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I cannot tell you the number of stories I've read about hairdressers wanting to get pregnant, who could not. Then they go to a nutritionist or naturopath who detoxifies them, and for months their menstruation appears purple because of all the hair dyes they've absorbed in their skin that are finally being eliminated from the body. You see, the body absorbs whatever it comes in contact with and stores those poisons if it cannot get rid of them, encapsulating them in fat cells.

If you're sick, full of poisons like this, your body will often just NOT let you get pregnant. That's why most pregnancy clinics first put women on a detox regime, and only afterwards on various fertility medications. Detox comes first. The funny thing is, if you take the traditional female hormone herbs themselves (see the American Botanical Pharmacy - blue cohosh, dong kuai, chasteberry, etc.) after a good detox, you can often get you pregnant while avoiding the need for a $20-30K fertility treatment.The clinics don't want you to know this, but it's the base truth. Make sure your husband is taking zinc supplements to help his sperm count as well, and often the pursuit of pregnancy is just this simple.

One naturopath I know said he always stimulated the pituitary gland because fertility starts there. So think about the pituitary gland being stimulated from herbs when you want pregnancy as well. I know of a Chinese doctor who, through herbs, has helped several thousands women get pregnant (yes, it's true) but the complexities of Chinese medicine require lots of back and forth visits to the office in order to tune the recipes, which require herbs not easily found in the US.

And by the way, if you do get pregnant, read up on the use of natural progesterone cream to prevent miscarriages.

Why this talk about fertility if I want to discuss breast health? Because it brings up the issue that the body stores poisons, and that's often what you find happening in breast cysts. When we do biopsies of the breast, often we find all sorts of chemicals that should not be there -- pesticides (PCBs, DDT, and DDE ) and various estrogen mimickers because the breast is full of estrogen receptors. Perhaps the breast is encapsulating the poisons that reach it in a cysts just as the body forms a tumor to encapsulate cancer. When Israel banned the use of three organochlorine pesticides, its instances of breast tumors plummeted.

So what should one do when they start getting breast cysts?

If it was me, the first thing I'd do is go on a very good detox regime, especially using the Nature's Pure Body supplement. If the body is creating breast cysts as a way to deal with poisons, let's drop the internal poison load. In fact, even if I didn't have cysts I deserve a good yearly detox anyway. Our liver just cannot keep up with all the poisons we are absorbing nowadays, so a key to good health and avoiding debilitating disease is a yearly detox regime.

As for cysts themselves, I've often seen fantastic results just by applying the Edgar Cayce castor oil pack over the cyst. Years ago, I saw one woman who had a five inch by one inch cyst in her abdomen which lost 80% of its size in just three days after a castor oil pack. After another week it went away totally.

The web has many directions for making castor oil packs. You get castor oil and some clear wool flannel, soak the flannel in the oil, heat it up in an oven for a few minutes, and then apply it to the cyst, putting plastic over the top to prevent the oil from leaking out and making a mess. You then leave on the wrap for as long as possible, and sometimes even place a heating pad over it to keep it warm so that the oil penetrates into the skin.

Does this dissolve cysts? Yes.

The famous naturopathic physician, Dr. Jonathan Wright, has found that SSKI iodine (potassium iodine) will help eliminate fibrocystic breast disease. This is probably the most well known therapy for dealing with fibrocystic breasts, and you can find the exact treatment in his newsletters and books. Wright also advises to avoid caeffeine, take 600-800 mg of vitabmin E per day, have yourself checked for hypothyroidism, and try thiaine at 100 mg 2-3X.

Another researcher, Dr. Brent Davis of Phytotherapy Research Labs (Lobelville, Tennessee), told me that he had found an herb whose tincture, when spread over a breast cyst, dissolved it in a matter of days. I am still waiting for the release of his compound, but so far the product has not been released.

Another thing I would try, as a woman, is lymph massage and lymphatic drainage for the breast if breast cysts ever appeared. In fact, I would have a lymph massage to open up the lymph channels to the breast at least once a year as a woman, as many of my naturopathic friends firmly believe that the opening of the channels to and through the breasts can help prevent cancer. Naturally there is no proof of this, or proof that any sort of body work helps with any biochemical condition, such as cancer, and yet I've had enough experience over the years that this is a definite TO DO on my my list.

Many women are afraid when they learn that they have the genes that might play a role in breast cancer, and then proactively ask that their breasts be cut off to avoid this possibility. When asked about his I always say the same story - genes are NOT your destiny. It is what you wash over your genes that determines what genes will be activated because the cellular receptors are on the cell membrane exposed to the nutrient rich blood supply. A good died with lots of phytonutrients, readily available in green powders and superfood drinks and supplements, can do wonders to detoxifying your body, making strong cells, improving your looks and appearance, and helping to prevent breast cancer.

Caffeine and birth control pills are a major factor in fibrocystic breast disease. So cut down on caffeine and switch to low dose birth control pills, or switch to another form of birth control if they occur. You might also try incresasing your dose of vitamin E (Yassoo brand, AC Grace Brand, or NOW brand full spectrum) and vitamin C with bioflavonoids. Like we just said, it's what you wash over your genes that's improtant.

Most cancers are caused by diet or environmental factors yet the big cancer charities spend less than 1% of their budgets on prevention issues, such as telling people what I just told you. Think about it ... are genes your destiny or are genes activated by the chemicals in the blood stream, and isn't that what predisposes you to good or ill health? If you have a family history of cardiovascular disease, cannot diet, meditation, lifestyle and supplements change those risks? I direct you to Dr. Bruce Lipton for more on this line of thinking which I believe is the correct way to view things.

What one thing can help prevent over 70% of breast cancers? Vitamin D, a simple vitamin D tablet each day. Find out more from this excellent write up at Breast Cancer Deception.

Okay, I have breast cancer. Where do I go? Me -- I'd head right on down to the Hoxsey Center in Mexico immediately. See . But that's me. Every year I'd be doing a detox, undergoing lympatic drainage, meditating and doing breathing exercises to clear out my chi channels, and eating a superfood powdered drink with all the nutrients designed to not only keep me healthy and youthful in appearance, but which would have active cancer fighting and cancer preventive compounds I'm looking for.

As for what I PERSONALLY do every year to clean my body, which will clean your body of toxic poisons and create better circulation naturally, click here.




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