Prostate problems ... Solved!

Prostate problems?

Prostate problems, including swelling, high PSA levels, and endless midnight trips to the bathroom, happen to most men as they get older, especially those consuming a heavy meat diet since the meat is laden with hormone residues that can swell the prostate over time.

Okay, so what do you do about prostate problems if they are bothering you?

Most GOOD nutritional prostate formulas work better than Proscar, which has been proven in quite a few scientific studies, but where can you buy a good one? Certainly be wary of buying those prostate formulas you get advertised through the mail. Good ones have high quality ingredients, in particular saw palmetto as well as other things.

There are also some Chinese prostate formulas that concentrate on different ingredients, and I found one in particular at that also contains one of the Chinese longevity and anti-aging herbs that turns hair back to its normal color, for both men and women, and which gets wonderful results when all else seems to fail. Pretty neat stuff.


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