My Friends in Asia Asked About SARS and What They Could Do to Prevent It

My friends in Asia asked me what they can do about SARS, and here's the advice I gave them.

The only reason I'm qualified to write about this is because I have a degree in nutrition, know Chinese medicine and western herbs, and because I have been researching and writing a book called Antibiotic (and Antiviral) Alternatives for Doctors and Their Patients.

When I was in nutrition school several years ago and told my classmates I wanted to write this book as a national public service even though I didn't expect it to make money. I wanted to do it anyway because I said that antibiotics would soon lose most of their effectiveness and therefore to have this book was a national security issue. Naturally they thought I was crazy, but if you want to do Bodhisattva deeds, you must do what needs to be done despite whether you'll make money or lose money or be scorned for your efforts.

Anyway, here's what I wrote my friends in Asia: if you get SARS, run (don't walk) to the hospital without delay. Don't try to do anything on your own. You might add adjunct therapies to what they'll give you in the hospital, but put your hands in the best medical treatment possible because this is life threatening. Following the lead of the Canadian Health ministry, you should insist that they give you intravenous ribavirin as the mainstay therapy, osteltamivir (Tamiflu) for flu, corticosteroids because of the inflammation, and broad spectrum antibiotics to counter the bacterial infections commonly seen with viral pneumonia.

But what about prevention?


First, the key to SARS is prevention rather than cure, and to prevent catching SARS you want to bolster your immune system as much as possible. Naturally you want to do all the things they're telling you in the news media, but you also want to improve your body's biological terrain to make it more likely that SARS doesn't catch hold if you are exposed. In other words, bolster your immune system.

Therefore, the first thing you should do is cut down on the consumption of sugar and sweet tasting foods (which contain sugar) because sugar depresses your immune system. It's common for some people to catch a cold after they eat something as small as a sugar-laden chocolate bar, so beware. And remember that milk and fruit juice are primarily sugar! If you are sick, stay away from orange juice because it's all sugar water.

As to whether you should go on a no-grain or low grain diet, that's a secondary consideration (because grains quickly turn into sugar into the body due to their high glycemic index). Nevertheless, if you do go on a no/low grain diet (meaning no wheat, flour, rice, bagels, bread, pastry, etc.) for awhile, the great benefit is that you're likely to lose weight.

The key to most weight loss programs is no sugar and no/low grains. People don't realize that "low carb" diets are focused around these two features. Sugar absolutely kills your immune system for 4-5 hours (it makes the white blood cells sluggish) so avoid it and things that turn into sugar inside the body.



Okay, time for supplements to bolster the immunity. People are probably popping vitamin C but to tell you the truth, that rarely even prevents colds. You need to take vitamin A with it at the same time, and even then you have to do so in massive doses AND (doctors never tell you this "and" part) you have to change your diet at the same time to decrease your consumption of sugars.

Frankly, I wouldn't rely on vitamin A and C to do anything in terms of major protection. However, if I did catch SARS I'd demand intravenous vitamin C. And by the way, taking increased amounts of vitamin A and C for about a week before and after a vaccination injection, especially for infants, is something I'm told by my colleagues minimizes the chances of adverse reactions.

Now another big thing to do to avoid catching SARS and other respiratory distress disorders is to avoid drafts and air conditioning because that's an easy way to catch colds and from there, worse things.

With this aside, I do have suggestions for two supplements that can help bolster your immune system which will help with prevention, and the first one is great. Every flu season I tell people to take it:

1) Hyperimmunized Egg Powder - 1 can will last a month at 1 scoop/day (more if you are already immune compromised with arthritis, etc.). Frankly, hyperimmunized egg powder is the best overall systemic immune booster I know of. It's a miracle wonder … as powerful as CoQ10 for congestive heart failure, lipoic acid for diabetic neuropathy, and glutamine for healing the stomach and intestines (leaky gut).

2) Immune boosting mushrooms - Mushrooms are another broad spectrum immune booster … if you get the right ones. In my personal opinion, the only mushrooms to buy … and remember I'm an expert in this field because I know some of the big growers/producers ... are from JHS Naturals in the USA. International customers can call 541-344-1396 to order.

JHS has a general purpose immune building extract called Immune Builder made from a water extraction process that doesn't destroy the glycoproteins inside the mushroom cells when they break apart the woody cellulose of the mushroom. Most everyone else out there (other manufacturers) just grinds up the mushrooms into pulp and puts it into capsules, yet your body simply cannot digest the mushroom cell wall since we don't have the enzymes that digest cellulose.

JHS is the only manufacturer that breaks open the cells to get the immune stimulating proteins inside. As to everyone else, well you're paying a pretty penny for inactive filler you cannot digest. If someone had cancer and needed mushrooms, this is the firm I'd buy them from. In fact, it's the one I send people to all the time.

Which bottle to buy? I'd buy 1 bottle of their "Immune builder". Their Reishi extract helps with allergies and cholesterol-lowering while Coriolus is used for cancer, but the Immune Builder contains 5 different mushrooms known for their immune enhancing properties.

When in doubt, always buy a mixed product with several ingredients like this one. This stuff is expensive, so 1 bottle is probably enough, especially as it takes time for mushrooms to kick in - it usually takes 2 weeks to see the WBC counts go up. beta-glucan is another popular favorite out there, but you're going to get everything in Immune Builder. Immune26, as mentioned earlier, does its magic almost instantly so it's the first choice product since the results are immediate.



Now we come to the topic of fighting SARS if you get it.

What to do if you catch SARS? Rush to the hospital, of course.

However, there are three things that in my opinion will help either stun/kill/delay the virus, or lower your load of other bacterial and viral antagonists so that your immune system can put all its focus on SARS.

1) The first item is, of all things, colloidal silver … but only the .66 nanometer (2 atoms wide) colloidal silver made by Purest Colloids in New Jersey (609-267-6284). So I should say, "Purest Colloids Colloidal Silver." Check them out at . If you buy any other brand of colloidal silver I guarantee you've wasted your money (unless you are buying a rebottler).

Every other manufacturer out there makes silver colloid particles that are 100-1000 atoms wide, while these are so small that they slip right into cells where they interfere with the oxygenation mechanism of bacteria and viruses to knock them out. It really does work … even Dr. William Douglass (the skeptic) and Dr. Jonathan Wright believe so, too.

Manufacturers sometimes coat catheters with silver to cut down on infections, and hospitals have water filtration systems made with silver in order to kill pathogenic offenders. Silver filtration systems are used in submarines and they were used in the Russian space station as well. Silver proteins were the natural antibiotic of choice before modern antibiotics came into the picture, and so on and so on the evidence goes. Don't let anyone say colloidal silver doesn't work … it just depends on the quality of the material and the amount.

You know I'm almost completed my book on Antibiotic and Antiviral Alternatives for Doctors and their Patients, so because of that work I'm one of only a handful of people who have been privileged to see the Purest Colloids manufacturing facility and this company's production technique is fantastic. It's the most advanced in the world, and the colloidal products are not made from the old silver wire in water electrical process.

But let's skip all that.

All I can say is that this stuff works … he's even got about 400 hepatitis C patients surviving just because of his colloidal silver. You'd need to take several bottles worth if you got SARS and they would sure work on killing all sorts of nasties in the body. If someone were to atomize it (with an asthma nebulizer) and inhale it, it would go directly to the lungs and fight infections as silver is effective against 99.5% of all known pathogens.

2) Blood electrification is another biggie. I'd buy one of those blood electrifiers called a "Gem" from Tools for Wellness (if they still carry them 800-456-9887) and run it over my wrists for about 1-2 hours a day.

Without a doubt, the 2-inch thick stack of patents on my desk, and interviews with other researchers I've done, proves that passing electricity through the blood stream, simply by strapping electrodes on the skin, will inactivate the replication cycle of viruses and bacteria. Since strapping an electric charge flow on the wrists has the current going right through the lungs, this is a great adjunct therapy but you probably cannot buy these units anymore since people cannot advertise them for the usage I've just mentioned. Nevertheless, even people like famous publisher Wayne Green swear it works.

I've used this method before and had friends use it … believe it or not, it sometimes lead to weight loss again probably through the mechanism of cleaning up pathogens so that your body doesn't have to keep too much water weight one as a dilution mechanism. I cannot say that this is worth the investment but if I got SARS I'd have my unit on immediately, no doubt about it.

It's an interesting thing to try for detox though you'd want to take mushrooms at the same time since the electricity doesn't kill the viruses and pathogens, but only shocks them into inactivity; mushrooms (beta-glucan) will rev-up your immune system so that it's primed to clean them up once they are temporarily disabled.

3) Hydrogen peroxide - I don't know if hydrogen peroxide therapy could be helpful with SARS. I've used it at three times on myself to get rid of bronchitis when antibiotics failed, and in each instance it stopped a long running infection in 3-4 days. A Ph.D. nutritionist taught me how to use it after she had contracted a case of bronchitis so bad that she was told she would die. She couldn't sleep because of all the coughing and had developed spots on her lungs (which you could see in an X-ray). The doctors told her that she better write her will and get her house in order because they could do nothing else for her.

For some reason she went to a conference that weekend and someone told her about hydrogen peroxide therapy -- where you pour a bit of food grade H2O2 into some water and slowly sip it. She did and saved her life where doctors could not--they don't like this sort of cure, by the way. The internet has lots of information on how to use hydrogen peroxide in this way, and you're advised to read up on it as H2O2 is a poison. Then again, so is chemotherapy. Oral use of H2O2 usually involves mixing one teaspoon of the 6-7% food grade variety in a glass of distilled water and then drinking it every 4 hours on an empty stomach.

What you need to know is that granulocytes, which are the cells in our bodies which fight infection, produce hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) as a first line of defense against every type of invading organisms -- parasites, viruses, bacteria and yeast. The granulocytes shoot out H2O2 molecules like little bullets to kill these pathogens. Whether or not it will work with SARS, or just lower your entire pathogenic load so that your immune defenses can concentrate on SARS, is unknown to me, but I thought I'd mention this avenue. I'd certainly use it.

And by the way, you can also heat 1/4 cup of over the counter 3% hydrogen peroxide, pour over a white wool or cotton clothe and place it on your chest area. If you leave it there for 20 minutes, and repeat the treatment every 8-12 hours, the H2O2 will be absorbed into your blood stream and lungs directly where it will oxidize viruses on contact and increase oxygen levels in your blood.

A caution, however: If you use H2O2 for a number of days, it will drain catalase reserves in your body. To replenish them, you should drink raw potato juice which is a rich source of catalase. To make it, you simply cut up a raw potato and place it in a blender with a cup of water. Then you blend, strain and drink the juice about one hour after each hydrogen peroxide treatment.

4) Last recommendation - olive leaf extract, which is a great immune builder Here's the problem though. While olive leaf extract is a great immune booster and helps kill viruses, I really haven't done the research to be able to tell you which brand is best. That's a big problem because you could be buying slop.

All these other products I know about, I have researched extensively and used … I've talked to experts all across the US even before the SARS wave since I was writing my book knowing this day would come when the antibiotics and antivirals would be worthless. However, I haven't yet found out which olive leaf extract is best. I haven't finished that chapter of the book yet.

Most olive leafs on the market I would not trust, but supposedly a good one is Olivirex (Bio-Botanical Research 800-775-4140) capsules together with Kyolic garlic liquid (1 teaspoon 4X). But don't hold me to this one.

Many AIDS people who catch pneumonia swear by an herbal supplement called SEES-2000, which has a high sulfur content, perhaps because of the herb Lomatiuim Dissectum it contains. The manufacturer can be reached at 866-688-6757. The AIDS immunologist researcher Mark Konlee reports that one capsule every 4 hours is recommended for 3-5 days until pneumonia is gone.

That's about all I can do for you now. Hope it helps. In summary, remember:

1) a low sugar and low grain diet (just think of the weight loss after two weeks and you'll thank me)
2) Immune26 - absolutely!! Bolster your immune system now using this
3) JHS mushrooms
4) Colloidal silver - yes, buy some now and keep it in the house for emergencies
5) Blood electrification - only if you catch it, but will the hospital let you use it? If not, skip it
6) Hydrogen peroxide
7) Olive leaf extract, vitamin C and vitamin A

Oh yes ... one more thing.

Forget the talk about the effectiveness of a future SARS vaccine. I'm not even going to address whether or not they can make one (because they cannot clearly identify all the related lethal pathogens) or whether or not vaccines work in general . All I wish to point out is that the vaccine we already have for pneumonia doesn't work, so why would anything they develop for SARS work when it's far past the stage of antibiotic and antiviral resistance? Check on the following information sources for details:

"Effectiveness of Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine in Older Adults" New England Journal of Medicine, 2003 May 1;348 (18):1747-55,
"Pneumonia Vaccine Ineffective for Elderly" Dr. Joseph Mercola, 5/17/03,
"Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Revaccination: Immunoglobulin g Seroconversion, Persistence, and Safety in Frail, Chronically Ill Older Subjects" Journal of the American Geriatric Society, 2003 Feb;51(2):240-5,
"Pneumonia Vaccine Not as Effective as Thought" Dr. Joseph Mercola, 2/26/03,

These sources reveal that pneumonia kills about 60,000 Americans per year, most over age 65. A vaccine for pneumonia was introduced in the 1980s and a booster shot was recommended every five years. However, the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society has published a study showing that the booster shots don't provide complete protection. Last month a study of more than 47,000 people over age 65 -- the largest pneumonia study ever done -- showed that the pneumonia vaccination simply does not work. So if this one doesn't work for ordinary pneumonia, don't expect them to be able to create something for SARS.

In short, SARS and even worse diseases will start appearing in the future as we become more immuno-compromised because of our diet and environment, so the big thing to do is change your diet to avoid sugars and grains, get on Immune26 during flu season, and supplement oneself not necessarily on mushrooms and immune enhancers, but with vitamins and minerals for which you might be deficient.That will change your biological terrain and make it that much harder to get sick in the first place.

That's the best advice I can give anyone, but if you want more I suggest you pick up Mark Konlee's latest book, Immune Restoration Handbook, which has been developed over the years from dealing with thousands of patients with AIDS and HIV+, the worst immune compromised people we know of. The Immune Restoration Handbook can be ordered through .



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