3 Ways to Handle Stress With or Without Meditation: Here are Some Stress Management Techniques You Should Know About

Meditation is stress management par excellence. People who meditate learn how to handle overwhelming situations better than others because they learn how to let go.

That's what meditation teaches you to do. Everything still happens, you still feel happy or sad, but you can detach from those feelings so that they do not CONTROL you. You do not deny their existence, but let them arise and do not hold on to them. When it's time for them to depart they depart.

Learning meditation also involves learning wisdom, and it's important to understand that other people aren't so lucky in the strategies they normally use to deal with stress. Most of their strategies are quite negative, waste time, or are non-life affirming.

As simply a means of understanding, let's review some of the ways people tend to act when they're overwhelmed and cannot handle things anymore. This will give you more insight as to why people turn to various outlets in life, for most of them are searching for meditation without knowing it.

1) When some people are overstressed, they try to frantically push away the energies that they can no longer naturally dissipate. Rather than use meditation where they can experience things but let them go, they use all sorts of other outlets, both good and bad, in order to DISSIPATE ENERGIES so they don't have to deal with them. In order to dissipate the energy, that's why some people:

    • Get ANGRY
    • Have SEX
    • Turn to SPORTS or EXERCISE
    • CRY
    • etc.


2) A second strategy people commonly use, so that overwhelming or painful energies don't enter their system, is to ISOLATE THEMSELVES and close themselves off from society or others. People even become

      • SICK
      • SHUT DOWN

in order not to have to deal with pain or other things they cannot handle, all because they don't know how to meditate. This is the second strategy of isolation.


3) A third strategy people use is to DISTRACT THEMSELVES in order to ignore problems or energies that they cannot handle. They turn to

      • DRUGS
      • MUSIC
      • SEX
      • READING
      • etc.


    ... just so they can distract themselves from their problems. These folks are all seeking meditation, or mental peace, without knowing it.

So what do I advise you to do to raise your abilities to handle stress?


I always recommend that people with stress overload (and even depression) should learn to meditate, and one of the best programs you can follow is the proven HOLOSYNC plan that slowly, over time, raises your stress threshold. Studies have shown that people practicing Holosync meditation lowered cortisol, the stress hormone, in 68% of the people, and the average drop in hormone levels was 46.47%. Some people even decreased their stress hormones by 70-80%, and let me tell you as a naturopathic nutritionist that excess cortisol will age you and kill you! When we look at nutritional ways to cut down on stress, we're always looking at ways to intervene to cut cortisol. Meditation does it naturally, doesn't cost anything, and makes you look better, too.

If you do it right, meditation will even lead to spiritual progress ... which is in addition to helping your health and longevity.

If you want to master a proven system for handling stress, check out the HOLOSYNC link today. Or, you can check out our own video meditation lessons which accomplish even more.



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