The New Way to a Flu-Proof Body That Resists Influenza

Here's my short take on flu-proofing your body against influenza:

1. Go read what Dr. Joseph Mercola at has to say. This is a great free newsletter you should subscribe to. Mercola is usually a little bit behind the cutting edge of naturopathic/nutritional thinking, but right on the target and because he's a doctor, perhaps you'll consider his views on influenza with more weight than mine.

Dr. Julian Whitaker, Jonathan Wright, Alan Gaby, David Williams are all doctors and newsletter publishers you might consider but since Mercola is free, I'm pointing you to him first which is what I always try to do for you.

2. Cut down on your consumption of sugar and wheat (grains) during this period of the flu because sugar depresses the immune system. By the way, if you do this, you'll probably lose about .5-1 pound of weight per week! Cut out sugar and grains and you drop pounds!

3. Use some immune stimulating substances like Immune26 or mushrooms to help prevent influenza. I'm posting a free chapter from my book "Antibiotic Alternative for Doctors and their Patients". This is the ONLY source of information on how to buy mushroom products in existence. It's up for only one week (you snooze, you lose) at and you should download this and file it away. The information might help you if you have high cholesterol and nothing has worked to lower it, if you have allergies or even cancer. My gift to you!

4. There's a wide variety of immune products out there. One product that I discovered, when doing research form my book on how to detox your body of radioactive contamination (in case you work for a nuclear power plant, live in a test area, or are in the military and have been exposed to depleted uranium) is Allergy Research's Del-Immune, made from lactobacillus rhamnosus.

When the Russians were developing protection against biological warfare, this immune stimulant is what they came up with. Reminds me of the Enderlein therapies a bit. By the way, speaking of germ warfare the results of colloidal silver were so good in fighting infectious agents that the government has classified the results, but more on this later.

The big point is that there are LOTS of alternatives to the flu shot for increasing your immune system's capabilities during a period of influenza. That's what I would encourage you to do for a few weeks per year, sort of like a house-cleaning.



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