Secret Mantras and Sacred Holy Spots


There are also many other locations across the world where high stage Buddhas and devas often help practitioners cultivate their Qi. Just a few indicative locations include the sacred mountain Arunachala in Tiruvannamali where Ramana Maharshi lived; Meher Baba’s tomb in Meherabad; Rumi’s Mausoleum in Konya, Turkey; Ramalinga Swamigal’s Sathya Gnana Sabha at Vadalur, India; Sathya Sai Baba’s tomb in India; Bodhgaya in India where Shakyamuni Buddha became enlightened; the Buddhist Temple of the Tooth in Sri Lanka; the Mhajuraho Group of Hindu and Jain temples in Madhya Oradesh, India; Mount Parnassus in Greece; Boudhanath, Nepal; Angkor Wat, Cambodia; Borobudur, Indonesia; the Shrine of the Bab, founder of Babism, in Haifa, Israel; the shrine of Baha’u’llah, founder of the Baha’i Faith, near Acre, Israel; Ali Hajwari’s tomb in Lahore, Pakistan; Bawaldin Zikrya’s tomb in Multan, Pakistan; Shah Jalal’s tomb in Sylhet, Bangladesh; the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, and al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem; the Golden Temple of Sikhism at Sri Harmandir Sahib; various Christian holy sites in Israel; the Church of St. George in Istanbul; the Tomb of Jethro in Israel, sacred to the Druze; the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, Israel; Mount Haguro, Mount Gassan, and Mount Yudono, sacred to the Shugendo; the Temple of Confucius in Qufu; and Ise Shrine in Japan, sacred to Shintoism.

It is too difficult to list a mantra for the presiding enlightened Buddhas at each location, so the following is a rare list of mantras that you can use for various spiritual traditions. They are especially useful when you visit attendant spiritual locations for spiritual assistance in cultivating your Qi and channels. Anyone can use these mantras without belonging to that tradition. You are encouraged to try them and see which ones produce a result, and you should then note the ones with which you have the most energetic affinity:

Buddhism – Om Ah Lah Tah Sah Mah Rah Pah Hah Soha
Buddhism (alternative) - Om Ah Hah Sah Mah Tah Rah Mah Tha Sah Hung Ha
Kundalini Yoga – Om Ah Hung Ha Hung Hah Tsa Lah Rah Mah Tah Hung Ha Soha
Taoism – Om Ah Vah Lah Hah Mah Tah Rah Zah Mah Tah Hah
Taoism (alternative) - Om Ah Rah Pah Tah Rah Sah Hah Fah Lah Rah Hung
Shinto – Om Ah Rah Pah Sah Mah Tah Hah Lah Rah Mah Tah Hah Sah Tah Lah Rah Mah Tah Hah Sah Lah Rah Hum
Shinto (alternative) - Om Ah Rah Pah Tsa Mah Tah Lah Rah Hah Sah Soha
Koshinto – Om Ah Rah Pah Tsa Rah Mah Tah Hah Lah Pah Rah Tah Soha
Shugendo – Om Ah Rah Tah Sah Lah Mah Tah Hah Rah Sah Tah Mah Tah Hah Lah Rah Sah Tah Soha
Yoshida Shinto – Om Ah Hung Soha
Tenrikyo - Om Ah Hung Hah Hung Om Hah Soha
Sikhism – Om Ah Rah Tah Mah Hah Sah Lah Mah Tah Sah Lah Rah Mah Tah Sah Hah Soha
Caodaism – Om Ah Rah Pah Tsa Nah Dee Dee Dee
Jainism – Om Ah Re-Pee Om Ah Hum Ah Tah Zah Hah Rah Lah Rah Mah Tah Hah Soha
Meivazhi – Om Ah Rah Tah Mah Hah Lah Rah Tah Sah Mah Hah Rah Mah Tah Soha
Zorastrianism – Om Ah Tah Rah Lah Mah Tah Hah Sah Rah Lah Mah Tah Hah Lah Soha
Yazdanism (and Yazidism) – Om Ah Tah Lah Rah Mah Tah Hah Sah Soha
Judaism – Om Ah Lah Rah Hah Sah Mah Tah Lah Rah Hah Soha
Orthodox Judaism – Om Ah Vah Lah Hum Ah
Wicca – Rah Mah Tah Sah Lah Hah Hum
Dahomey – Om Ah Hum Ah Rah Tah Sah Mah Lah Hah Sah Soha
Yoruba – Hah Mah Tah Sah Lah Rah Hah Tah Mah Tah Sah Lah Rah Hah Sah Lah Mah Tah Hah Sah Lah Tah Hah Sah Lah Tah Mah Sah Lah Hum
South African – Hah Lah Sah Hum


China has the four holy mountains of Buddhism – Wutai Shan, Emei Shan, Jiuhua Shan and Putuo Shan – that are “auspicious” for making progress at self-cultivation. A special energetic sensation can be felt at these mountains, which is their inherent Feng Shui energy from the earth, and this natural energy penetrates practitioners’ bodies to help open up their Qi channels. The presence of natural helpful energies from the environment (or the presence of helpful devas) is often why masters set up temples in certain locations.

Whenever you visit a location with “good Qi” you are soaking in those natural energies. If they are strong energies, that extra boost of natural environmental forces will assist your own cultivation efforts by helping to open your Qi channels. If you perform pranayama kumbhaka (breath retention) exercises at those locations this would be especially beneficial for your progress.

These natural beneficial energies explain why practitioners like to spend time cultivating at certain sacred mountain locations. Not all of them are beneficial in this way, but you get the general idea as to why they can be important.

Basically, the energies of the mountain can be used/borrowed to augment your own efforts to open your Qi channels, and if they are “sacred” locations they are also often populated by helpful spiritual beings who might assist you with your cultivation efforts.

China also has the four sacred mountains of Taoism – Wudang Shan, Longhu Shan, Qiyun Shan and Qingcheng Shan – that function in this manner. Other Chinese mountains with spiritual significance include Mount Lao, Mount Sanqing, Mount Lu and Mount Changbai. There are even particular mantras that request Qi cultivation assistance which you can recite for some of these locations, such as:

Wutai Shan (China) – Ah Bey Rah Hum
Emei Shan (China) – Om Ah Hum
Jiuhua Shan (China) – Om Ah Hung Hah
Putuo Shan (China) – Om Mani Bey Mee Hum
Wudang Shan (China) – Om Ah Lah Rah Pah Tsah Hum
Longhu Shan (China) – Joe Lah Rah Mah Tah Hah Sah Hum
Qiyun Shan (China) – Eee Hah Lah Rah Mah Tah Sah Lah Hum
Qingcheng Shan (China) – Mah Lah Tah Rah Sah Mah Hah Hum
Mount Lao (China) – Yo Hah Mah Tah Lah Rah Hum
Mount Sanqing (China) - Yo Lah Hah Mah Tah Lah Fah Rah Mah Tah Hum
Mount Lu (China) – Mah Lah Rah Tah Hum
Mount Changbai (China) – Mah Lah Tah Rah Hah Sah Lah Hum

Are there other holy places throughout the world that are helpful like this?

Of course. Sacred locations may be found in mountains, islands, healing springs, lakes, special shrines, temples, monasteries and especially the tombs of enlightened masters.

Like the human body, the earth itself is a physical body that in special spots throws off energies particularly helpful to cultivation. Sometimes masters recognize this, which is why temples, ashrams, shrines and monasteries or nunneries were often built in certain locales. Most locations are not energetically beneficial in any unusual way, so don’t expect benefits everywhere you go including when a location is considered “sacred.” Most often the location was simply convenient or the residence of lots of helpful heavenly beings (devas). However, sometimes at certain locations you can tap into special environmental energies to help you in opening up your Qi channels, which is another reason sages undertake retreats in particular locales. However, no environmental Qi can open Qi channels for you. You can only borrow these energies, and must additionally do a lot of pranayama, nei-gong and other cultivation work yourself. Pranayama, where you hold your breath (kumbhaka) in order to force Qi channels to open internally, is particularly important in this regard.

Wherever you are right now you can also request higher spiritual beings who are enlightened (Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Arhats, masters, gurus, tradition founders, sages, saints, etc.) for assistance in opening up your channels, which is why you normally recite prayers and mantras. This attracts the attention of higher beings to your efforts. Make no mistake in thinking you must travel elsewhere because assistance is always available if you just ask for it by working hard at cultivation, reading the right spiritual texts, and reciting mantras asking for assistance. Mantra recitiation is like shooting off a flare asking for spiritual assistance in transforming your prana and nadis.

In Vajrayana Buddhism one of the main points of emphasis is on transforming your physical body, which is necessary so that you can attain enlightenment. Therefore Vajrayana practitioners recite prayers asking for assistance on four important, fundamental matters that are relevant for all spiritual students:

(1) opening up their Qi channels so that their body becomes warmer, softer and more flexible,
(2) attaining a body that is as soft and healthy as a baby’s body so that it becomes an aid rather than obstacle on the spiritual path,
(3) learning how to make their Qi begin to circulate without obstruction, which will help reduce any angry or violent tendencies, and
(4) activating and mastering the true Yang Qi, kundalini fire, or dantian fire of the body in order to reach a stage of calmness, bliss and warmth and ultimately succeed in creating an independent deva body.

Another set of prayers is that (1) your energies are joyous, (2) your Qi channels open, and (3) you achieve great bliss and the emptiness-wisdom of enlightenment.

Normally when you visit the shrine of a Moslem saint, called a Dargah or Mazar (which literally means a place for visit or place of paying homage), you call on the saint’s name when you need help or assistance for life, but you can ask them for cultivation assistance as well. This is the standard practice done throughout the Moslem world, such as at the Mazar of Kwaja Moinuddin Chishti at Ajmer (India); Mazar of Hazrat Nizamuddin in Delhi; the Mausoleum of Shah Gradez in Pakistan; the Mausoleum of Bayazid Bastami in Bastam (Iran); Al-Ghazali Mausoleum in Tus (Iran); or Mausoleum of Nadir Shah in Mashhad (Iran).

This is certainly an incomplete list of sacred location and by no means attempts to show favoritism to any of these saints or disparage those who Mazars are unlisted.

Whenever you find a Christian cathedral or church containing the incorruptible relics of a saint’s body (which indicates that they achieved definite spiritual attainments since the delayed decomposition indicates they fully purified their Qi channels and attained a subtle deva body at minimum), then one can also call upon the saint’s name for assistance as is normal in the Christian tradition.

There are many Christian saints qualified to render assistance, just as there are many qualified saints and sages from every other genuine tradition as well. If you have any doubts about the qualifications of a Christian saint, you must research their history for miracles or verify that their body showed the signs of incorruptibility after death. A short but illustrative list of such Christian saints can be found in The Incorruptibles by Joan Carroll Cruz or Mysteries Marvels Miracles in the Lives of the Saints, by Joan Carroll Cruz. You can call upon these saints (and others) for assistance since their incorruptible bodies showed that they achieved a stage of accomplishment on the spiritual path. By no means is available help limited to just those saints who demonstrated miracles.

Whenever anyone achieves an incorruptible body that doesn’t decay after death, it proves that they succeeded in their Qi and channel cultivation (and thus attained a subtle deva body). Otherwise their body would have immediately decomposed upon death. If miracles are also attributed to that individual, it is further proof of spiritual attainments since miracles can only be achieved by someone who attains a purified independent Qi body. All the masters who attain this keep quiet about the achievement for obvious reasons.

In short, all sorts of assistance for your body and life is available from the spiritual denizens of sacred locations and temples or shrines as well as from living and deceased saints and sages of various religions (help is non-denominational), but you have to do most of the cultivation work on your body and mind yourself. You have to put tremendous hours into the cultivation practice of purifying your Qi and channels that can be accomplished through a variety of spiritual exercises.

Since this is a common requirement for all spiritual practitioners, the aspirants of every religion should freely borrow these practices from one another including from different spiritual traditions. At their core they are non-denominational common practices free of religion and should always be viewed that way.

Excerpted from NYASA YOGA




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