Here's What You Can Immediately Do
to Detox and Purify Your Body

and Climb the Path of Spiritual Cultivation Faster and Easier


Because I've practiced as a clinical nutritionist and know bodywork, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, herbal formulations, naturopathic cures, manipulative therapies, and energetic (vibrational) medicine ... and because I have tried all sorts of detoxification substances and naturopathic routines over the years ... and because I go out of my way to interview and ask experts in various niches and specialties what they know to be the BEST way to handle certain health or meditation problems ... people commonly ask me whether there's anything they can do to help purify their bodies to speed up progress on the path of spiritual cultivation.

... Or what they can do to detoxify their bodies so that they're just healthier overall and lower most of their health risks, especially the risk of cancer if it runs in the family.

Indeed, these two objectives overlap -- you should detox your body for health and longevity reasons -- AND that detoxification will make it easier to achieve spiritual progress. After all, at the earliest stages of the spiritual path, most of your chi energies are wasted on the task of purifying your physical nature, so you should make the job that much easier through detoxification regimes.

Detoxification is an age old practice that bears lots of fruit. You'll feel better, you'll look better, you'll work better, you'll be better.

I always tell people not to make a big deal of detoxification because detoxification will happen naturally when you start meditating. That's why some people experience skin eruptions, fever, and flu-like symptoms when they first start to meditate. The yoga schools tell you this will happen, Chinese Taoism tells you this will happen, Buddhism tells you this will happen ... because it just happens. Your chi starts pushing all sorts of poisons out of the body in order that your chi can flow smoothly without obstructions. It tries to push all these obstructions out of the way. As my own master once told me, all your spiritual energies, or chi flows, are devoted to cleaning the body at the earliest stages of the path. There's no way around this because you cannot achieve pure mental states unless your chi is pure, and you cannot achieve pure chi unless your chi meridians are opened. So all those energies initialy go into openin yoru meridians, and that's why many practitioners experience all sorts of unusual symptoms when they first start upon spiritual practices.

When you achieve smooth chi flow you'll have a calm mind and will be able to achieve the samadhi realms and higher stages of emptiness talked about on the spiritual path. To do that you must have purified chi (because chi and consciousness are linked at the lowest levels of the path) and your chi only becomes purified or refined in conjunction with your body becoming purified, too.

Detoxification and meditation progress happen hand-in-hand.

In time, all those natural detoxification reactions I mentioned die down but cleaning your body through herbs and other protocols makes the task that much quicker and easier. Why waste all your arising spiritual energies on "taking out the trash" when you can do that yourself and improve your health and appearance in the process? It's something you should eb doing anyway, which is why it has become a seasonal activity in many human cultures.

At the higher stages of meditation practice, even the Zen masters of old underwent tremendous detoxification ordeals -- such as the swelling of limbs and ejection poisons out of their skin -- despite having 100% natural diets. That's right, even the Zen masters reported detoxification ordeals which psychologists and scholars ignore because they don't understand this is important. They think Zen is just a mind game, that's all. No one understands that the body is being transformed.

Natural detoxification is something bound to happen if you are truly engaged in making spiritual progress.

You can read the story of Yeshe Tsogyel in Sky Dancer to see what she had to undergo on this sort of path; her neck split open and pus ran out of the wound for weeks, which commonly happens to advanced meditation practitioners of certain practices. Master Nan has always told me -- and I've seen it for myself -- that most of your "real chi" kundalini energies, when they first arise, are preoccupied with the task of cleaning your body and chi channels of this sort of filth.

You waste all your arising spiritual energies cleaning your chi channels of obstructions, which is why I always teach breathing practices to help this along QUICKLY.

The better question, then, is whether there are any things you can do to help eject these poisons out of your body in the first place to speed the process of lowering your toxic load.

Once again there is, and the advice is pretty simple. The protocols are EASY to follow.

You need to clean your arteries, your internal organs of elimination (such as your kidney and liver), your connective tissue and your blood. Clean those and your body has an easier job getting healthy, staying healthier and achieving the spiritual transformations required of the path.

You need to open up and detoxify your body so that it becomes cleaner and you feel lighter so that can forget its existence on the path of spiritual cultivation.

The great news is that you can do all this cleaning through some simple herbal formulas, exercises routines, homeopathic medicines, nutritional supplements and breathing practices. You just need to know the right ones, which also turn out to be the most effective ones.

The things you should do for spiritual cultivation are actually the very same things that will reduce your risk of heart attack, cancer, stroke and a hundred other diseases including Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, diabetes and so on. And since I wrote a book to especially help people who were worried about heart attacks and stroke because they need it the most (due to clogged arteries and toxic blood), 99% of this material directly applies to the road of spiritual cultivation.

You have to do these things if you want to clean your body *FAST* !

Several chapters of this book are geared to the requirements of spiritual cultivation, such as meditation, so this is a book you need. It contains all the material I would tell you if you were in my office, only you'll have the protocols in your own hands at a fraction of the cost.

If you do just a small number of the things I tell you about how to detoxify your body -- herbal formulas, specific nutritional supplements, homeopathics, diet changes and breathing practices -- this will certainly help you make quicker progress on the spiritual path since you won't be wasting all your spiritual energy on having to eject poisons out of your system. If you clean your body first, then most all of your rising chi can go towards increasing your spiritual progress. Not only that, but you're going to end up banishing sickness and combating the signs of aging through the routines I'll reveal to you.

Here's a short list of the things you can try which are explained in this ebook:

Writing as The Skeptical Nutritionist™ and Naturopathic Educator,™ for years I've investigated all sorts of therapies that can help people turn around their health situation and avoid the scalpel and operation table if they didn't need it. Those same strategies involve countess detoxification routines with a common core of overlapping principles.

I've collected the very best of those naturopathic protocols starting with cleaning out your arteries of plaque and blood clots to increase oxygen delivery to all your tissue cells, and then cleaning your whole body in general (especially the connective tissue). That's what you have to do on the road of spiritual cultivation as well, for the only true foods on the meditative path are chi (air) and hormones.

These routines will certainly benefit your energy, concentration and stamina. They'll definitely help you banish hidden disease and pave the way for your "yang chi" to come up, namely your kundalini energies. If you put all your ducks in the right order and take the right homeopathic solutions, it's not uncommon to experience a kundalini awakening in less than two weeks of devoted meditation practice.

I've put all this information into a 142 page ebook called "How to Flush Clean Your Arteries and Detoxify Your Body ... 100% Naturally," which goes into detail on all the strategies listed above ... and more. In fact, I have even contacted manufacturers of various detoxification supplements and asked them to offer you discounts on their products through coupons I supply in the book.

I have no big sales talk for this information ... in fact, in order to help you I've already revealed quite a few strategies you can investigate for yourself on the net, but if you want all the information in one place as well as my personal experiences in helping others along this path, my detailed protocols and my own journey of discovery and the COUPONS to boot, then order a copy of "How to Flush Clean Your Arteries and Detoxify Your Body ... 100% Naturally today.

I normally charge about $250 for an initial nutritional counseling session that might mention this sort of material, but here you get it all, plus the coupons, at a fraction of the cost, and it's in book form so that you can refer to it time and again. Give it to your friends so that you use your investment over and over again.

It's written for people worried about their health, vitality, and concentration, but it applies to all us spiritual cultivators since the initial stages of practice involve clearing out your mai -- which includes your arteries and veins and internal organs and connective tissue -- through breathing practices, special herbs and other formulations.

That's what we've got inside, and it took me years and travels all over the world to put this information together!

There's even a 100% money back guarantee on the ebook, which is more than will ever do for you. If for any reason over the next 30 days you don't like the book, then just contact me for a friendly refund and you'll get all your money back with no questions asked ... and you can keep the ebook with my complements. I aim to please. It's as simple as that.

So go ahead and take advantage of the money back guarantee to find out about all sorts of routines that work in detoxifying your body for the spiritual path.

With a money back guarantee the risk is on me, but I'm sure you'll be pleased. At no risk to you, why not check it out? You're only getting older, so take that first step to health freedom today.

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