The Non-denominational, Common Spiritual Cultivation and Meditation Techniques Used by the World's Religions

Comparative religion. How many times have I picked up a book on this topic and been disappointed? Here you won't be because you'll get some meaty answers on some difficult topics. You see, the various spiritual schools and religions of the world, for those who are intent practitioners, always use meditation methods in some form or another. These methods, when practiced correctly and diligently, lead to spiritual kung-fu or gong-fu. Part of that gong-fu means various spiritual states called samadhi which correspond to superpowers, knowing angelic beings, familiarity with various heavens, and physical-spiritual changes to the body. These have all been catalogued by countless traditions in the past -- and guess what? they match up quite nicely, despite each group claiming they are supreme or different. The path, you see, is at its essence non-denominational and spiritual progress follows certain well outlined and repeatable principles.

These results of spiritual cultivation are non-denominational. In fact, the methods different religions use for spiritual cultivation (such as meditation, prayer, mantra, visualization, etc.) may seem different on the outside, but they depend upon the same principles for success and are the same thing at heart. So prayer recitation in Christianity, and dikhr in Islam or prayer recitation in Judaism is similar to japa practice in Hinduism or mantra practice in Buddhism. Want to know more? Dig in to the best comparative understanding you'll ever get, and it's all for free. I almost forgot. We do have one publication on this topic which goes into detail where the various spiritual schools get it right and where they get it wrong. Check into The World's Best and Worst Spiritual Paths and Practices. It's a terrible title, but countless people say we should publish it in book form because it's so good. If you've been meditating for years and don't know this material, waste no time in getting it.

What is Spiritual Enlightenment?

Christian Mysticism

Errors in Christian Prayer and Christian Meditation

Here's How to Practice Meditation the Christian Way

Christian Cultivation is Emptiness Meditation

How to Correctly Practice Christian Prayer and Other Cultivation Methods

The Inner Workings of Medieval Christian Prayer

The Kundalini Experiences in Christian Mysticism ***

St. Seraphim, the Russian Staretz Succeeds at the Tao

Meditation and Samadhi Cultivation in Christianity, Islam and Judaism ***

"I am Saved, You Are Not"

Paganism and Pagan Cultivation Practices

The Hindu Sage Papaji

If You Don't Know These Principles, Then Studying Gurdjieff or the Kabbalah is Probably Useless

The Central Focus of Jewish Spiritual Practice is Realizing Emptiness ("Ayin") ... Just Like Everyone Else

Islamic Meditation Methods and Spiritual Cultivation Techniques ***

The Truth About the Sixth Dalai Lama

Nath Siddha Yoga and the Sikh Spiritual Practices

Richard Rolle - Kundalini Master

Saint Augustine and his Stages of Christian Spiritual Growth Mirror the Path Taught in Buddhism

The Problem With Evangelicalism

A Great Story About Hell

Kabbalah Notations

The Prophet Elisha and His Stage of Cultivation

Where Did Human Life Come From?

Where Did the Universe Come From?

The Pope Encourages Us to Ask, "Who Am I?"

If You Say You are "One With God" They Will Kill You

The Eastern Orthodox Church Also Teaches EMPTINESS Cultivation - Told 'Ya

The Five Universal Stages of the Spirtual Path (Within the Genuine Religions)

The Birth and Spread of Religions

Dharma is Free But It Will Cost You

The Song of Songs Through the Eyes of Spiritual Cultivation ***

Master Key to Self-Realization

Lessons and Instructions from the Tamil Siddhas



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