You Want to Lose Weight? It's Simple...

Every New Year I get a bunch of people writing me that they want to lose weight. I tell them the three rules that do it:

(1) reduce your sugar intake (get off sugar),
(2) reduce your wheat intake (get off wheat as much as possible)
(3) get off bad fats (corn oil, margarine, etc.) and start eating good fats instead (olive oil, butter, coconut oil, etc.)

Once in Singapore, I met a young Indian master at the stage of jing to chi transformation, and he told me that one of the biggest impediments to his successful practice was his extra weight.

Frankly, I think he just wasn't that skilled in cultivation yet because he was still having to open up all his chi channels, but he was right in that the extra fat on his body meant more mass and required extra kundalini energy and cultivation work to open up the chi channels within it. The extra weight just made it that much harder by a smidgeon.

Okay, so let's combine these two topics. You gained weight over the holidays and want to lose some. You didn't gain wait over the holidays, but just want to lose some as part of your goals for this year (more on that later). Maybe you want to lose weight as a spur to help with your cultivation.

In any case, for any reason, it's a healthy thing to do.

I don't have a diet book myself. But, I can recommend 2-3 books that you can use if the "Getoff Diet" isn't enough for you. Diet books are worthless without discipline, but if you have discipline then just select one of these three for the New Year and you'll be on your way:

Fat Loss for Idiots:

The Negative Calorie Diet:

That's just two ebooks to look at, not 1000. To lose weight, look at them, choose the one that seems best, go with it, apply the rules and reap the results in short time.

To a Skinnier and Healthier You!


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