Yoga Meditation Techniques and the Corresponding Kung-fu (Gong-fu)

So you've been meditating for a while and all sorts of physical and mental phenomena have occurred. These are called "kung-fu," "gong-fu" or "gongfu," just as you hear in martial arts. All cultivation schools recognize these phenomena which can be as simple as shaking vibrations and vivid dreams or as unusual as supernatural visitors, slight psychic abilities or seeing lights in the body. Judaism recognizes these things, Christianity does, so does Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, yoga, Hinduism, Shingon, and all sorts of other genuine spiritual paths. Congratulations. These are often the results of the genuine road of intensified spiritual practice.

You might besearching for explanations for these events that have personally happened to you, or which typically happen for spiritual masters and advanced cultivators, or you just want to understand them and read about some of them. Well, you've finally found a place to get some answers. If you want really detailed explanations, it's hard to provide comprehensive lessosn in an article or two so I'd suggest How to Measure and Deepen Your Spiritual Realization, our several hundred page publication also known as "Measuring Meditation." Other than that, enjoy...

The Five Bodies of Spiritual Attainment - The True Esoteric School Teachings ***

What are Chakras Really? ***

Secret Mantras and Sacred Holy Locations that Offer Divine Assistance ***

Hearing Voices in Your Head - Why Do People Hear Voices Due to Spiritual Work? ***

Dealing with Angels (Devas) on the Spiritual Path ***

The Difficulty of 100 Days of Celibacy for Spiritual Cultivation

The Problem of Sexual Desire, Yoga and Meditation

Losing Your Vitality During Sex Is Detrimental to the Path, So Learn How to Maintain It

The Transformation of Jing to Chi (Qi) in Spiritual Cultivation Requires 100 Days of Celibacy (Chastity or Brahmacharya)

Chakras and Kundalini ... What's All the Fuss?

5 Things You Should Know About Chakras and Kundalini

The Real Kundalini Yoga and Chakra Meditation

Don't Spin Your Chi or Play With Your Chakras, and Here's Why

Zen Sickness

The Kung-fu Stage of Christian Tongues of Fire

"The Mystique of Enlightenment" Illustrates Some of the Kung-fu of the Path

Advanced Meditators Easily Catch Colds and the Flu Because of Open Chi Channels

Cold Leg Chi: Here's Why Your Legs Get Cold When You Meditate

Why Does Meditation Cause Vibrations? What Explains That Sort of Physical Kung-fu?

Master Nan Teaches Qi-Gong, Yoga Pranayama and Anapana Breathing Methods - Part 1 ***
Master Nan Teaches Qi-Gong, Yoga Pranayama and Anapana Breathing Methods - Part 2 ***
Master Nan Teaches Qi-Gong, Yoga Pranayama and Anapana Breathing Methods - Part 3 ***

Yoga Pranayama Breathing Practices

You Need to Understand the Higher Stages of Kung-fu Produced by Meditation

The Pre-samadhi Stage of "Ching-an" (Taoism), "Pliancy" (Tibetan Buddhism), "Spring time" (Confucianism) or "Washing of the Feet" (Christian Esotericism) ***

Yoga Practice Without Meditation Is Just Not Enough!

Yoga Plus Meditation Equals Kung-fu and Spiritual Progress

Yoga Retreats and Meditation Retreats

Yoga Videos and DVDs

Prolonged Meditation Opens Up the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna Chi Channels

Here's the Yoga Meditation Method for Quickly Opening Up Your Sushumna Central Qi Channel ***

"Inedia" in Nepal and Multi-year Sustained Samadhi

Body Incorruptibility After Death

Headaches and Meditation - What You Need to Know

Understand Your First Reactions to Meditation

Padre Pio and His Stage of Spiritual Attainment

The Vocabulary of Yoga Meditation Techniques in Spiritual Schools Differs

Dharma is Free But It Will Cost You



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