Watching Thoughts to Cultivate the Open Mind

The following description of how to meditate came across my desk recently, and I though I'd share it with you because in just a few short words it lays out the proper procedure for cessation-contemplation practice.

"Sit in a relaxed and upright posture, with straight spine, open chest, hands resting naturally on the thighs. To take such a posture already expresses the genuine dignity of being human. To remain in that posture during the ups and downs of our thought and emotional processes expresses the fundamental confidence of trusting in unconditional goodness. The eyes are open [or closed] with soft gaze, slightly down, and we take the same attitude to the other senses-open but not fixed or harshly string to experience something. As we sit there, we allow our minds to identify with the outgoing breath, to go out with it, and then to return to be attentive to the posture as the breath comes in. As thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations begin to pop up, we note them and let them be as they are, not trying to push them away, or holding onto them and indulging them. We begin to become mindful of the precise details of our thought and perceptual processes and also aware of the relationship between them. A thought or feeling arises, and then it goes away. Where it arises from and whence it goes, who can say? But occasionally we might catch a glimpse of non-thought, of open mind. A glimpse can be tremendously refreshing. It is such a relief to realize that we can afford to let go of our conceptualizing process altogether. Such a glimpse of our basic nature of unconditioned goodness brings with it a sense of gentleness and tenderness toward ourselves. "

This quote was taken from Robert Spence's book, The Craft of the Warrior, but I don't recommend you buy the book because I found little else inside of value or interest inside it except for this excellent explanation. If you want basic meditation lessons, then read the articles ont he site -- they're free.

Just trying to save you money in case you thought I was endorsing something.



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