Consciousness Studies, Cognition and Neuroscience

Modern science, including the field of neuroscience and cognitive science, are trying to explore the functions of the brain and consciousness. What is consciousness? Where does it come from? Is it a pureply physical process or is there a real spiritual element involved? Are there alternative realms of consciousness and if so, what are they and how can we reach them?

Buddhism is the one spiritual school that offers science the most roadmaps as to the structure of consciousness and mentation beyond what's offered by psychology, psychiatry and other schools of mental investigation. Here we've collected a number of concepts that university researchers should familiarize themselves with if they wish to understand what prior sages have discovered about the mental realm.

The God Module Explains Everything? ... Yeah, Right !

These Books Should Be the Basis of Consciousness Studies

What is Consciousness vs. Awareness?

How Does Consciousness Arise?

Buddhism Teaches the Cognitive Sciences About Reflective and Discriminative Consciousness

The Blue Samadhi of Our Natural State

Meditation Increases the Size of Your Brain and Alters Its Structure

Simple Comments on the Alaya Consciousness

Studies in Cognitive Science I'd like to See Done

The Four Turtles of Consciousness According to Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta

Christian Cultivation and Consciousness

The Biology of Belief

The Five Omnipresent Activites of Consciousness and the Practice of Spiritual Cultivation

Omnipresent Mental Factors and Afflicted Determination


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