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Meditation lessons are pretty funny — people charge thousands of dollars for what only takes about 5 minutes of instruction. Nevertheless, I constantly get people asking me to teach them how to meditate. Meditation lessons are the easy part, it’s the principles of practice they need to learn in order to guide themselves correctly.

Finally a solution. Not just one meditation method, but 7 I will teach you. Scratch that. There’s actually more than seven methods on a new CD I’ve created called How to Meditate 7 Different Ways.

Here’s how this 2.5 hour mp3 is different than other meditation lessons. Not only do I teach you HOW to meditate, I will teach you about the stages of the path, the physical jing-chi-shen transformations that occur, the nondenominational principles  of meditation practice that are within all religious schools, what modern science has discovered about meditation, and all sorts of stuff that advanced practitioners write me they’ve never encountered, and finally makes clear a whole bunch of spiritual teachings and results that they’ve wondered about but could never fathom….dreams, astral bodies, chakras, you name it.

I guarantee that the information within How to Meditate 7 Different Ways will filter through the spiritual teaching community and within 2-3 years you’ll hear teachers talking about this stuff and claiming its their own material, they developed it, no one knows it except for them, and so forth. Who cares? That’s the way of evolution, that’s the way it should be, that’s what we NEED to have happen for the good information to replace the  bad. I just want it out there so that people stop being cheated and stop wasting their time on ineffective practices.

It is sad beyond belief how ignorant, naive, or misinformed  people are as to the underlying science of this field. And it is pitiable beyond belief how people waste decades of their life in useless meditation or spiritual techniques that could have them helped them achieve samadhi and kung-fu had they only done things just a teeny, tiny bit different during those practice years… but now the time has been  wasted because they didn’t know the principles of practice and what they were practcie spiritual methods incorrectly.

As I always say, you need both MERIT and WISDOM to come upon and appy the real dharma, the real stuff, the real cultivation  teachigns that will help you. And they are non-denominational, non-sectarian, rely on common, non-artificial principles that make it easy (once you think about it) to spot fakes, abberations, wrong paths, misguided methods and just plain nonsense.

One of the Learning Annex employees said the following (a great compliment) when he heard my How to Meditate lecture  while recording it for the Learning Annex:

"Dude, I’ve been taping these lectures for years and have heard all sorts of teachers. It’s all nonsense that comes out of their mouths - spiritual garbage and wishy washy crap. Dude, so far you’re the only one who KNOWS what you’re talking about. You’re the first one in years who really knows this topic. Finally, this is the real stuff. I want to shake your hand and thank you."

That’s from someone who’s had to sit through dozens and dozens of teachers lecturing on meditation and spiritual topics… and coming to the conclusion that their heads are in the clouds. As my teacher says, it’s VERY hard to come upon the real teachings.

People can tell when they’ve been cheated AFTER they get the real thing. So, if you want REAL meditation lessons, plus the non-denominational principles of the path that explain why pranayama, vipassana, mantra, sexual cultivation, visualization practice, dream yoga and other methods work

…as well as how the body changes because  of advanced meditation practices, detox supplements to help you on the path, and meditations for cancer, pain and high blood pressure,

…and just basically how to meditate correctly according to the right principles so that you don’t waste your time and make every second count.

…and ALL sorts of other things, then this is the one CD you should get. Only one neede for your entire life. Scrap the books, and just get this:

How to Meditate 7 Different Ways 


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