We've Noticed That Colloidal Gold Can Give Some People an Artificial Taste of "Meditation Highs"

For centuries the Chinese have consumed various rarified forms of gold in order to help produce a state of samadhi. Not any old gold will do it. In fact, swallowing a lump of gold was a way to commit suicide in old China because the metal is so heavy that it perforates the stomach or intestines when swallowed. Gold poisoning was common in old China, and the meat of the francolin bird was the cure.

That type of gold ingestion is interesting, but it is not what we're going to be talking about here.

Chinese physicians also used to boil gold rings in water to produce gold ions, and would have patients with mental problems drink the water for its calming effect. Taoists also used to ingest special liquid preparations of gold to help with concentration, as did individuals in Tibet. Some of those gold formulations are still existent -- I actually have some books with instructions on how to prepare these types of gold with plant extracts -- but I don't recommend anyone trying them. In fact, there's something much much better on the market that I discovered during my researches into this subject.

There's a company in New Jersey, called Purest Colloids, that makes colloidal gold (a watery suspension of gold particles) whose particles are only .66 nanometers wide. That's about the width of 2 atoms! This is the only company in the world that can make any mineral particles this small, so if you decide to give this product I describe a try, only buy it from this company. I've even visited the manufacturing facilities to see the production process ... and it's amazing. Having tried the product myself and on others, everything I tell you is true.

When gold particles are this small (they also make colloidal silver and copper, too), they produce an immediate physiological effect because they can slide right into cells without the need of active transport. That's the old term we learned in high school biology for the fact that a human cell normally has to use ATP energy to bring substances inside the cell for use. When the mineral particles are this small, however, they can slip right into the cell membranes without any need of help. So the delivery system is ultra efficient.

The particles are so small that liquid colloidal gold looks purple or reddish in color when it's held up to the light, and that's because of the absorption spectrum and light diffraction of the small particles, but there's so little gold in the bottles that it's unbelievable. When the Japanese or Indians eat pastries with gold or silver foil on top, they actually ingest much more gold than we're talking about here, and in fact the colloidal gold is tasteless (tastes like water) so an ingestion experiment is fun.

Here's the scoop. When people who have meditated a lot and whose chi mai are clean drink this gold, it causes their chi to rush to their brain and produces a sort of "artificial state of meditation."

In this state, your mind seems to get really quiet and your concentration increases. It seems like you are "in the zone" or experiencing a state of "flow." You can forget the feeling of your bones (it seems like they melt away and are nonexistent) and you'll start feeling happy and joyful. That's why this product is used to help people cure depression ... it causes your chi to come up and when that happens, depression goes away. That's why meditation is a cure for depression as well.

Maybe you won't feel this way the first time you try colloidal gold, but we've noticed that the next day after a first tasting of 1-2 tablespoons, some people are humming and singing the whole day long without realizing it.

That's the joy effect of your chi rising ... and remember that mental silence (one-pointedness) and mental joy are the characteristics of the first dhyana. Hence, the colloidal gold has the possibility of producing this sort of result. That's why I always give advanced meditators a scoop or so of this to try in hopes they can feel the result and realize how to cultivate those states.

That result, of course, is the best you can expect if you've been meditating for years and your chi channels are clean. But most people don't fall into this category so don't go buying this stuff if you are a new meditator, because you'll definitely feel disappointed. For new meditators, tasting colloidal gold is probably a useless experiment. So there's no promises here -- I'm only reporting to you what happened to me and a few others who tried it.

In fact, some of my friends who meditated for years hardly got any results at all, and thereby discovered that their chi mai were not as clean as they imagined. That spurred them on to even further practice. After all, if just sipping a little bit of this liquid could help them reach a meditation state they've tried for years, now they know what the state is like and how they have to let go of everything to get it.

The positive effects of mental emptiness and joy definitely don't happen to everyone who try this super colloidal gold, and most people feel nothing at all. But for those who have meditated a lot and want to possibly see what "ching an" is like and get a taste of the experience, 1-2 tablespoons can possibly produce something similar to this state. For everyone else, 1-2 tablespoons will simply give you more energy, increase eye-hand coordination, and produce great dreams the first night. That's not a bad trade off! Colloidal gold sends chi to the head/brain, so long term use helps banish depression, increase mental acuity, and better eye-hand coordination.

You can read the info on the website I'll mention to find out more information. Everything you may want to know about this stuff is right there.

And by the way, people have been using gold for years, even centuries, so this is quite safe to use.

If you are a person who has a lot of excess energy, we've found that you might not sleep the first night you take colloidal gold but you will feel completely refreshed and not even tired in the morning even though you had little sleep.

If you are a person who normally is weak and has little energy (a chi deficiency), such people have reported that they sleep extremely well for the first time in years. Why? Because it makes the chi - your vital energy - rise. Presumably it's because those who have too much energy to begin with get an energy boost and therefore don't need the sleep, while those who've been in a state of deficiency finally experience their chi becoming full and return to normal. At least that's the explanation from Chinese medicine.

Colloidal gold only worked for me the first several times I used it, and after a few times it could no longer produce the "zone" effect anymore. Nevertheless, it's commonly used by ordinary people with Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, restless leg syndrome, arthritis, senility, and other disease for the therapeutic benefits it

There's quite a bit of literature on this, so you might want to check into it. Sports figures are starting to use it for the boost it gives them during competitions and students use it when studying for important exams. Here's the link if you want to order a small bottle to try: Purest Colloids Colloidal Gold.

I don't recommend you use this stuff on a daily basis because I recommend no product on a daily basis, except oils and multivitamins and minerals. You should only take extra products when you have a certain health condition that the substance will help modulate. Nevertheless, if you have been meditating for years with very little results and want to see what the state of lightness and peace feels like - the pre-samadhi state of ching-an - this MIGHT be a way to do so.

With that much effort I've put into the practice, I'd certainly risk buying the smaller bottle to try it. There's no guarantee it will produce any of the effects I mentioned, but I feel so sorry for some people who really want to be encouraged and know what it's like that it's worth the eighteen bucks or so to try it.

I also seem to remember a brown pill, filled with gold flakes, that was used in Tibet in ancient times to help ignite kundalini but I can't find that particular herbal formula. The Edgar Cayce readings also talk about how you can pass the energy of gold or silver into the body for rejuvenating effects, but having tried that years ago I must warn you that it was quite irritating. Ingesting liquid chloride of gold sodium, as mentioned in the readings (I believe), also is undesirable because it leaves rings underneath the eyes. That what happened when three or four of us tried it years ago. As to the colloidal gold, I've heard nothing but rave reviews so far.

I don't like using artificial substances like this for meditation but I've made it a personal vow of mine to search out such substances and record them for this modern generation. It's just my own personal vow, and I investigate all sorts of substances that can help purify the body. If you ever hear of any such
substances, especially "rasayana" rejuvenating medicines from India, then drop me a line to let me know. I'd love to hear your experiences, especially stories of "miraculous" medicines you might know of.

For instance, I once dated a doctor who saw herbal formulas in Ethiopia that actually cured rabies, but who didn't record the prescriptions. I always feel sorry when I hear stories like this where people didn't bother to save these wonderful formulations, so I've made it my own point to collect them whenever I encounter them. The Purest Colloid's colloidal gold is one such discovery.

In TWENTY-FIVE DOORS TO MEDITATION, I've printed the formula for another samadhi medicine made from the mulberry tree in order to preserve it, and some people are already producing it. I've never had any luck with that herbal concoction myself, but just wanted to let you know it was there. A researcher told me he thinks it works because of its high content of indium or iridium - I don't remember which metal it was.

Anyway, it's interesting that when Buddha mentioned that a monk should not stay in any place or under any tree more than 3 days in a row, I found one translation where this tree type was translated as the mulberry tree specifically. The story behind the original invention of this formula is that a Chinese medical doctor cured the Dragon King of one of his ills, and the Dragon King gave him this prescription in kind. To keep the transmission going, now I pass this prescription onto you in Twenty Five Doors to Meditation. In the book, Maharaj, there's also a description of the real soma plant in ancient India, which grows in the Himalayas, and one day I hope to do something about this particular information, but that's enough for now on the topic.

Here's a warning for all these formulas, however.

Please, please remember not to depend on any of these formulas to try and generate samadhi. It just won't happen. In fact, these substances were only historically used to help temper the body at various particular junctures in cultivation. In ancient times people used these special concoctions only after advanced stages of meditation, and had to fast and practice sexual abstinence so that they could transmute them and use them. However, a variety of kings and nobles used them for their stimulating effects and died from overconsumption. Even Wang Yang Ming is reported to have died from such substances.

In his STORY OF CHINESE TAOISM, which is available by ebook on our website, Master Nan Huai Chin writes the following three paragraphs on these practices, which gives us an insight into the modern over usage of chemical stimulants, including too many nutritional formulas. In these 3 paragraphs you'll find that he warns about the very same things:

The "fang-shih" invented and refined mineral drugs made from metals and other substances. In terms of medical and pharmaceutical worth, they made doses for physically treating the human body, and only if suitable doses were applied, not only would it be correct but it would be extremely valuable. However, these types of drugs refined from mineral substances were all irritating in nature, and moreover they acted to fiercely develop physiological functions much like modern vitamins.

The first important point in the methods of ingestion by the "fang-shih" orthodox Taoist School is the need to very thoroughly "purify the mind and restrict the passions" in terms of psychological behavior and one can absolutely not be covetous of sexual activities and the consumption of meat before beginning to take the drugs. Otherwise, one will have a very intense tonifying yang reaction as soon as the drug is consumed, which will necessarily promote sexual impulses. There is no doubt that this became an amulet for hastening on death by those emperors and famous nobles who spent their days dallying in wine, women and song.
This is not at all surprising!

The second important point is that the alchemical drugs consumed by the Taoists required first practicing up to the level wherein the spirit was fixed and the ch'i accumulated, grains were avoided and one did not eat the food cooked in the world of men. Only then could one absorb and fuse the drugs, otherwise one could actually be poisoned by food or die from the ingestion of the drug. In sum, generally those who took alchemical drugs were unable to cut off the desire for "food and sex," but rather, on the other hand, they came to rely upon the effects of the alchemical drugs to realize the pleasures of "food and sex."


What this says is that you shouldn't use too many stimulating foods or supplements when you are a cultivator or non-cultivator, because you'll end up irritating yourself and actually depleting your chi. You can only use these things, and for a very short time at that, when you are very advanced at cultivation and need them for a little boost. If you fall into the habit of depending on them for daily life, you're doomed.

Having prescribed hundreds of nutritional supplements for people in the past, I can definitely confirm that the modern nutritional supplements work for ordinary people, but can "clog up" the chi mai of cultivators. So if you are a true cultivation person, remember that your reaction for all sorts of substances may indeed be different than the reactions of ordinary people, and you'll tend to be a bit more sensitive.

As to colloidal gold, yes you can try it. In fact, trying it is not only safe but fun. Just take a tablespoon and if you feel nothing in 10 minutes, take another, wait and other 10 minutes and then again. It's fun to do this in a group to see who gets the results we're mentioning (it works great with college students since their chi mai are still relatively flexible and bodies relatively clean), so consider giving the $18 a try. On the path of cultivation you try everything that's safe without fear and if eighteen bucks has the slightest chance of letting me get an inkling of what samadhi is like, then I go for it. God knows I've wasted eighteen bucks on countless useless things in life that had no hope of doing anything for me, let alone orient me to the spiritual path. So I try everything and report the results to you.

This is one of the better ones, in fact the top one I've ever found in terms of "samadhi-producing substances." So try it just once. At least that's my own attitude because of my own fearless samurai spirit. You need that type of attitude to succeed in cultivation, but whether others have it or not I cannot say.

Good luck.


Colloidal Gold - mind/body coordination, depression, chi flow

Colloidal Copper - arterial walls, RDA

Colloidal Silver - fights infections (viral, bacterial, fungus, mycoplasma)

Colloidal Platinum - cancer and migraine headaches

Colloidal Iridium - increases metabolism; lose weight

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