MMS to Lower Your Microbial Load

I was just introduced to a new mineral product, MMS, chlorine dioxide, for killing off pathogens in the human body. I haven’t used it yet, but have heard wonderful things about it for Lyme Disease, Cancer and even malaria.

You can learn more about it from this site:

The other two approaches that come to mind - which the government hates — are H2O2 and colloidal silver from

As you know I wrote a book on Taoist methods to kill internal pathogens and with them gone, boost the immune system. This is another product to add to the list. I also, like Immune 26 to help boost the immune system but boosting it is different than killing off pathogens.

SF722, by Thorne, is fantastic for killing off Candida.

Without going into the details, here are some of the other natural ways to kill off infections which you should research when antibiotics and antivirals don’t seem to be working:

1. hydrogen peroxide - after being taught by a 70+ year old PhD nutritionist (who was diagnosed as terminal from a case of bronchitis so severe she could not lie down or sleep and had spots form on her lungs, and) who cured herself with it, I’ve used it myself to get rid of bronchitis two or three times over the years AFTER antibiotics failed, and yes it’s all it’s cracked up to be for lung diseases

2. ozone therapy

3. true colloidal silver - yep, I’ve used the product from to get rid of all sorts of infections where everything else failed

4. blood electrification - there’s a product coming out this year that is a solid state Rife machine with drift that can therefore mimic pretty well a analog Rife device

5.  immune boosters from the natural supplement, vitamin, mushroom, and herbal field such as hyperimmunized egg powders, garlic, transfer factors, etc.

6. Chinese "poison" therapy TCM - this may be the only hope for the newest drug resistant cases of sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, wherein the Chinese physician uses a TCM recipe of poisonous scorpions, centipedes, etc. to destroy the disease. The method is called  "using poison to fight poison." 

7. intravenous Vitamin C … and yes, Linus Pauling outlived his critics by decades!

And of course, now we can add MMS to this list!


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