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This is the one place to turn to on the net if you're looking for "no-fluff" materials on meditation techniques, spiritual cultivation, and how you can use your spiritual practice to help change your physical body, your behavior, your character and your fortune!

If you are interested in finding "pure cultivation" teachings on mind-body practice that you've been missing -- which are advanced teachings on meditation methods, spiritual practices, kung-fu practices, pranayama breathing exercises and other spiritual practice techniques you can "cultivate" -- you've come to the right place. You'll discover what Zen, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, yoga, Christian mysticism, and various other spiritual schools have to say about the proper way to cultivate spiritual progress and ultimately, attain spiritual enlightenment.

That whole process of spiritual effort is called "cultivation" for short.

If this is your first time here, sign up for our free ezine you'll automatically receive a free chapter from one of our books that analyzes the cases of twelve ordinary meditation practitioners from Lee Sannella's The Kundalini Experience. The case studies take the teachings of Zen, Taoism and several other schools, and explains all the spiritual and physical phenomena that occurred to these ordinary people because of their meditation practice.

This chapter is only rated at basic "beginner's level" in terms of the difficulty of comprehension, but the contents are still far more advanced than anything else you'll find in print.

Here at Meditation Expert our task is to bring you similar information about the principles and results of pure cultivation practice -- no matter what spiritual school you follow. There is a definite science to the path of cultivation progress and kung-fu results, and our job is to reveal it. If you are seeking cultivation teachings on a variety of meditation methods and techniques along with why they work and explanations of various other spiritual phenomena, then here you will find them.

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We'll especially focus on Zen, Taoism and Chinese Buddhism because of their ability to be non-sectarian in nature. That's right ... in their purest form they are non-sectarian. But of course we cover Hinduism, Nath Yoga, Christianity, Islam,Sufism, Bahai, Judaism, Sikhism and other cultivation schools with genuine paths to samadhi spiritual states ... or enlightenment.

Don't confuse the two, because some religious practices only take you to samadhi (dhyana) and not enlightenment, or ultimate liberation.

What you read might sound strange, it certainly will be unfamiliar, and it might differ from what you were previously taught, heard, imagined or encountered. Nevertheless I guarantee you that you're going to be presented with the real core of true cultivation teachings.

Who am I?

My name is William Bodri, and I'm simply the publisher of this material. I have a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from Cornell University as well. I also have another Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition and know nauropathy and Chinese medicine. I'm science-based, proof-oriented, and skeptical of strange claims yet open to the new knowledge at the same time.

The people who benefit most from our books like evidence based approaches, and like to hear things as they really are -- no punches pulled. They want to make positive changes in their lives, are willing to take personal responsibility for their fortune, recognize that they have to put effort into their personal cultivation, and are brave enough to admit how the real world works without adding any notions of "thick love" and "sugar topping" onto the mix. I have published a number of online and print books on meditation, health, investments, business, and personal development, most of which you can find on amazon.com (see the links on our Products page), and just a few are:

Ihave previously worked for large corporations such as Citibank and Eastman Kodak, as a management consultant for Booz-Allen, and then as the head of financial research for a large investment firm on Wall Street, but I left the money and status behind in the late '80s for Hong Kong and China to study Zen Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, history, strategy, ethics, culture and Vajrayana (Esoteric Buddhism) with Chinese Zen Master Nan Huai-Chin, who I've now known for nearly three decades. Linking his non-sectarian enlightenment teachings with other spiritual systems -- such as those of Kashmir Shaivism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Sufism, yoga, mysticism, esotericism, and more -- forms the basis of most of the cultivation material in my books.

But we won't just talk about cultivation, for we'll see how it shaped culture, history, business and all the fields that touch upon our daily lives. A true spiritual cultivator is practical and spiritual and wise, recognizing how the world really works and navigating according to his or her knowledge.

If you want to learn about Master Nan and the field of true cultivation practice in general, you would be well advised to purchase some of the following titles on amazon.com (go to our Products page for links), especially Tao and Longevity along with Working Toward Enlightenment and To Realize Enlightenment. The book Tao and Longevity is the one classic that you **MUST** get and read if you really want to correctly cultivate meditation practice. It's valid regardless of your religion and prior spiritual practice.

We've provided links in our Products page which show his books still in print, but Master Nan's full set of English titles include:

  • Tao and Longevity, trans. by Wen Kuan Chu, Samuel Weiser, 1991.
  • Grass Mountain, trans. by Margaret Yuan and Janis Walker, Samuel Weiser, 1986.
  • Working Toward Enlightenment: The Cultivation of Practice, trans. by J.C. Cleary, Samuel Weiser, 1993.
  • To Realize Enlightenment: Practice of the Cultivation Path, trans. by J.C. Cleary, Samuel Weiser, 1994.
  • The Story of Chinese Zen, trans. by Thomas Cleary, Charles E. Tuttle, 1995.
  • Basic Buddhism, trans. by J.C. Cleary, 1997.
  • Diamond Sutra Explained, trans. by Pia Giammasi, Primordia, 2004.
  • Understanding This Chinese Generation
  • The Anapana Chi Conversations of Nan Huai Chin and Peter Senge

Master Nan is a name virtually unknown in the West primarily for two reasons. He doesn't speak English and has always turned away from any type of Western publicity.

This is an individual who has sold nearly 12 million books in Asia -- where he is a household name because he's been the advisor to many Chinese political leaders and businessmen, arranged for secret peace talks between China and Taiwan (I was there so I saw them), and built the first private railway in China. It's even said that much of the Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism now existent in Taiwan is due to his efforts.

He's done countless BIG things we cannot fully mention, but he is definitely in one of those situations where people will study his works after he's dead and gone, but will be totally oblivious to his existence while he's alive.

So despite the fact that Master Nan is openly acknowledged as a genuine enlightened Zen master from China, and was also openly and formally recognized as an enlightened Esoteric master by the Hutuku (living Buddha) of Tibet, most of the western world doesn't even know his name. If you know the field of spirituality where people claim all sorts of lineages and ascendances, that dual recognition by authorities is rare indeed including the fact that Master Nan doesn't claim any spiritual accomplishment at all. But one glance at his works reveals everything.

As far as Master Nan is concerned, being invisible to the West is good as he's a very private individual and doesn't have translators available for handling Western visitors, and his whole focus in this life is on helping China. So while he's regarded as one of the premier experts on Zen, the Esoteric school, Taoism and Confucianism and is also recognized for his expertise in Chinese medicine and the martial arts, once again you won't find any of his works cited by western spirituality authors. They don't even know he exists. Presently he resides in China, and is only accessible to those who speak Chinese.

Now such an accomplishment list is pretty rare, but let's leave any of those accolades aside because you're not going to find any guru worshipping here. Rather, we're just going to concentrate on pure cultivation teachings, and we're going to match his explanations of Eastern teachings with Western cultivation teachings and the findings of modern psychology and science. But as regards Nan Huai-Chin's background, I can honestly tell you he is perhaps the most brilliant individual I have ever met.

Thomas Cleary, the famous scholar and translator of Chinese cultivation works, once wrote to me in acknowledgement saying,

There is no question that Master Nan's work is a cut above anything else available from modern authors, either academic or sectarian, and I would like to see his work gain its rightful place in the English speaking world. ... [His] studies contain broad learning in all three main traditions of Chinese thought, Confucian, Taoist, and Buddhist. Although this comprehensive purview was common to the greatest minds of China since the T'ang dynasty, it is rare among scholars today.
-- Thomas Cleary

Under Nan Huai-Chin's cultivation frameworks -- which are almost single-handedly helping to restore genuine cultivation lineages in Asia -- you can link Buddhism with Taoism and Confucianism, and then Hinduism, yoga, Western alchemy, Christian cultivation practice, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism and so forth. This type of linking scheme, as regards the stages of the spiritual path, is revolutionary. Everything falls into place once you start with the various stages of samadhi and dhyana, and then link them to the physical changes described by Taoism. If you add Meher Baba's insights from Sufism, you can get a very good understanding of the cultivation path. If you then add Sri Siddhameshwar's teachings for Vedanata along with Ramana Maharshi, you have a royal flush of experts whose materials got turned into this site.

Most individuals tell me that once they read any of Master Nan's books, any other spiritual books pale in comparison for their quality and content. From his books, so people always write, it's readily apparent that this guy knows what he's talking about and is presenting the true heart of spiritual cultivation practice that's applicable to anyone regardless of their religion.

After reading his materials, most individuals also state that they now realize how to correctly cultivate the path of spiritual practice whereas they did not before. He's the "meditation expert," not me. And you're a "meditation expert" when you start practicing and get some personal experience, not me once again. I'm just a publisher who publishes this stuff. I always get a kick out of people who never read any background information and make all sorts of leaps that I claim this or that. Funny people. I claim nothing for myself -- I'm a publisher and this site costs money so like every other publisher we try to recover the costs by selling books and other materials, so don't go writing us that our books should be free. If you have a problem with that then don't buy anything. Go to amazon.com instead. If you want free materials then read the 1500+ pages of free materials on the site, including quite a few free ebooks with detailed, in-depth information. Then tell me who else does that?

Why the site title "Meditation Expert"?

Three reasons. First, the site name was available when it was started and all the other cool names were taken. Second, I know you're looking for some information with authority rather than lah-lah land, and this name infers we offer the real esoteric stuff, which we do. Third --because that's what YOU BECOME after you start meditating. That's the stage of accomplishment what you want, otherwise why are you meditating in the first place? Just dabbling won't accomplish anything for then just another life goes by. You have to MASTER it, i.e. become "an expert" or accomplished adept who gets out of it what you want. Oh yeah ... a fourth. Master Nan and the other masters cited are meditation experts. This site includes teachings from Nan Huai-Chin, Meher Baba, Sri Siddhameshwar, Swami Vivekananda, Swami Muktananda, Ramana Maharshi, and Sri Nisargadatta. All of them are represented.

On this website you'll find advanced materials on meditation and spiritual practice based upon the teachings of all these masters and my own researches, and you'll be presented with lots of this material over time in our free ezine. Be sure to stay tuned to the ezine because from time to time we'll even discuss practical concerns like investments or business know-how. These topics will "intrude" because one of the purposes of cultivation is to help you improve your ability to solve your personal problems, and so these topics must be discussed. After all, the purpose of cultivation all comes down to behavior, and how to change your fortune and destiny.

If the cultivation people propose can not be linked to living in this world, then it is just professional meditation and not cultivation at all. Remember that the greatest Zen masters could equally have served as great generals, or even kings, so they had to know how to manage people and deal with sticky situations. They didn't swallow the "love all the way around" message but recognized the real nature of any situation.

Whereas in the past the highest level individuals went into politics and religion, today they definitely go into science and business, so we'll often delve into those areas and how to become more effective at them using the wisdom view of cultivation, human psychology and historical lessons. Shakyamuni Buddha once said that in the later dharma ending age the real dharma would go to layman practitioners rather than monks and nuns, and based on what I've seen in Asia and the Western world, I believe he spoke correctly.

Now to be effective, spiritual cultivation must empower you to change your fortune and behavior to create the life and outcomes you want. Therefore that's the focus of my message along with targeted advice on your own spiritual cultivation practice. The key method behind this capability of personal change is naturally meditation, so I've named the website in hopes that you become your own meditation expert.

There's only two things I want you to realize out of all this whether we ever meet again.

The first is to recognize that spiritual cultivation is your own personal responsibility in the world; other people can only show you how to practice and teach you the relevant principles, but to climb the road of spiritual progress the effort is up to you.

Whether you're a king or commoner, cultivation is your own true calling. Therefore you have to find your own way to cultivate meditation so as to find the root source of your mind and personal being which some call "God" or "Tao" or "Emptiness" because that stands for formlessness, and simply going to church, the mosque or synagogue is not enough to do so.

Secondly, you should recognize that many of the greatest individuals in history that people tend to admire were cultivators. They only became great because of their own cultivation practice, because they were disciplined in their actions and behaviors, and because they performed a lot of good deeds and merit (whether in this life or in the past).

That's the formula for how you can change your life and create a better fortune, hence those are some of the major topics we'll stress time and again in our ezine newsletter.

If you're ready to hear more and throw your sectarianism away, then hop on board and get ready for a great learning experience.

By the way, you can always reach us at:

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