Cancer Again ... Here's Some Cancer Treatment Information I Never Heard Before

One of the great benefits about running a meditation and health site is that you encounter all sorts of unusual information that may save people's lives. I pass this info on to you when I find it, like today.

Cancer is one of those topics. Every year people contact me about cancer when it's usually too late. Well, here's some information related to this... stick it in the back of your mind because you never know when you might need to use it to help somebody.

* * *

Recently, friends visited a famous acupuncture and massage therapist in Shanghai China who said she's cured lots of diseases by massaging the acupuncture meridians.

"What about cancer?" my friends asked.

"I've cured lots of cancer patients," she replied. "Even advanced cases of cancer. You need to do two things. The first is the hardest: go to sleep every night before 9:00, with the EXACT RULE being right after the sun sets. That's the time your body renews its blood supply. The's the key to curing cancer. If you do that, it's half the battle. If you don't do that the rest fails.

"The second part takes no more than 5 minutes per day. You lie on your side and starting from your gall bladder area, you tap on your body following your gall bladder meridian all the way down to your toes. Slap, slap, slap right down the body along the acupuncture meridian. Only 3-5 minutes, no more."

Does it work? I don't know, but 10 people who tried it have given me ecstatic reports of how simply tapping on the gall bladder meridian for 3-5 minutes every day has opened it up with all sorts of amazing results. Each one begged me to report this free method to you. When one person says WOW I think okay, but when they all spontaneously call me up or send me emails saying WOW, I really pay attention. This is one of those things.

As to why it works if it does, well, it has to do with regenerating the blood and as to more Chinese medicine explanations, if someone wants to write about it I'll be happy to post it on the site.

* * *

Next thing--I'm visiting a clinic in New York to see the most famous naturopathic doctor from Seattle, Washington, and ask him what cures cancer.

He mentioned that there is a piece of expensive equipment called the VIBE machine, which is based on the famous Rife machines that were known to be used for cancer cures.

Another friend said his electrical engineering buddies examined one and verified that the machine, which uses noble gases, gives off ALL the Rife frequencies that are supposed to help cure people. See

I have no experience with this machine at all and therefore no opinion -- I'm just reporting what he said: that the protocol that even works for stage 4 cancer is 90-120 days CONTINUOUSLY, 10 minutes per day in front of the VIBE machine -- 7 days per week, no days off.

He mentioned quite a few of his colleagues are using it with fantastic results. This device is from the field of vibrational medicine and radionic medicine and I don't really have any experience to give an opinion. He did say though, that just 10 minutes in front of the VIBE and you'll feel it to know it is doing something. But whether that's curative or not I don't know.

Nevertheless, pass it on. You don't have to buy the machines, you can rent them or go for daily sessions.

* * *

It must be "the week about cancer" because another manufacturer happens to tell me that when people ask him about cancer, he advises them to do three things: (1) beta-glucans (from or JHS Naturals), (2) hydrogen peroxide therapy and (3) Essiac tea. Sorry, but I don't think the supplements-alone route will do it for most cancer patients, but just letting you know.

Remember, the people who usually get cancer are not the guys always getting colds or the flu. Those guys almost never get cancer. You get the cold or flu and your immune system revs up and ends up cleaning out a lot of stuff that's gone bad inside, so like an unwelcome hurricane, they're important for clearing out the "dead wood."

It's the people who NEVER get sick (and who therefore mistakenly think they're healthy) that are always the ones who succumb to the deadly illnesses. Really! See the site articles for an explanation as to why.

Now one thing you want to do is cut down on your internal microbial load to prevent anything like this building up. You want to reduce your internal viral and bacterial load, your inventory of yeast, fungi, amoeba, mycoplasma, etc. which will free up your immune system so it can start attacking the really BIG problems festering inside like cancer and any other stuff that's quietly, secretly brewing.

By the time you get cancer, it's usually too late... that's when you're trying to detox yourself el pronto at Warp Factor 9 (like I tell you to do every year) and feel like an idiot because you didn't spend one hundred bucks per year doing something about it... so now you're spending tens of thousands of dollars (or hundreds of thousands!) and running for your life.

Allergies and stubborn infections that won't go away persist because your immune system is too busy to get to them. Consider an immune system detox, too! You'll see amazing results.

The ancient Taoists knew about the existence of internal pathogens and the need to eliminate them and keep them in check, so they came up with all sorts of solutions that were the forerunners of what we do in modern medicine.

So many people have these stubborn infections inside they can't get rid of. An example: just this year we helped a friend's mom get rid of a lung infection she had for over 30 years using a simple protocol I'm releasing next week. A lot of people have saved themselves from hepatitis C and other life threatening disease using this same protocol, so I thought it was time to release it.

So next week I'm releasing a new book on what you can do to naturally cut down on your internal viral load or bacterial load -- and get rid of stubborn infections -- using modern protocols that actually mimic what the Taoists did ages ago. If you've had an infection that you can't seem to get rid of for years, you can learn what the protocol is that many naturopaths are following.

The Chinese Taoists would periodically do a microbial detox in order to improve their meditation or improve their martial arts gong-fu, because it cleans the chi of these critters out of your system, so we'll teach you how to do that with modern supplements and approaches popular in the naturopathic health field.


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