Why I Like Nattokinase

Nattokinase is today's topic. No, I don't sell nattokinase at all, but it may save your life so you need to know about it ... and it will most probably improve things to no end. So here's some background.

As we get older, all our veins and arteries build up blood clots inside them. Every now and then, blood clots will break away and cause a heart attack or stroke. Those blood clots also contribute to high blood pressure, and prohibit blood circulation from reaching all the tiny capillaries in the body.

What a mess is this phenomena of aging...but it can be reversed.

Nattokinase, which is made from soybeans, is a natural substance that dissolves away all those blood clots that have been built up inside over the years. After about two weeks of use, I've seen people drop their high blood pressure PERMANENTLY. I've seen elder folks be able to move stiff necks that were locked for years. I've seen memory improvements and energy improvements (because the blood was getting to the brain and everywhere else). I have thank you note after thank you note from folks saying, "Thanks for letting me know about it. I tired it, it's wonderful, it's life changing. Now I even meditate better because my circulation is better, and I didn't even know there was a problem."

If you want to learn meditation, one of the first things you learn is that your legs hurt when you sit cross-legged. Sometimes nattokinase will help with that, too, but usually not. It just gets rid of all internal blood clots and that's what helps with antiaging, one of the purposes of meditation. It's part of our recommendations for internal detox for health, aging, longevity and spiritual practice which you'll find in our wonderful detox book that's worth more than 100 doctors put together .

I firmly believe nattokinase will also lower your risks of heart attack and stroke more than any drug out there, though no studies have been done on it yet for this application ... and what company would do that anyway? We're always left to common sense.

So read up on nattokinase. Try a bottle or two. Even though I'm only 40 I saw big changes in the body from it. My 30-year old friends reported the same. My 50- and 60-year old friends, too. Most of my friends' parents are on it. Just do some web research, check with your doctor and then decide for yourself. No we're not dispensing medical advice or diagnosing things, but just letting you know that there are some miraculous supplements out there that can do a whole world of HELP. Your job is to READ, do some research, investigate and then think things over. It's so easy with the web nowadays, and yet so few people do this. Just google the word...


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One more thing...where do I buy my nutritional supplements? I have accounts with most manufacturers because of my clinical nutritionist's degree, but even then, I buy lots of them through iherb.com. You can search on their link below:


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