"Who Else Wants to Reduce Your Internal Microbial Load for Better Health, Meditation and Martial Arts Progress?"

The ancient Taoists in China developed the idea that their body was polluted by all sorts of internal microbes, which they called the "three worms," and that in order to make progress in their striving for health, meditation, martial arts abilities and immortality, they should eliminate the worms by eating substances to kill them off.

To that end they developed all sorts of mineral concoctions that had anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial effects. Unfortunately, many of those formulas were poisonous because they contained arsenic and mercury, which tends to kill EVERYTHING. Yes they worked, but some of those folks died, too.

The Taoists had the right idea, however. They just didn't have the right tools or equipment to make the right concoctions that would lower their viral loads, bacterial loads, and fungal loads so as to be able to kill germs, viruses, yeast, amoebas, mycoplasma and other microbial nasties SAFELY.

Today we do... we have plenty of natural substances and protocols - which mimic the Taoist practices of old - that actually kill off these critters when antibiotics and antivirals fail. If you're suffering from an immune system sickness, you need this stuff.

So here's the offer. By killing off a whole bunch of internal pathogens, you usually free up your immune system enough that it gets a chance to start going after what REALLY needs to be taken care of within your body. Your body's white blood cells don't have to be spread thin fighting everywhere, but can now concentrate on correcting what really ails you.

Furthermore -- and this is where the Taoist thinking comes in -- with less pathogenic bacteria and viruses running about, less toxins are given off, your mind is clearer and you can make progress in improving your health, martial arts and meditation. It might sound silly but you feel extremely sharp minded and clean after this kill-off, and as anyone can tell you who's suffered brain fog from yeast infections, getting rid of those critters can really make a BIG difference. That's what the early Taoists discovered.

If you are sick this is something you definitely want to do. If you're not sick, you might still want to consider a 1 to 2 month immune system detox anyway using the best products the natural health field has to offer. Inside this 34-page ebook you'll find a simple four step protocol you can use to lower your internal microbial load - just as the Taoists sought in the past - using the best substances and supplements I know about.

The information is especially helpful for stubborn or rampant infections like hepatitis, Lyme disease, allergies and all sorts of conditions where your immune system is over-taxed and over-burdened. Some people are surviving because of this complementary information because modern medicine has nothing to offer; I guarantee that if there ever was a plague or some type of biological warfare, these protocols would be the best thing I could offer you to kill off internal pathogens safely and quickly for healing. But I'm also teaching you how you can do this to create a cleaner body and mind for martial arts and meditation practice.

Best thing yet, there's a one-week introductory price of $15 on this ebook, which is a bargain because a visit to a naturopath or nutritionist would cost $125 or more for just a fraction of this info. Next week the price goes up to $20, so check it out now.

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I understand that, for a one-time payment of only $20 $15 (temporary special price), I get Immediate Online Access to this 34-page manual, which will lay out all the natural methods I can use to help lower my internal microbial load and empower my immune system to help defeat stubborn infections.

I also understand that I'm doubly protected because my order is guaranteed as follows. If within 6 weeks I am dissatisfied with this ebook manual in any way, my refund request will be honored instantly, no-questions-asked, and I can still keep this potentially life saving manual for FREE. That's 6 weeks to put everything to the test.

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