Where Did Human Life Come From?

Quite a few people put their trust in the Biblical story of Genesis that all of creation was created in less than one week, and that human beings were created within this period.

If you cannot recognize that this story was symbolic, I certainly cannot help you with your wisdom stores. You have to remember that all such stories or talks or teachings for people are performed by men, and usually they are men who either have the Tao (enlightenment) or just samadhi. That’s why we call them saints or sages, because they’ve cultivated and reached a stage of union with the ultimate fundamental substrate of All.

It’s absolutely clear from the Bible, without a doubt, that Moses only had samadhi, and low stage samadhi at that … which was why he always needed external help and was constantly in trouble with "God’s favor."  The methods he used can all be recognized as low samadhi vehicles combined with some human planning, preparation and execution.

Now here’s the scoop. When you have samadhi and you want to help the people as a teacher or leader, you  try to  lead them using whatever stories  or means  they can understand and accept. Ignorant, uneducated, non-cultivation people you lead with simplicity. Simple thoughts, simple stories, simple ways. If you are teaching those already well advanced on the spiritual path, you can teach MUCH MORE because they already know all the basics and have the means of verification for higher teachings. But for regular people (which the elites today refer to as "cattle" they want to control): "If you cannot give them heavy weights, you give them lighter weights to carry".

It’s a rare time that a fully enlightened Buddha can come to the world and fully reveal many high level teachings. Why?  Because the timing must be right, the students must be excellent with the capability to reach high stage Tao themselves, and the world karma must also be there. Those karmic timing instances are difficult to find. Buddhas  and Bodhisattavas can incarnate all the time, but only when all those conditions (and more) are right can they really reveal the whole she-bang in a very complete and detailed fashion. Otherwise they just come and go to carry out their own self-appointed goals and functions.

So in short, don’t believe in the literal line by line story or Genesis, or you’re betraying a big lack of wisdom. Proof? Cultivate samadhi yourself and you’ll see what actually happened. And go read the Lotus Sutra to see how what sages teach to common people is all a function of skillful or expedient means. That’s all it is.

Now what  these lieralists also don’t typically realize or recognize is that the story of Genesis is found in several traditions much OLDER than the Old Testament Bible, which seemed to borrow much of  the Genesis stories from those traditions. And what is the Genesis story of the creation of man?

The story of Adam and Eve is generally that God created a man and woman, they were of a pure spiritual mindset and lived in a heavenly state, then they ate something, started discriminating with thoughts, and then they were kicked out of heaven.

Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping prophet,  produced thousands of trance readings on reincarnation and the history of the Bible. He wasn’t a sage and didn’t have samadhi, but really had fantastic clairvoyant abilities with a high degree of accuracy, though his readings, too, had to be simplified for his audiences.

What did Edgar Cayce say about the origin of human beings while in trance? The Fall came from the materialization of higher spiritual beings into matter. This limited their consciousness and trapped them in the material plane (matter). I also do believe he said those beings ate something on the earth which made their etheric-type bodies more coarse, and they could not longer leave this plane of existence. I tried to find that quote in my old Cayce books but couldn’t, so maybe someone can  confirm it for us.

What does Buddhism say?

Shakyamuni Buddha actually explained to his high stage students, with samadhi and clairvoyance and other superpowers, that our human ancestors were beings from the Abhasvarah (Sound and Light Heaven) within the Form Realm. Their bodies were made of light, which we can call highly refined spiritual essence for this dialogue. Once they visited this earth, these beings kept eating of it (I believe the taste was salty)  and consequently their bodies became heavy and they couldn’t return. This was the start of human life on this planet, though the story of pre-Ice Age beings is yet another tale.

What about the first origins of the beings of the Abhasvarah heaven? They themselves had originally come from the Formless Realm heavens. And the Formless Realm beings? Buddha refused to discuss this because it would fall into theorizing into the origin of the first being; Buddha refused to talk about such things not because he didn’t now, but because they don’t lead to cultivation progress. It just leads to more and more questions and arguments rather than any spiritual achievements. Go ahead and memorize all you want and see where that’s going to get you.

In fact, there is a famous story called the Ten Questions that Don’t Lead to Edification where someone came to Buddha and asked him about the origins of the world, and other such questions, claiming that if Buddha could answer them he’d stay a monk and if not, he’d become a layman.

Buddha refused to explain these things telling the man, Malunkyaputta, that he never said he’d tell those those things, but teach him the way to cultivate to liberation, the Tao, enlightenment. Shakyamuni Buddha said that people would spend all their time debating and discussing those questions that lead nowhere. Actually, so did Socrates which is why Socrates avoided them altogether as well. 

Buddha said all this radical preoccupation on these questions, which they could not prove anyway,  was like a man shot by a poison arrow who — rather than have it removed as it’s killing him and time is of the essence — first demands to know what type of arrow it was, what poison was used, who shot it, why did they shoot it, how much force did they use, where did they come from  and all sorts of other interesting but useless questions to the main need of saving his life.

Buddha said, "Look, you’re confronted with suffering in the human realm. That’s the fact in front of you. You know it. It’s real. Incarnation after incarnation you’re faced with this fact until you can attain enlightenment and escape, which is control of the process. This you know. This is in front of you. This is what’s real.

The only solution is cultivation. You also know that. And your time is short, because you never know when in this life and all future lives you’ll have the chance to cultivate and have the chance to come upon the true cultivation dharma (teachings) again. So that’s what you should concentrate on, not all this speculation. I’m not going to talk about all this other stuff, though I know the answers, because it does not lend to your edification. I’m not falling into that trap of yours. You’ll end up wasting time and arguing this or that or what not. It’ll become dogma and you can’t even prove it until you get high stage samadhi or enlightenment anyway. That’s what I teach …how to reach liberation, self-realization, enligthenment, the Tao. Focus on that, not on speculation. That’s the real task in your hands in front of you."

It’s 2000+ years later, and Buddha has been proven correct again. You have so little time to cultivate in this world even if you know  the true dharma of cultivation. Secondly, look around you — it’s so rare to come upon cultivation teachings in this life. In your subsequent  lives to come, who can guarantee you’ll even come close to  them again (because of the lack of merit — we’re lowly humans of poor good karma in a universe of many higher beings who have the dharma and good karma, so it’s no secret that we have so little teachings  on true spiritual practice)? All people  want to do is waste the time on a new X-box, or  computer or  TV story or so forth. Good luck next time in coming upon the dharma again!

So there you have the Biblical account, Edgar Cayce and Buddhism. I shall not go into  Hinduism or Taoism or other schools, but just cherry picked those.

I once asked my teacher what he thought about the origins of life and he said something akin to (if I translated it right), "Based on my own thinking, life first came about because the right causes and conditions  came  together."

At first this explained nothing to me and then, when you think anthropomorphically about the whole universe, you realize it explains everything … and that there is no other explanation.

There is no being, entity, personality etc in the universe — those are only false thoughts. From the standpoint of the original nature, nothing real exists. A separate life, entityness, etc.. don’t exist.  However, from a conventional standpoint, everything we see exists though it is empty of real existence. 

So how does everything come about? Through cause and effect, through interdependent origination. It all arises together, and you can say cause and effect, or progressive evolution when you look at it through the prism of time, requires that causes produce effects which produce more causes and effects and the right ones came together and BINGO! - we had the rudiments. But we’re not talking about amino acids and RNA/DNA and enzymes here — we’re talking about consciousness somehow "appropriating form," even rarified form such as of the Formless Relam.

So  first life  somehow came to being through the conjunction of consciousness (false thoughts) and the appropriation of  refined essences in some way or fashion, however that might occur. In other words, the right causes and conditions came together. You don’t have to know how or why, but you can say the right things came together. Brilliant! And of course, if you cultivate you can find out. And one more thing - what about consciousness and its origins? Buddha removed all superstitution on that topic by teaching about the alaya consciousness, but these teachings are much too high stage to go into here. I reserve them only for my Stages students.

Go read the Sutras to see Buddha’s explanations of the begining of galaxies, the universe and so forth. Microscopic worlds, galaxies, the stages of beings could even be referred to as "dimensions" if you like. In countless worlds, a infinite number of awakened Buddhas are teaching the beings of those worlds according to their time and place and conditions, hoping to help them cultivate Buddhahood, which is the term for complete enlightenment (not samadhi-hood but perfect and complete, full, no more  learning enlightenment).

Don’t think it’s just this Shakyamuni Buddha — Buddha also made that clear but people always seem to get it wrong. They even confuse Buddhism with a religion when Buddha just stands for "enlightened being," religion-less, but we put that term on top of this set of teachings and people mix up Buddhist religion with Buddhist philosophy or Buddhist cyultivation methods for enlightenment. However, even Buddha said that the next time a fully enlightened Buddha can teach so openly and completely, in Maitreya’s time, the teaching will appear in a different form and have a different name as well.

Understand? Most people NOTTTTTTT….

Oh, and one more thing — Buddha said "Don’t believe me, or the sagas of old, or what you read in some holy book, or tradition. Test even what I say and prove it by your own experience. If you cultivate correctly in this way XX, then YY will happen. At this stage of gong-fu QQ you’ll experience ZZ. If you go here to SS you’ll see or experience MM."

Everything he taught was to be proven, not accepted on faith or belief, unlike the Western Orthodox religions which are still arguing with each other. Their adherents cannot even interpret what was said in these religions because they’re clinging to old parchments  and lacking cultivation gongfu, wisdom, knowledge and experience themselves, are still trying to fathom out the meaning, all the while championing their religion and personal views as supreme while the next generation adds yet a  new interpretation on top of the old. 

Anyway, just thought you should see how these traditions, when interpreted through the idea of varying degrees of revelation, actually agree with one another.

The whole truth is never given to people without wisdom because they have no gongfu or insight and could not understand it (and thus not accept it) anyway. Hence a good teacher explains the truth by simplifying it in allegories and symbolic tales such as we see in the Bible or even when a President addresses his country - he boils things down to a simple story in order to lead the people and gain their acceptance. He figures the truth is too complicated or hard for them to handle, so he really simplifies things, leaving out pertinent facts and so forth.

And you think leading people with religion is any different? 


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