My Body Shakes Because of Meditation ... What Causes Those Vibrations?

Many people learn how to meditate and after a long period of meditation will experience rhythmical shaking or vibrations of the body. What causes those vibrations after a prolonged or intense meditation session?

There's lots of possible explanations -- you have to see the person to know which one of the possible explanations is it. Most people assume it's something high stage (out of egoity and pride) or out of ignorance or worry, most people misinterpret what's going on. Few people are introspective enough to to discern the actual cause of these phenomena.

If they are really making progress, sometimes people will start to feel the chi inside the body start to move and clear out the chi channels because of meditation. That often explains sensations of vibration or heat around the coccyx bone. After they learn how to meditate, some people, who are sick, will often feel the chi rolling around in their internal organs that are diseased, attempting to initiate the healing function. If the lungs and kidneys are weak people usually feel the chi rolling on the left and right sides of the body. People with stomach and GI problems often feel the chi rolling around the abdomen. Those with liver or heart problems often feel the chi blocked in the chest.

Of course, these are just general indications and it's something Chinese medicine is easy to handle.

But when the whole body starts to shake, and the whole body seems to jump and the the limbs move, a person might naturally assume the positions of yoga or Tai Chi Chuan. Many consider this something mystical and wonderful and invent all sorts of explanations.

In China's past, many people practiced the martial arts form "divine boxing" because this phenomenon occurred in meditation. Another offshoot was the practice of "tumbling cloud" kung-fu. Those who kept amplifying the results in this way experienced harmful effects. Even if you assume yogic poses, you have to hold the pose with relaxation and mental emptiness for the chi and body to unwind; you cannot hop from one pose to the next and hope this does anything for you.

Actually, the external vibration and shaking phenomena is one-half mystical and one-half psychological in origins. There is a definite wind chi or energy component to the problem, and a definite causality due to self-suggestion. As can be seen in the case studies from How to Measure and Deepen Your Spiritual Realization, many times people invent various scenarios in their mind which they work out or express through meditation gong-fu without knowing it consciously.

In this case, the people who experience this shaking are trying to unwind because they have too much nervous tension, but they don't even recognize it . Now that their mind is stilled, their body and chi has a chance to unwind. This subconscious nervous tension most often causes the trembling of nerves and muscles. Then the hint of those subconscious influences enter the conscious mind where they are amplified and the tremors, trembling and vibrations become enhanced. A person can then start to shake and move their limbs about in a regular pattern, even assuming yoga positions or dance-like movements.

It's usually the case that ordinary people cannot determine the real cause behind these trembling sensations. Some fear it's a sign from God. Others fear it's the work of the devil. Some think it's something mystical from a past life or that yoga was invented this way. Others believe they have developed divine powers or that their chi channels are opening and they indulge in these things, amplifying them even more.

Not only are all these wrong, but the worst case is when someone stops their meditation because of these results. All it's showing is pent-up stress, NERVOUS TENSION and psychological auto-suggestion that amplifies this problem as it's finding an outlet. The real problems come when people over-indulge in these things and try to turn them into something mystical, as happens in religious cults.

When this sort of shaking occurs, the real chi of the body CANNOT enter in the front and back, tu-mai and jen-mai chi channels because it's preoccupied with circulation amidst the shaking limbs, ligaments and muscles.

So does that mean it's wrong?

No. It's just happening as a form of release, and if you are cultivating your mind and body to a state of health, let it go, let it unwind as a natural outlet to dissipate nervous tension. You should quiet your mind and relax, elevating yourself above this level of phenomena, so as to enter a state of mental quietude. Don't think it's anything unusual except REAL proof you DO need meditation. Don't amplify the phenomena but try to enter a deeper state of quietude, forget the body, and the nervous tension will subside and leave for good after a few times.

That's what you want.



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