of life that have a predictable timing to them, which makes them somewhat predetermined or fated in terms of manifestation possibilities.

In other words, you simply cannot manifest whatever it is you desire whenever you want, otherwise all these guys would be Presidents and multi-billionaires. Even what you can manifest can only appear according to a certain time-table.

Frankly, I don't think just anyone can become President or create a billion dollar firm or become popular and world famous even if they tried because most people DO have a CAP or LIMIT on their astrological fate and fortune, and they have no way to jump out of that stream. As a famous astrologer told me, just give him a set of birth charts and he'll immediately tell you those folks who have little hope for great good fortune in particular areas of manifestation, and certainly not achievements to the heights we've just mentioned.

Finally, however, I've found the methodology that helps even these folks break through the karma that binds them and change their fate beyond what was originally predestined due to past karma ... and it's the same methodology commonly confirmed by countless sages of countless spiritual traditions but people just didn't notice. What I had been missing were the ingredients of Mantra, Merit and Meditation to create the "rights" to have a new future, the power to have a new future, the assistance to create a new future, and to clear away the obstacles that prevented a new future.

I can therefore guarantee with these methods that there is a definite way to change your fate and fortune.

This methodology has been successfully used in the past -- even by people such as Benjamin Franklin, Moses and Confucius -- and I'm going to reveal it. Gosh, I even told you it for free because I like to tell people everything ahead of time.

Once again, the secret ingredients our modern commentators have all been missing are Mantra, Merit and Meditation because you need to ask Heaven for help in changing your fortunes, you need to learn meditation to dissolve your faults that stand in the way of a new manifestation, and you need to accumulate a big enough stock of merit to be able to spend it on materializing whatever it is that you desire. But I'm not going to speak of this more, because there's a whole book to explore.

All I can say is that this book is guaranteed not to disappoint you. This book WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Like all our Top Shape Publishing books, it's got hundreds of rare books inside it and is literally worth its weight in gold.

It's the very first book you can share with your family who may have no interest in spiritual cultivation at all, and regardless of their background or knowledge or religious affiliations it will make perfect sense to them. It will not only give them a way to change their habits but inspire them on to do big things in life and create their own fortunes

How do I know that? That's what my readers keep telling me, who've read numerous books in this field.

"This may sound a bit exagerate, but I believe in every word of it: this book is worth more than a full library of self-help books on how to bring success into your life. I read a lot of those, and at some point they all say the same things."

I just finished reading 'White Fat Cow', and the only word that come to mind is gratitude. Thank you for sharing with us this amazing resource. Merging material and spritual success has always been a personal quest of mine, but I had been unable to find a comprehensive book on the topic... Until I came accross White Fat Cow...

This may sound a bit exagerate, but I believe in every word of it: this book is worth more than a full library of self-help books on how to bring success into your life. I read a lot of those, and at some point they all say the same things. Well, you go much further than that. Those books take one original idea, mix it with old recipes, dilute it over 200 pages and call this a book. You go much further than this, bringing an integral perspective on how to change one's life for the better in the msot profound way. In short, White Fat Cow to me is the ultimate resource on how to profoundly and sustainably change one's life for the better, both on the material and spiritual fronts.

In addition, it is a great read, full of anecdotes and concrete examples that make the concepts come to life. I was a bit overwhelmed with the information at time, but I guess it's part of the necessary learning process.

So thanks again for this amazing book, I'd definitely recommend it to any seeker of material and/or spiritual riches out there !


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"If you really and I mean really want to change your life and the big ticket items like making lots more money or finding the partner of your dreams, then you had better buy this book."

Just amazing - those are the only words I can find. Bill Bodri's new book goes so far beyond the typical "self-help" stuff out there. If you really and I mean really want to change your life and the big ticket items like making lots more money or finding the partner of your dreams, then you had better buy this book.

Tons of great stories really illustrate the major concepts and ideas that Bill is trying to get across. They also prove that these methods work, because if these people got what they wanted then so can you, but only with the requisite knowledge and effort. The 6M method then ties everything together, so you have a practical proven method to put theory into actual practice.

Bill has taken the best lessons from five millennia of Eastern culture and history and melded them together with the cream of the Western self-development methods and you get an unbelievable and unbeatable book that will revolutionize and change your life for the better. So, what are you waiting for?

Gerard deCondappa

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"I have read many books on self help (Robbins, Brian Tracy, Napolean Hill etc) and this book has been the only book that has given me the understanding of the importance of gaining merit and virtue in this lifetime to achieve one's goals irrespective of one's current financial and physical situation. It bridges the relationship between prosperity and enlightenment."

"White Fat Cow is a great read. I have read many books on self help (Robbins, Brian Tracy, Napolean Hill etc) and this book has been the only book that has given me the understanding of the importance of gaining merit and virtue in this lifetime to achieve one's goals irrespective of one's current financial and physical situation. It bridges the relationship between prosperity and enlightenment. I am applying the practices recommended and it has helped me to change my approach to reach my goals to be financially self independent and at the same time continue my aspirations to be enlightened. It is indeed an eye opener and gives one hope that the future can be changed with the correct approach of daily living. I have strongly recommended this book to my friends, family and co-workers. I trust that the teachings of this book will enlighten and give them wisdom similar in the manner from which I have benefited from having read this book."

Jaikishin Aswani

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"Now I understand far more than I had before"

As a counsellor working in a hospice i'm often asked questions that are difficult to answer, and for many years i have struggled to resolve the conflict between free will and fate. Thanks Bill for White Fat Cow for now I understand far more than I had before. The book turns comlicated philosophical issues into easy to understand knowledge for us all.


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" The best book I've read so far on the relationship between money, wealth and spirituality "

"The White Fat Cow is the best book I've read so far on the relationship between money, wealth and spirituality. As an entrepreneur involved in spiritual cultivation, no issue is as deep for me as knowing how to reconcile money and spirituality. I've known of serious cultivators who are millionaires that have gone bankrupt, and also known of serious cultivators that are always living very uncomfortably just above poverty. Knowing them, this issue has become very pressing for me over the years. Bill's White Fat Cow resolved this fundamental issue, and surprisingly, in both scenarios, it is brought to resolution with the same single-stroke of skillful means! What is this secret? How is it done? Why do we do it? It's all found in this e-book. ... Bill wants EVERYBODY to get the very essential basics. Nevertheless, this is a very special work that allows peace to descend in your awareness, bringing more energy, commitment and courage to your calling."

Jok-Keng Lee

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But don't believe me ... or them ... but find out for yourself at No Risk. The New Age, Self-Help and Positive Thinking crowd has been cheating you into letting you think you can attract anything, do anything, create anything, achieve anything at a finger snap presto pace ("just think it and manifest it") but if you haven't set the requisite karmic causes into motion, and haven't accumulated enough merit for the enjoyment or achievement of what you want, you will not get what you hope for. It will forever escape you unless you add several activities to the equation of manifestation.

I don't want to cheat you. I've collected the words of the sages and shown how you can really, truly change your fortune, and what you must do, and collected countless case studies of people fated to die early, go broke, remain childless and so forth who actually changed their fates. It's all in White Fat Cow...

Before you change your mind on wanting to change your life, click below to Order the ebook right now!

change our fortune, life, destiny and astrology Yes! I want to get "The 6M Method for Changing Your Life, Fortune and Destiny " 400-page ebook right now, and find out what the other self-help books have been missing ... how to change karma to get what I want rather than just manifest what's already in store. I finally understand that most self-help books don't tell you how to REALLY change your fortune; they just cheat themselves and me by telling how to manifest a fate that is already due to manifest because of karma. I, on the other hand, want to manifest a Fate that I might not already have due me because I haven't put all the causes into effect, and I know I cannot "win the lottery" in some way when I don't already have the requisite karma or merit for that fortune behind me. That's really changing your fate and fortune. This is the only book in existence that tells me how to do that. All those other self-help success stories are just citing cases of coincidental changes in people's lives that were already karma they had in store. Here I want to create a new one that's above and beyond what I've already earned so far, and want to enjoy it in this life. The saints and sages of the various religions all speak of this amazing formula, and because it's been wrapped up with real cultivation of the Self everyone has missed it.

I understand that my credit card will be charged $24 for this ebook. I also understand that my order is guaranteed as follows. If within 6 weeks I am dissatisfied with this ebook in any way, my refund request will be honored instantly, no questions asked. With that guarantee there is zero risk to this investment.

To purchase, Click Here Now:

P.S. This book is truly paradigm changing and will blow you away. I guarantee you have never encountered these stories before, or the step-by-step program on how to really and truly change your fortune. Try it at no risk. If my words aren't true, just ask for your money back.

"The science of the keys that will unlock your destiny are within the cover of White Fat Cow. My only wish is that it doesn't take him another ten years to create similar works."

"I just finished reading White Fat Cow (WFC) and had to contact Mr. Bodri and tell him how pleased I was with his book. Coming from a background in Chinese Martial Arts and practicing cultivation myself, this book really blew me away. I have spent two decades on researching the different spiritual practices and trying to find the keys that would make it work. Once I read WFC and other articles by Mr. Bodri and Master Nan Huai Chin I simply threw all the research away. They had already taken this responsibility up and did it far better than I had been doing. If you have been cultivating for a long time, you will likely see this book as the way of Bodhisattva. ... In my opinion in WFC you can find the answers to the following: Christianity's Lords prayer, "Thy will be done on earth as in heaven", Taoism's ,"how to become a Ren Man", Islam, "How Muhammad could move a mountain" Buddhism, "by not clinging you can actually get a better grasp". I am not a religious person because I don't endorse memes. However, this book talks about creating and putting it in your hands, whether it is more wealth, friendship, marriage, business etc. No matter what occupation or profession you are in, this book will fit it. This is truly one of those rare books that one fits all. Some people have the ability to write meanings beneath the words and sentences and Mr. Bodri has demonstrated that well in WFC. The science of the keys that will unlock your destiny are within the cover of White Fat Cow. My only wish is that it doesn't take him another ten years to create similar works."

David Farmer

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