Your First Reactions to Meditation

Many people start meditating, trying some new technique, and feel nothing.

Others IMMEDIATELY feel heat, or energy currents, or various movements of chi and physical fluctuations from some meditation technique. It’s almost as if they start  picking up where they left off their cultivation practice in a past life.

Welcome Home!

Then, after awhile, the magnitude of those inital reactions naturally tones down and then disappears as the chi smoothens out.

Other people — being advanced meditators — try new methods from time to time and eventually bump into a new one that gives them all these chi current reactions that were missing when they tried other techniques. Advice: stay with that one for awhile. It could just be coincidence, or it could be that you found a meditation method wherein you’re FINALLY letting go when you practice so that your chi immediately arises.

If you REALLY let go of mental cli ging, your chi changes INSTANTLY. It’s like a billionbubbles or river streams rushing up at once. Try to get into that state without analyzing it at all, and just let it happen….if you try to analyze it, it will immediately stop. Don’t add interpretation or analysis on top of what’s happening. you don’t have to know what’s happening. Not knowing - knowing that you don’t know –is correct to let the body transformand not interfere with chi currents at this point. Adding inferences just interferes with the proicess.

Why all the differences betweemn people and techniques and their reactions? Everyone has different propensities, karmic merit, cultivation groundwork,  prajna wisdom and so forth. That’s why gong-fu (kungfu) exhibits itself differently in different people.

Typically people will feel all sorts of reactions from meditation. Taoism, Buddhism and yoga all have lists of these "standard" reactions such as feelings of hot, cold, heaviness, lightness, weightlessness, stretching, itching, pliancy, etc.

Big deal — your chi is awakening and your body is trying to transform. Just ignore it. Just as you couldn’t guide your body through puberty, you can’t do it here either. You don’t know what’s goingon and what’s supposed to happen, but your body does. Whatever happens is natural - it’s not going to kill you because it’s NATURAL — so let it do its thing without interference.

Tao and Longevity, by Nan Huai Chin and Wen Kuan Chu, is probably the best book in existence on these initial reactions that occur due to meditation.  The free Stages Course page download also goes over some as well. But this is just the passing scenery of the path: don’t get transfixed on it, think it something ultimate, or feel you’re special — you’re the ONLYONE who this has ever happened to. It’s all due to chi and mai (chi channel) changes within the physical body.


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