The Blue Samadhi of the Natural State of Consciousness

As Zen master Nan Huai Chin mentioned, you will see dark blue color and even stars when you reach real samadhi, the real natural foundational state of the mind. But this samadhi is quite rare as compared to the first four dhyana.

The same description was supplied by Advaita Vedanta Master Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj:

[This state] I something like a deer taking rest in the shadow of a tree. The color of the shadow is neither light nor very dark, thisis the borderland. Neither jet black nor very bright, halfway between them, that is that shadow. Deep blue, like clouds, that is that state. That is also the grace of the Sat-Guru. Everything is flowing out of that state, but this principle does not claim anything, is not involved in anything that is coming out of it, but this beingness is available. That deep, dark blue state, the grace of the Sat-Guru. This is the state of the jnani, this is a very, very, rare, natural samadhi state, the most natural state, the highest state.

Prior to Consciousness: Talks With Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
, ed. By Jean Dunn, (Acorn Press, Durham: North Carolina, 1995) p. 8.

Sri Nisargadatta also said,

The state of a jnani, the highest state,  has transcended the beingness, but the beingness is still there, so together with the beingness is the Absolute – the deep blue, benign state, without eyes. Knowledge takes rest in that deep blue, quiet, peaceful, benign shade. When that shade is shifted aside, then he sees the various manifestations in the form of universes and worlds. But when the shade is there, it is the deep, dark blue state, fully relaxed.

Prior to Consciousness: Talks With Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, ed. By Jean Dunn, (Acorn Press, Durham: North Carolina, 1995) p. 11.


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