"The Mystique of Enlightenment" is a Great Case Study in the Kung-Fu Stages of the Spiritual Path

Every now and then I find a wonderful book that illustrates all the various stages of spiritual cultivation.

Years ago, a friend sent me one such book from India, called 'The Mystique of Enlightenment.' It's about an Indian man who used all sorts of meditation methods when he was young. After they finally kick started his process of transformation, he left them alone but the stages of transformation continued to progress automatically.

That's what happens when you activate your kundalini.

You can read a great web version of the major highlights from this book if you go here right now. It's a fascinating read that'll take about 10 minutes and won't cost a penny. In fact, if you think you understand spiritual cultivation, you should read his account and test yourself on whether you can identify what phenomena or stage of transformation he's at when he describes every new phenomenon: Kundalini Story

In my Stages course I analyze this man's case extensively because you can see his EXACT descriptions of opening up his chi channels, breaking through the form skandha, experiencing the three years of chi to shen transformation whereby he obtains psychic abilities, the silencing of his sixth consciousness, and finally a minor awakening to the Tao wherein he actually transforms his ego or I-consciousness, called the 'seventh consciousness' in Buddhism. He actually achieves a minor awakening into the Tao - a minor enlightenment.

I also put most all the explanations behind these phenomena in Measuring Meditation. So here we have a man who undergoes EXACTLY the stages and sequences of transformation explained by Buddha, even though he's not Buddhist, but the poor soul is so lost because he didn't have a teacher to help him or even to explain what was going on when it happened. Such a rich culture of spiritual traditions in India and no one knew how to help him.

That's why we've put together all this material on the website and in our books. Go ahead and read this set of phenomena and see if you can interpret them. If not, all the materials in 'How to Measure and Deepen Your Spiritual Realization' will explain every single thing that happened to him. You can find it here (also known as 'Measuring Meditation')

If you can't interpret what's going on, you better bone up because these are the REAL stages of spiritual transformation. The real stuff isn't 'Creative Visualization' and Wayne Dyer (I love him) or Deepak or the stuff you find on Oprah. It's THIS! So if you don't know what's going on and yet you think you understand the path, better pick up a copy of Measuring Meditation. Enjoy the read. It's a really good synopsis of the stages of the path. And once again it's non-denominational.

The Christian saints went through this, the Jewish prophets of the Bible, the Hindu sages, Buddhist masters, Taoist immortals, Western alchemists and all the others. If you can kick-off the sequences of cultivation and look into the mind, you too can achieve enlightenment but do so without UG's pain and suffering. It's all in Measuring Meditation and the Stages course.



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