Here's What the Nutritional and Alternative Health Fields Say About Fighting Cancer

Whenever people get cancer, meditationwise and dietwise here's what I'd tell them:

1. Dietwise, they should cut out sugars immediately as cancer thrives on sugars. Milk, for instance, is a sugar so cut out the dairy products (which most people are allergic too anyway). Grains easily turn into glucose, too, so cut down on the grain consumption as well.

No one, without testing can tell you which diet is best for the cancer patient. We have the Budwig diet, Gerson diet, macrobiotic diet and all sorts of diets and supplements. Some will work well for you, and others are exactly the worst diet to try.

What we can say is to cut out food allergens that may be taxing your immune system, as the government now recognizes that most cancers are caused by dietary factors and the environment. For this I recommend the ImmunoLabs blood test out of Florida. And for rebuilding the body, take green powders as they are easily absorbed and supply all sorts of the right ingredients for fighting cancer and rebuilding the body. There are also products like Seacure you can use when taking chemotherapy, but I basically tell folks to supply their bodies with the greens, cut out the sugars and food allergies.

Without tests, that's all anyone can safely say. If you do blood tests and hair analysis and urine tests to see what's going on internally, you can see what people are missing nutritionally, and then you can intervene with supplements. But if you just star popping supplements it can sometimes be a waste.

2. As to the immune system, once again you could spend a fortune on supplements to bolster the immune system but many doctors recommend mushrooms, particularly those from JHS Naturals. Remember, mushroom supplements are the FIRST thing a doctor from Japan will put you on (and don't tell me their medical knowledge is inferior to ours, as they do double blind studies as well). You can also try supplements like Immune26, but it depends on the situation.

3. For detoxing the body, which is usually necessary when the cancer has an environmental cause (exposure to chemicals, etc.) there's our detox ebook, which is what I recommend people purchase and why I recommend people detox once per year. Right now I'm on my yearly detox schedule using Nature's Pure Body, enzymes, lipoic acid and nattokinase. If you want to find out more, I've detailed such details in our detox ebook.

I also like the Richard Schulze (American Botanical Pharmacy) insights in fighting cancer as a terminal disease, which focus on detoxification, and I like his insights on dealing with the terminal patient mentality.

Now lack of detoxification is not always the main culprit behind cancer, but often it's part of the puzzle. The problem with detox as a cure is that if this has contributed to cancer in the first place, by the time the cancer surfaces, the detoxification required to help the situation is SO severe that too much has to be done all at once. That's why I recommend detoxing every year.

Women, for instance, don't recognize that their breasts are simply collection pools for all the chemicals and pesticides sprayed on the food that we eat nowadays, so lymph drainage and detox routines are a way to cut down on those risks. Men... all of you will have some degree of prostate cancer by the time you are a senior, but it's just that you usually don't die from it. See Prostate Secrets for some insights on that, as per our last newsletter.

4. To fight the cancer directly, you have to recognize that most cancer chemotherapy is based on platinum compounds and there's been dozens of cases trickling in now of people who've taken colloidal platinum who've reported cancer cures. One doctor I know of even talked to researchers at Sloan Kettering who said they knew it killed cancer, but they said no one was interested in sponsoring the detailed research because there's no money to be made without a patent. This doctor, however, went on to cure his bladder cancer by drinking stuff.

This is all anecdotal, mind you, but the science behind the use of colloidal platinum for cancer is there. However, I'm not about to believe that a billion dollar industry wants to study and popularize a $100 supplement like this, so you're on your own. I could tell stories about this sort of thing where really good supplements get destroyed by the system, but you're left to using your own wisdom muscles. All I can do is alert you to this stuff, as it can save your life.

5. As to meditation, once again it all comes down to letting go of thoughts and abiding in emptiness. Once you do that and let go of the thoughts that bind you, your chi can arise unobstructedly and spread throughout your body, without constraint, and help in your recovery. It's all science. Even Richard Schulze found out that when people let go of some hateful thought patterns they clung to for years, that release helped in their recovery. Why? Same reason! They let go of thoughts, and finally their natural chi flows were restored which helped heal them. The cancer--in the first place--arose partially due to a non-natural set of consciousness-chi linkages which should NOT have been clung to.

Naturally meditation doesn't work 100% of the time, but Ainslie Meares found it resulted in "spontaneous remission" in 10% of the cases he studied. At the minimum it produces less pain and death with dignity. That's far better than getting cut up (surgery), drugged up (chemo) and radiated when there's no hope.

For the actual cancer survival rates the doctors won't tell you, which are a guide as to whether you should go through all that, you can reference Boik's book, "Cancer and Natural Medicine."

For this little lesson, here's the links you should know about:

1. Green stuff - almost any brand will work; use several at the same time

2. Colloidal platinum

3. Detoxification and allergic foods - see our detox book

4. Mushrooms for the immune system - JHS naturals

5. Meditation - use the skeleton meditation and emptiness meditation




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