Here are Recommended Nutritional Supplements and Where to Buy Them

In addition to talking about meditation and spiritual topics, from time to time I want you to know about some health topics. The big thing I want you to know is the following list of the top nutritional supplements that I've discovered over the years due to personal testing and the consistent recommendations of dozens of expert nutritionists, naturopaths and alternative medicine doctors whom I've interviewed during this time.

This is a list of what we consider the absolute BEST acting supplements for certain conditions -- I actually polled about 30 doctors, nutritionists, naturopaths and others to get this Best of the Best list, so go by this rather than by advertising:

Vitamin E:

Without a doubt, A.C. Grace's 'Unique E' is absolutely the best vitamin E you can find anywhere in the world. Every now and then someone comes along and discovers a new active component in vitamin E, and then everyone has to readjust their vitamin formulas. This company produces only one product, vitamin E, and it's purified in such a way that it contains all the tocotrienols and other fractions you might be looking for. This brand is absolutely the best stand alone vitamin E there is, and the price reflects it. Practically every top nutritionist who knows of it agrees.

Vitamin C:

Lots of companies make great vitamin C. Which one you should choose depends upon your purposes. To get the most out of your vitamin C, always make sure you buy a brand with bioflavonoids, with mineral ascorbates, and with cofactors and which won't hurt your stomach. One of the best multi-use vitamin C brands is Rainbow Light's 'Ultra Gram C.' If you just need vitamin C powder for flushes, buy as inexpensive a brand as possible such as Perque's vitamin C powder. You're just going to flush it out anyway. The best food component vitamin C, which is a vitamin C made from food ingredients, seems to be Life Star's vitamin C. If you have the money, go with Rainbow Light.

Vitamin A:

Try to get your vitamin A from as close to the natural source as possible -- through fish oil. NOW fish oil capsules are inexpensive and high quality. Carlson's Cod Liver Oil is a great Cod liver oil, too. Nordic Naturals offers very high quality fish oil capsules, but we're talking pricey! Stick with Carlson's. And remember, about a week before and after a vaccination, increase your intake of vitamin A and C to help minimize the chances of a reaction. That's right -- if the kids are going to get a vaccination shot, increase their vitamins A and C before and afterwards to minimize the chances of problems.


NOW brand or Twinlab's multi-carotene formula.


Lipoic Acid:

Shop around for the best price (the cheapest products are produced in Italy). NOW and Jarrow (Alpha lipoic Sustain 300 mg) have great alpha lipoic acids, but a really good one, made by a specialist company, is Kem-tec Pharmaceuticals Thiogel (water soluble). They have a liver formula and kidney formula--the liver one is what most people need. Jarrow has a time-release brand, which is superb. You can always trust Jarrow for most of your supplement needs.


Try Jarrow's CoQ10 simply because of the price. Always buy the special ones where the absorption is three times normal. Lots of companies now make CoQ10, and the reason I keep recommending Jarrow and NOW brands is because their products are extremely high quality and very low in price -- you almost never go wrong. Whereas with other companies ... well, we cannot say that for all their formulations. And no, I don't sell Jarrow or any of these products.

Companies such as Thorne make great combo formulations with CoQ10, taurine, carnitine, vitamin E and other helpful heart substances. Before you sink your money into those specialist formulations, however, first ask your nutritionist to help you pick the ingredients relevant to your condition. Some ingredients will also help with memory, others with arrhythmias, other for cardiomyopathy and so forth. But in terms of a 'wonder drug,' no pharmaceutical can do for you what CoQ10 can do.


Without doubt, the best multivitamin in the nation is probably SuperNutrition's Perfect Blend or Multi Blend or OptiPak. It was formulated by three greats in the field, and no one else even comes close with a superior formulation. A good food supplement multivitamin is Life Star Multiplex, while a good Kosher brand is Freeda's UltraFreeda.


Always look to Omega brands, which are truly cold processed. Other companies say their products are cold pressed, but the heat involved in their pressing process reaches several hundred degrees and they do it in lighted rooms. This causes oxidation or rancidity. Trust Omega and it's the only oil company that protects against this.

DHA, Phosphatidyl Serine, 5-HTP, Inositol, amino acids, etc.:

Jarrow brand. Just go for who's cheap and who is guaranteed to have high quality ... Jarrow (although for DHA, I'm also partial to Neuromins because of its vegetarian nature).

Phosphatidyl Choline:

The only one to consider is American Lecithin's PhosCol. No one elese even makes the product. This stuff even softens gall stones.


Everyone has their favorite green powder, so consider switching every now and then among the brands. Some favorites: NOW Food Greens, Emerald Greens (really fresh since the batch size is so low), and ProGreens.

Don't waste your money on brand name products containing only a single ingredient, like barley grass. Buy a product with lots of ingredients to maximize the chances of a therapeutic effect.

Aloe Vera:

RPur Aloe vera products -- at the top of the list.


Allergy Research. As with most of these products, you can find them on the web. Somebody always has them for sale.

Colloidal Minerals:

Absolutely, Purest Colloids is the choice for 2 atom wide colloidal copper, silver and gold. Incredible stuff. As to other liquid minerals, E-lyte is good and then next on the list is WaterOz. As to regular minerals, Trace Minerals Research has one of the best, easiest to absorb mineral supplements out there.

Most mineral tablet pass right through your body without being absorbed/digested, but their tablet is so well designed for absorption that if you aren't careful, it will fall apart in the bottle.

Glucosamine Sulfate:

NOW Brand (always check for when it's on sale; they have a glucosamine-chondroitin double strength formulation) because of the quality guaranty and discount. Don't buy this stuff through ads in the mail, but stick with NOW in your local health food store. NOW is so cheap since they do very little advertising and have cut out the middleman in their distribution costs. So, the savings are passed on to you.

Glutamine powder:

Buy whoever is cheapest -- it's just an amino acid.


JHS Naturals makes the best mushroom supplements in the US because of their manufacturing process which actually breaks open the woody cells of the mushroom and then uses water rather than chemical solvents to extract the active proteins. With other companies, you're eating the undigestable woody pulp of the mushroom rather than the glycoproteins themselves.

Prostate Formulas:

Try NEOProstate 300 from Beachwood Canyon (probably the strongest formula you can find because of the beta-sitosterol ingredients), or Jarrow Saw Palmetto. New prostate formulations come out every now and then which are worthwhile, but this is my current best choice. Phytopharmica also has a good formulation, and a great bone product as well (make sure your bone building products contain vitamin D and boron). You have to try various formulations for this one ... it changes over time ... and it's hard for even me to keep up, but be wary of formulas sold by mail.


Biotics brand BioCMP or CalMag Plus definitely makes the calcium levels in blood rise, so it's doing the job. "Advacal" tests well as a calcium supplement, but it's too soon for me to say whether it's best. I've evaluated about 15-20 so I'm always on the look out for a great calcium supplement.


Check with Ayush herbs first for what you're looking for (such as St. John's Wort), and if you have a nutritionist who has an account, the best complex formulations out there are by Systemic Formulas. Boy do they work (and they're gentle, too)! Also: Herb Pharm and GAIA. There's also a company with fresh, organic, full spectrum formulations called PRL.


The best detox program I've encountered (proven through studies) that's also the easiest to use is Nature's Pure Body made by the Pure Body Institute.

Then there's also the Pekana formulas and Apex Energetic homeopathic formulas to help out. For glutathione detoxification formulas: GSH250 by Douglas Labs and Tyler brand Recancostat. If you use a multivitamin already, go with the GSH250, otherwise the Recancostat.


Three good companies which are top of the line include: Pekana drainage remedies (Available from BioResource), Apex Energetics and Professional and Complementary Formulations. Sorry, but you may have to go to a practitioner to get hold of some of these, though most can be found on the web.

Skin Cream:

Beta Ginseng Moisturizing Cream. One day Ill formulate my own, but most stuff out there is overpriced glop. PurestColloids has a skin copper spray, too.

Immune Booster:

Lots of products do this, but I absolutely love the results I get with Immune26, which is hyperimmunized egg powder. I hate MLM products because they're overpriced, but this is the only way you can get this product. Call 800-557-8477 and mention my name, William Bodri, as the distributor. Only try one can at 2-3 scoops a day and if it doesn't NOTICEABLY help, then move on to something else. If you have arthritis, if cancer runs in the family, if you are immune compromised or you are over 50 and the aches and pains are starting to mount, this can work wonders. I've seen it do wonderful things for the skin, too!

Natural Progesterone:

Vitamin Research Products and Super Nutrition (Yams and Flowers) have great brands. What's popular in terms of sales in the health food stores are Progest (Emerita) and Lifeflo Progesta-Care. Basically, you have to shop around and keep trying until you find a brand you like.

I hope that helps a bit. If you want to learn more about nutritional supplements and detoxing your body for the road of mediation, then see the PRODUCTS section of our site to discover a book on cleaning your arteries and detoxing your body. It's one of our best sellers.

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Good luck on getting healthy and detoxifying your body for the spiritual trail. Detoxification is one of the keys to good health and the younger you start the better.

One more thing...where do I buy my nutritional supplements? I have accounts with most manufacturers because of my clinical nutritionist's degree, but even then, I buy lots of them through Yu can search on their link below:



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