The Zhunti Mantra Sadhana

Sorry about the clarity, but this is a scanned in description of the Zhunti mantra so that you can see the appropriate hand mudras. On the web, sometimes "Zhunti" is spelled Zhuenti, Chundi, Cundi and in various other ways. Regardless, here is the information on this very powerful mantra that was transmitted to China during the Tang dynasty.

The Zhunti mantra is the most famous and powerful mantra -- used even by the Zen school which normally eschews any reliance on external cultivation methods -- that can help open up your transcendental prajna wisdom and help you change your fortune to what you desire.

Zhunti is called the "Mother of the Buddhas" because many individuals have used the practice of reciting his mantra (japa practice) to achieve enlightenment.

Zen master Nan Huai-chin was the one to introduce the mantra to Taiwan, where it has become extremely popular because of his introduction, and created the following practice method for Zhunti recitation. As part of my personal vow in life is to disseminate this mantra, I present the full description of the practice to you for your benefit. After about 500,000 to 1,000,000 repetitions of the full mantra, it is usually okay to shorten the mantra to just "Ohm Zherlee Zhulee Zhunti Soha" when a master okays it or you receive a dream of Zhunti Buddha or his emissary giving this permission.

It is proper to recite the mantra along with a visualization of Zhunti Buddha, which is sometimes envisioned in the center of the chest behind the breast bone, or approximately six inches in front of the body in the same position. The following two pages explain the complete sadhana recitation method in detail.

Listen to the Zhunti Mantra Here.

CD AVAILABLE: This information is enough for you to practice, but if you want to learn even more about the Zhunti mantra on CD (and the Lotus Buddha mantra), you can listen to an mp3 I've produced that's available from Kunaki and answers all the questions I get sent by people, including pronounciation, and the rules for mantra recitiation in general. The mp3 is more than 75 minutes long (which is the timelimit for a CD to be able to play in your car or anywhere else) so can only be played on your computer. You can find ALL my meditation CDs at Kunaki, and check back often to browse the list because I'm always adding new topics by public demand.




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