Save Yourself Years of Suffering Back Pain Troubles ... It's A Micro-Misplaced Knee Joint That's Causing Your Back Pain !

If you have back pain, this may be one of the most important letters you'll ever read ... and I'm not selling anything either. This is unbiased, freely offered information for your own benefit -- something that may end your back pain FOR GOOD.

What I want to say is that your back troubles may be coming from your knee joint!

Your knee joint might even be causing TMJ and shoulder pain and all sorts of other seemingly incurable problems that even a massage therapist and chiropractor hasn't been able to help you with.

In fact, tell this to a chiropractor and they won't even know about this because they haven't heard of it, but if your knee joint is off, all the muscles that go through it will be stretched too tight. Because those muscles are linked right on through your back up to your head, everything will be in a constant state of tension when that knee joint is displaced just a tiny bit.

Until that knee joint is reset with a push, after which your muscles will instantly and automatically spring back into their correct positions, you will continue to have to make trips to the doctor for all sorts of medications or adjustments.

Isn't that so?

Now how do I know this? I've had this technique performed on me and instantly cure my back, get rid of my embarrassing pigeon-toedness, and relieve all sorts of problems that I've had for years due to over-stretched muscles... and I had tried lots of bodywork and other methods to get rid of them.

Is what I'm going to tell you credible? Here's the story.

I've studied bodywork somewhat. I've gone through the Hellerwork initial training, been completely rolfed about 4-5 times (which is well over 60 painful sessions), have had 90-100 IMT sessions, experienced the Barnes method, St. John method, had my muscles scraped with a wooden dagger, had the best acupuncturists from China poke me with their needles, had um-teen chiropractors "crack" me here and there over the last 30 years, and so on and son on and so on ...

.... the point of which is let you know I'm a bit credible with what I'm about to tell you. I know a thing or two about bodywork and what bodywork can or cannot do for you. Scrape, poke, prod, massage, reset, press or twist ... I've had it all done. I've been to plenty of courses and worked on plenty of people myself.

So I'm telling you this so that you'll believe what I'm about to say next, because I truly want you to get rid of your pain for good and if nothing else has worked, I probably have the reason: your back problems can be coming from your knee joint being just a tiny bit out of place, and doctors and chiros don't know a thing about how to reset it.

Yet pop it back in and presto your problems can disappear as if by magic.

Reset your knee joint (it takes only 30 seconds) and I've seen pains INSTANTLY disappear on all sorts of people, and I do mean INSTANTLY.

Pains that have crippled people, that have made it impossible for them to sit for long periods of time, that prevented them from lying on their backs in bed, that locked their jaws or facial muscles and made it impossible for them to smile.

Pains that have prompted them to think about surgery or go through useless surgery ... all of that disappeared in about 30 seconds.


So how do you get this done? It costs 300 Hong Kong dollars, which is less than $60 bucks US.

I know of only one guy who does this ... Dr. Jiang of Hong Kong who barely speaks English.

If you are ever in the vicinity of Hong Kong, schedule an appointment with this guy and see if he can help. His number is 852-2477-6810; 852-8204-2811.

Sorry that I can't give you directions (he always moves) or translate for you, but I'm morally bound to tell you that this can be a miracle. In fact, this is a miracle for those with back pain or knee troubles and I wish more people knew about this. If chiropractors knew about this technique, the world would be a better place for sure.

I have countless years of experience in the bodywork field and have NEVER seen a technique as powerful as this for changing lives, and it only takes a minute. I wish I could show you how it's done on the web but I can't. All I can say is next time in Hong Kong you should try it.

Imagine that ... the possibility of a life with no more back pain. Honest to God, give it a try.

And one more method that eliminates scoliosis and therefore ends up making you taller ... two friends both gained two inches and I've gained about an inch myself. What's the method? The painless neuro-cranial restructuring (NCR) method of Dr. Dean Howell. Look it up on the internet, especially if someone has had an auto or other type of accident that has resulted in skull injuries and a legacy of pain. This is the stuff that cures it for good, including getting rid of migraines.



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